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  1. ConvectCode1

    On demand convection or on demand hybrid?

    Can anybody suggest any good on demand convection vaporizers that a guy can actually get, other than the Tiny Might and Tafee Bowle? Can anybody suggest any good on demand hybrid vaporizers other than the FW series? Basically, I have a large collection of all types of vaporizers but find I...
  2. VapePerson

    Good Vape For Homeless Usage

    Hi, I was having a discussion in the TinyMight thread and someone suggested this is worth its own thread. I'm going to be homeless soon and being homeless without my medication wont be a comfortable experience. I'm looking for: A discrete, On-demand vape (But session can be tolerated), That...
  3. G

    Which vape should I get?

    Hello Everyone, I am getting rid of my session vape in order to try an on demand vape because I have heard good news about them. I need something portable that I can carry in my pocket.
  4. L

    Can I get your recommendation for my next 2021 vape purchase?

    Hey all, so up to now I have used the Ariser (no longer own that) and the Firefly2+ (currently own) I'm more of a hit and go person. I don't do long sessions because I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to cannabis. 1 or 2 hits and I'm good. That might change in the future. I can go days...
  5. Shit Snacks

    On demand instant heat up vapes to use while waiting for desktops to heat up

    You posted this in the Tafée Bowle thread, but I decided to start a new thread here, so we can get more broad discussion going and talk about other vapes... So it sounds like to me you are well taken care of with your desktop, but need some sort of quick powerful portable, to use wallet heats up...
  6. funkyjunky


    STRAW features: full melt concentrate 510 threaded attachment on demand, instant heat-up time temperature controlled coil based and rebuildable different shapes and sizes of coils possible (default: tri-fused clapton) TUBO firmware supported (cruise control, self cleaning mode) simple...
  7. Bravesst

    Discontinued The Timber Elite by Vapwood

    The Lil' Bud Elite, for sale at: Vapwood.com In production for just about a year, the Lil' Bud is about to go through a big change. The Classic, as it's known around Vapwood, took about a year to perfect, and now pretty popular here on FC, but there was a call for fully automatic regulation...
  8. idkalaska

    First Serious Portable Vape

    Hi All! I’m brandy spankin’ new to this forum! I’ve arrived here after reading too much about different portable vapes, and I am more torn than ever. The choices are overwhelming! Any advice, tips or personal stories would be SO helpful in making my decision. I currently own an Arizer Extreme Q...
  9. Other Side

    Milaana II by RastaBuddahTao

    For those of you who don't know, @RastaBuddhaTao is pretty active on Instagram and has shared some information on this and the 3D printed option which may be coined the Milaana III. So with that I thought it was about time to get this thread started. As many of you know Ryan is an engineer...
  10. Bravesst

    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    Hello FC, I'd like to introduce you to a new, all wood, portable pair of on demand, unregulated, pure convection, portable vapes, the Timber and his Little Bud by Vapwood. Both units are in their final stages of production, and will be available for sale shortly. Visit https://vapwood.com for...
  11. Alan

    iHeat 510 Heater Cartridge

    I make a desktop vaporizer called the Insta Heat (aka iHeat) which consists of a base section with a 12 volt input that controls the voltage to the upper heater section. The two sections are connected together with 510 threaded fittings which allows the upper heater section to be connected to a...
  12. Alan

    Insta Heat (aka iHeat)

    I had the good fortune to work with Ryan at RBT on the Mi-log project which gave me access to his high surface area heaters in exchange for a voltage controller with digital display and cord set solution. A suitable voltage controller was found and modified to accept plugs from a cord set...
  13. Simple10

    Best 18650 powered dry herb vape?

    Which one should I get the Milaana or the Focus vaporizer? My only requirements are removable 18650 battery use, under $220, on-demand functionality and capable of powerful hits/big clouds.
  14. funkyjunky

    TUBO evic/dual

    Dear FC, may i introduce, the tubo evic the heater consists of three coils in parallel, 26awg ss316l, ~0.3ohms, inside borosilicate tubes inside a 18mm female glass joint. the wire connections are crimped, no solder is used in the heater. the visual wires are high temp silicone, end...
  15. scottg402

    Discontinued Haze Square

    Hello everyone! It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the FC community to Haze Vaporizers second offering, the Haze Square! This first post will be a constant work in progress until the details of the PROTOTYPE vaporizer are finalized. At that point I will remove this verbiage. So that being...
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