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I make a desktop vaporizer called the Insta Heat (aka iHeat) which consists of a base section with a 12 volt input that controls the voltage to the upper heater section. The two sections are connected together with 510 threaded fittings which allows the upper heater section to be connected to a suitable mod box making it into a portable unit. Therefore, I am including the iHeat 510 heater cartridge portion in the portable vaporizers section.

The herb is roasted in an 18mm tapered tube w/ 12mm ss basket screen that fits into the taper of the heater section. The roasting tube can be either glass or wood with an 19/22 mm end.

The heater section can be made with a tapered glass insert or the taper can just be cut into the wood body. The minimum diameter of the glass insert model is 1.25”. The minimum diameter of the all wood model is 1”.

Here is a comparison of the all wood body and a wood body w/ glass insert. Both units are 1.25” in diameter and 2.25” long. The glass insert is held in place with a silicone sleeve to allow for some shock absorption. The 510 deck is slides into the wood body so that no glue is required for the heater cartridge assembly.


Here is a photo of bamboo and highly figured walnut units with the taper cut into the body. The walnut unit is 1” in diameter and the bamboo unit is slightly smaller. Both are 2.25” long. The 18650 battery is for size comparison.


Here is how it looks on a mod box.


The mod box should have a capacity of 50 watts or more for best performance. My preference is for a volt / watt regulated mod box so that it will automatically adjust the voltage to maintain a set wattage. The heater cartridge resistance changes as the temperature changes, so it is nice to have the voltage control to maintain a constant heat output. Battery status and low voltage protection are other nice features of many mod boxes.

I’m looking at some side by side mod boxes that will accept a 1” cartridge to keep the profile low.

The iHeat 510 cartridge will also work on a simple mechanical mod, but requires manual temperature control.

Contact me at alan@toasty-top.com to get on a waiting list for one. It is the same list I am using for the Heat Islands, so you will have a choice between the Toasty Top, Heat Island, or Insta Heat when I arrive at your name. The only cost is your patience.

There are a few all wood units in the hands of some beta testers, so I hope to get some feedback soon.


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I can tell you another difference is that the iHeat doesn't use Mica in the heater, just SS. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the splinter still uses glue to hold the glass joint in. Alan uses high temp silicone, or in the case of the wood-only, no glass version, nothing.


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Is the iheat based on a milaana heater and the splinter a zion heater?

The heater is made from a 316 ss mesh with a surface area similar to the milaana, but it is formed into a spiral shape. The wires are also connected to the mesh in a different fashion than the milaana. The mesh is wrapped around the wire ends and crimped to ensure maximum conductivity.

I also believe the steel mesh is in a different lay out in the iHeat vs Zion and Milaana as well

You are correct.


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So the glass insert is a 18mm or 14mm?

The glass insert is 18mm.

@Alan do I have to get on the waiting list if I want a bamboo iHeat 510

If you have been on the list in the past, your name may have already come up again. Send me an email so I can check.

@rosedale - There are so many different mod boxes available. Here are a few things to consider.

One battery vs two. Models with one battery will be a bit lighter in weight, but those with two batteries will last around twice as long.

Swinging battery door vs removable battery door/cap. Something removable can be dropped or lost.

Wattage control is a very nice feature. Some can change in 0.1 watt increments while others only in 0.5 watt increments.

The Witcher mod box may be able to accept a 1" cartridge in a side by side configuration. I can confirm when the one I ordered arrives.


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This looks amazing, any hopes of working in TC mode? All my mods have a setting for 316SS.

Unfortunately no it's unlikely. These mesh heaters are anything but linear, the dynamics are too complex. Maybe with a mod having an excellent ohm-meter (precision shunt + high resolution ADC) we could find some narrow range where it would kind of work in TC mode... but so far neither the Splinter nor the experiments Pipes, others and me have done with mesh heaters were successful. And Alan told me it didn't work with the iHeat either.

But in VW mode with a gentle power setting one should be able to get a very constant temperature already, like with the Zion. Note that the Zion and iHeat are only VV, while the iHeat on a mod could be really VW. The difference being not that big in practice due to the problem discussed above: these heaters don't change resistance much.


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@Vape Dr. - Thanks for posting the photos. Hope the testing is going well.

@Vapor Loop - Just received a Witcher box that was supposed to accept a 25.5mm tank. However, the 1" (25.4mm) diameter heater cartridge would not fit. Luckily, I can remove the 510 deck from the wood body to replace the coil if necessary. I turned my 1" diameter apple wood heater cartridge down to just under 25mm and now it fits just fine. Here is a photo of how it looks.


It is 93mm tall not including the stem which is about the same height as my cuboid mod box without the cartridge installed. The Witcher has a 75w capacity which is more than plenty to make hot air for roasting.
It feels very comfortable in my hand and works very well so far. The battery life seems very good, but depends upon the wattage level. So far the unit stays very cool to then touch. More testing is required.

It turns out that I was wrong about the TCR mode for the iHeat @KeroZen. I got it to work with my Cuboid box, but it won't work with the Witcher. The Cuboid has twice the wattage capacity of the Witcher which may be the reason why it works. It might also be the software.
I find the power mode to be very effective with the Witcher.

The apple wood is finished with some natural carnauba wax from @mistvaporizer which seems to provide more of a shine than beeswax. May have to play around with it a bit more.

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@Alan That stealth looks nice . I've seen mods who has the 510 connection further down,but none of them is TC. https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10020575/5861000-authentic-jomotech-dark-knight-spirit-1800mah


I have also seen various DIY but all of them were Mechanical.. I wonder how hard is it to make a TC mod out of all wood ? I've seen DNA series chips for sale .also maybe that kind of connection could be used in the build it is similar to the Darknight spirit .
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