1. fuoco vape

    Diy fuoco herb vape *

    Hello fellow vape enthusiasts. I am Naitik from Mumbai. When I found out about vaporizers and all its benefits I was pretty dazzled. The problem was the legal status of marijuana in my country (no thanks to USA ) that vapes were either crap or extremely expensive. Now I dint wanna pay that much...
  2. J

    First time vaper

    Im new to vaping and smoking herb. Ive come down to 2 vape pens i would like but i cant decide what one i want. The k-vape micro dx or the imag plus they sort of look the same but the k-vape has a larger chamber and a big temperature range but ever reviewer says how the imag got them so high...
  3. J

    Cant choose a vape pen

    Im new to vaping and smoking herb. Ive come down to 2 vape pens i would like but i cant decide what one i want. The k-vape micro dx or the imag plus they sort of look the same but the k-vape has a larger chamber and a big temperature range but ever reviewer says how the imag got them so high...
  4. Baked55

    Looking for effective and efficient portable vape

    I currently own a eq, lotus and ascent. The lotus is the only one that gets any real use as I find it much more efficient. I am looking for something that is going to be just as efficient as the lotus but not butane powered. I need something that is easy to pocket and be able to sneak a few...
  5. vapognak

    La beauté d'Apollon, un effet dionysiaque

    En quête du vaporisateur qui allie la convection des meilleurs appareils fixes avec un flux d'air qui ne souffre d'aucune restriction et la portabilité d'un Arizer Solo ou Air, quand j'ai découvert sur FC le Venus Apollo de Finlande, j'ai fondu, malgré le coût (279 €)...
  6. Y

    which one is the most portable grinder?

    what is a good grinder that fits in your pocket so it makes carrying container also? Do you care having only two-layer or we need the multiple layer, therefore no way its portable.
  7. ragnorokk

    Help me pick my next butane vape

    Hey guys, I'm looking to decide between the Nimbinvap (like a mini VaporGenie), Lotus, and Supreme. So far I'm leaning Supreme, as my room mate can likely use it without combusting (temp gauge), but the Lotus and NimbinVap both look pretty decent (and cheap). The temp readout is really just for...
  8. H

    which vaporizer has over heat protection

    Hi everyone Which vaporizer has the over heat protection to prevent explosion? I am currently using snow wolf 200w. I want something 100% safe. I am using CC-CV charger right now. So charging should be OK. Which vaporizer is the safest? Like some control circuit in it to prevent battery...
  9. S

    Upgrading from the MFLB..Crafty?

    Hey FC community New to the forums..spoke to some helpful people last night on the FC chat. Basically ive been a joint/bong smoker for a few years now. I bought the MFLB 2 years back and i got over it a few months in, the continuos change of batteries and vaping techniques etc.. just became a...
  10. perennialflare

    Most efficient and reliable portable vape for these criteria? price and battery life not a concern

    -I'd be using my vape only occasionally, as in less than once per day but more than once per week. It would be by and large used only by myself, at most I would share with 1 person, mayyyybe 2. -it being portable and at least moderately small is required. I live with my parents right now...
  11. RobDaBomb

    The Firefly 2 vaporizer

    2016 is looking good already. The Firefly thread brightened up the other day when @mitchgo61 shared this fantastic news! I thought it would only be fair to share this with the rest of the FC community. Their website, thefirefly.com, and twitter have yet to say anything about the successor - so...
  12. T

    Vape traditional hash?

    Hi guys, It would be interesting to know what portable vaporizer is good for hash. By hash I mean what is called traditional/sieved/pressed/pollen hash. In contrast to bubble hash and concentrates – as I understand it makes a difference. This is why I ask here, as it struggle to understand if...
  13. Just Justin

    Discontinued Elo Vaporizer by Illimite Concept

    Greetings, Introducing the Elo Vaporizer by Illimite Concepts. Elo is a portable, convection vaporizer that is compatible with Dry Herb and Concentrates. Elo is still in the Beta / Pre-Production stages, so some of this information may change slightly. For more information, check out the...
  14. convectionportable

    The Working Title Convection Portable

    Hello FC Community, For the past few months I have been working on a project in my free time, trying to create a portable vaporizer that operates by “true convection”. This has been a passion of mine and my primary intention is for personal use. However, if I do succeed at producing a “100%...
  15. C

    Help! Best portable vaporizer?

    Hi! I'm looking to get another portable vaporizer, i used to have the No2 and I loved it but fate drove us to different paths like 2 years ago </3 so i am looking to get another portable vaporizer but this time I have like $450 to spend :3 and i'm looking for the best i can get with that money...
  16. D

    Looking for a good, portable 3 in 1 vaporiser, to give up tobacco [or are 3 in 1's crap?]

    Hi All, New to vaping in general. Been a tobacco smoker all these years (joints & cigs). Time has come to cut out evil tobacco from my life completely. I want to do this by buying a vaporizer for herbs, oils and e-liquids. Now I'm very new to these products - there's so many on the market it...
  17. VapinVentor

    Zepto| The World's First Credit Card Vaporizer

    I’m sure you all at FC have come across companies claiming to be the next innovators in vaping; when in reality they don’t bring true innovation to the table. If you were ever going to take the time out of your day to read a post on FC, this would be the one! We are VapinVentors; where...
  18. bibblybobbly

    Recommend me a portable/handheld capable of vaping herb and hash.

    I tried the search function (since I expected this to have been asked again and again) but I didn't have any luck - forgive me if it's a duplicate post and please direct me to existing threads. I find the market totally overwhelming and review sites rife with contradictory testimony. My only...
  19. Dopevape

    Sublimator Eliminator

    Anyone seen this yet? I just got a hold off it and well... I'm kind off dissappointed cause i bought it after watching the Vapefiend video Telling it would be on temp at around 20-30 sec. I could not have been more misinformed then i have been now. Seems it kinda is a rebuilt, remade version...
  20. Stu

    Discontinued The Okin by D.M. Pipes

    I saw this today. It uses charcoal as a heat source. It's an interesting concept kinda like a portable hookah. The creator is a pipe maker with some interesting works. More pics: :peace:
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