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We’re very proud to introduce our radical new approach to experiencing concentrates. Exclusively compatible with PAX Era Pods, Era delivers the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet. and is built with only the highest-performance parts.

Era is seamless. Switch out your extract in seconds with simple-click interchangeable pods. Real-time LED communication makes understanding Era a snap.

Expect consistent flavor and delivery time after time. A wide temperature range and precise controls let you personalize your experience and find your perfect settings. You’ll experience the power of a table-top vaporizer in the slimmest profile yet.


Material: Extract
Finish: Bead-blasted anodized aluminum
Heat Time: Instant
Temp Settings: 4
Charge Time: 1 hour
Bluetooth: Yes
Color: Slate
Device Dimensions: 3.3” h x .72” w x .40” d
Battery: 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion
Warranty: 1 Year Ltd.



1 x PAX Era device

1 x USB charger

*Era pods not available online


Personalize your Era and download the latest device updates with the PAX Vapor App.

Free Shipping
Exclusively available in California and Colorado on September 29, 2016.

Visit our website for more details.

*PAX Labs, Inc has sold empty Era pods to Bloom Farms in California and The Clinic in Colorado, which fill the pods with various herbal extracts at their discretion. Contact Bloom Farms or The Clinic to inquire about the various types of filled pods each company currently makes available for purchase. Use our Store Locator [embed link] to find a PAX Era retailer near you.


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So is this like your response to the prefilled CO2 cartridges that are sold in dispensaries, or is this something that I can load at home with my traditional waxy or shatter like concentrates? I'm hoping this is something I can pack at home like a standard concentrate vaporizer; I would love a device like this to replace my wax pens, but that's only really possible if I can load regular concentrates.


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"*Era pods not available online" is making me think it's pre-filled from dispensaries. Though I guess those could still be refillable. For that price I'd probably be in if the pods are refillable. I might wait for some reviews. I've always avoided the c02 stuff before because my gear is more for shatter/bho. I would think if the pods were refillable they'd sell empty ones online, but that's just my guess. It's nice looking though, if it performs it'd be a great little stealth vape.


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Looks great, except for the unavailable pods. I was using the e-cig (ploom) version and emptying out the juice and refilling it with extract. Worked ok, but obviously not design specific. I would expect some availability beyond the dispensary level, time will tell.


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Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! We're making great progress on answering questions so I'll follow up with a Q and A as soon as possible tomorrow.


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Q and A time! Mainly PAX 3 answers and more are coming, especially for Era and the App. I'll continue to relay your thoughts.

How does PAX 3 compare to PAX 2 and the original?

Click on "Compare Devices" on the PAX 3 product page for details.

PAX 3: and Era: Are pre-orders available?

We won't be doing pre-orders this time around.

I just bought a PAX 2. Can I return it? Is there an exchange program? What about through warranty services?

At this time there is no exchange program that involves PAX 3 or PAX Era. PAX 2 warranties where a replacement is deemed necessary will be fulfilled with the same model. If you had purchased your PAX 2 directly from our website, please see our return policy. If purchased from another website or local shop, it falls under their return policy so please check with them. Our PAX Pro's are happy to answer any questions about this as well, so reach out to them here.

How are PAX 3 and Era different when it comes to concentrates?

PAX 3 is a loose-leaf vaporizer utilizing conduction heating. The included concentrate insert for PAX 3 works well with a variety of stickier concentrates, and gives amazing results when a very small amount is loaded. In contrast, Era is designed with a wick and coil construction and only works with Era Pods, which have been sold to Bloom Farms in California and The Clinic in Colorado.

PAX 3: What are the size differences for the oven dimensions?

The oven holds about 0.35 grams of ground flower material. The Half Pack oven lid (included with purchase), let's you use about 0.17 grams of material in the oven. These amounts may vary with moisture content and level of grind, but not by much.

PAX 3: What are the temperature ranges?

Same as PAX 2. The default temp settings are 360, 380, 400, and 420ºF. Just like PAX 2, PAX 3's temperature ranges are adjustable through the device interface, using the ON / OFF button and does not require the app. Additionally, once set with the app, a custom temperature selection will be available as the fifth temp selection in temperature setting mode.

PAX 3: Will the app give full temperature control to the user?

The app allows selection of a custom temperature in 1ºF increments. Additionally, it allows for the selection of dynamic modes that change how much and how fast the device automatically cools and boosts oven temp based on lip presence and motion sensing. This allows users to make tradeoffs between vapor production, flavor preservation, and battery utilization while keeping the device at their preferred temperature.

PAX 3: Will most PAX 2 accessories work with the PAX 3? Specifically chargers and mouth pieces?

Accessories between PAX 2 and PAX 3 are compatible, including oven lids and screens, mouthpieces and chargers.

PAX 3: I had some issues with my PAX 2. Did you address any with PAX 3?

Feedback from our community has always played a central role in the development and design of our products from the original PAX device to PAX 3 and Era. As part of this continual improvement process we've made over 25 design updates from PAX 2 to PAX 3.

PAX 3: Are all of the colors that super glossy finish?

All colors come in a high-polish for a sophisticated look and feel - while you may decide to buff it occasionally, this certainly isn't a requirement. Plus, the anodization process makes the outer shell extremely durable, so all it take is a quick wipe to get rid of any fingerprints.

PAX 3: How does the concentrate canister work? Do you need to load and clean after every use? How is vapor quality compared to flowers?

Unlike other oil pens where the coil/ heater will burn the material and require regular cleaning, our oven is much gentler on the material and doesn't overheat it. Unless you want to minimize flavor cross over, you can just reload it with more material. You can clean more often obviously, but every 5-10 uses is totally fine. Vapor is generally thicker than flower. Always remember to load a very small amount for best results.

App: Does the app cost 59.99?

No. The PAX Vapor App can be downloaded for free. It will be available for iOS and Android smartphones.

More to come!


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More Q and A!

PAX 3: Any changes to airflow?

Like it's predecessor, PAX 3 uses temperature controlled conduction heating to vaporize your material. We recommend gentle, sip-like draws to pull the vapor from the oven through a sealed, surgical-grade, stainless steel air path. It's normal to feel a tiny bit of air restriction in the draw, which helps to create rich, consistent vapor.

PAX 3: What's this concentrate insert?

The concentrate insert has a precision CNC machined aluminum oven - no messy or sticky steel pads. Material is safe from escaping no matter what orientation you use it in. And the aluminum allows for the quickest possible thermal transfer, which means a super fast heat-up.

PAX 3: Is it still primarily conduction?

Yes. Pax 3's use of lip and motion sensing automatically cool and boost oven temperatures offers significant performance over other conduction vaporizers that only hold the heater at one consistent temperature. Auto-cooling preserves your material when you're not drawing from the device. Lip presence gives a quick temperature boost to ensure consistent vapor production during back-to-back draws from the device.

Era: Are these pods refillable by users?

PAX Era pods are not refillable and designed to be used only once. Attempting to refill Era pods may cause damage to your device not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty.

Era: Is it possible to get empty pods to fill myself?

Only pre-filled cartridges are available at retail locations in California and Colorado wherever devices are sold.

Era: Is there any sort of adjustable t°/watts/volt?

All PAX devices feature algorithm controlled heating. Temperature control is the ideal way to deliver consistent performance and flavor for a wide variety of material. Era heats using 8W regardless of battery charge until the coil reaches the preselected target temperature. At that point, the voltage applied to the nichrome heater is automatically regulated throughout your session.

Era: What kind of wick does it use?

The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but both ends of the wick are submerged for maximum wicking and performance with a full range of oil viscosities. Many other cartridges use only single-ended wick which dries out quickly after multiple puffs.

Era: What are the battery specs?

The Era device features a 240 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Time to full charge is approximately 45 minutes via USB.

Working on some more Era and App questions now. Stay tuned!


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I was excited when I saw the design, but if it's not refillable, I will not buy it. I've been waiting for a pen that has pods that hold a single dab, and are easy to replace on the go. I thought this was it. Guess not.

Who knows maybe another company will make their own refillable pods that work in the era. That's what happened with Keurig.
Making the pods non refillable is like saying "Yeah I really only want to sell to 10% of the market, the other 90% can kick rocks."

Doesn't make much sense to me personally. If they are trying to compete with o pen they've got a long tough road ahead.


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Non-refillable pods? Unable to purchase empty pods or fill them yourself? Damn man, that is a super limited market! You chose a tough crowd to market this one to.

I have strong doubts that many, if any people here will be interested in this product for the above reason - even the most die-hard concentrate enthusiasts like me who have serious VAS!

From the sound of it, this product is likely to be completely useless unless you live in CA/CO and want to buy concentrates from one of the two vendors mentioned in the OP. I just can't see how that would be likely to generate much business! Good luck all the same!

The waste that produced from these 'pods' (Nespresso anybody?) is going to become a topic in smoking circles for years to come I'm sure lol. Stoners can't be relied on to recycle shit like this back to dispensaries even if this was an option :lol: Given that over half of the land area where you can purchase this product is California, I forsee a very tough time convincing the hippy-leaning Californians (don't we love Cali!?) to buy a product that generates excessive waste like this, especially if it cannot be recycled.


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I'm also disappointed that the pods are not refillable. I am fortunate enough to buy cannabis in Colorado; however, I'm betting that I won't be able to buy pods at my favorite dispensaries (processed from their own flowers). Will Pax be working with 14er Holistic, L'Eagle, infinite Wellness or The Honey Cellar?

I know Pax loses control of their product and it could lead to quality control issues (leaky pods, clogged pods etc), but giving consumers more choices on how to use your product would be a better decision for your hardcore base.

I'll still use my pax 2 for flower on the go, but now I'm off to find a discrete and quality device to enjoy co2 extract.


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There is a sub ohm co2 tank from flowermate ive been looking at. 50 bucks though..

I was excited to hear about the concentrate add on for the pax 3 but the non reusable cartridges for the era just make the whole unit logok wasteful.

In Oregon, theres a store that sells co2 refills that are liquid enough to use like e liquid. Can only find it at one place though. They've recently raised prices after they noticed they were the only ones with them.


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So I had an unexpected package delivered to my door this evening. I was surprised to read Pax as the sender. I was pleasantly surprised with the PAX ERA, I've got to play with it a little, but I, unfortunately, do not have a cartridge with cannabis oil, so I can't give you guys an idea of how it performs in the real world.

Regardless it's a really lightweight unit, like really light there's hardly any weight to it all.

The cartridge I got is a little loose; I'm not sure if this is by design, but it will completely fall out if turn the unit upside down and give it a little shake. If that isn't intended by design, please look into that as I don't see a reason why the cartridges wouldn't be fitting snug possibly with a click to let the user now it's securely mounted? I don't know it just seems like somethings wrong with mine with how the cartridge fits.

Also, we want user fillable carts! Please look into providing fillable carts for runny concentrates like the current design and perhaps a cartridge for strictly waxy and shatter concentrates like 100% hemp derived CBD concentrates that are now available to most of the world? :cool:

Also here's some photos I took on my phone, didn't feel like taking out the DSLR tonight(sorry I had a brownie earlier :razz:)

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask, like I said I don't have any cannabis oil cartridges so I can't really give you guys an idea of how it performs. Mine just has e-cig juice which isn't representative of something like The Clear. I haven't looked into the PAX app yet - not even sure if's available yet to be honest but I'll look into it tomorrow!
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