Looking for a disposable vape for dry herbs


Hopping in Washington
I'm going to be traveling from Seattle to Disneyland. I am looking for a dry herb vaporizer that I can take down there for 5 days and then throw it away. That means I'm looking for the cheapest vaporizer that will work. I like to get as much in the way of clouds as I can, and I need an easy draw. I have a PAX now and I don't use it because I hate how hard the draw is. I'm not picky about convection or conduction. It doesn't need to be built to last obviously, and the less I can spend on it the better. Suggestions?


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Since the OP didn't mention anything about stealth I assumed they weren't planning on using it out in the open, in the park. I'm not sure they even allow ecigs in the park so even stealth units wouldn't be ideal.

Bathroom hits are a thing though.

Plus, I can't think of many other units that are cheap enough to be considered "disposable" but you know, actually a good vape.

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I'm too ignorant to know what a crack pipe looks like. But even with my very small hands I could cover most of it. Would not stand next to someone and use it but with only the metal end showing and the clouds I'm not sure anyone would know what it is. Unless crack pipes have similar metal ends.


Hopping in Washington
Would you guys really not hesitate to use a crack-pipe looking glass vaporizer with a torch inside Disneyland surrounded by kids and their parents? Different cultures I guess but still... :shrug:

Not intending to use it in the parks at all, just back at the hotel.

For the parks I am considering an oil based disposable e-cig. I bought one and I don't see how they could tell it from any other non-cannibis e-cig, and they do allow e-cig use in the permitted smoking areas. Still debating on that one though.

Thanks again for all the suggestions!


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Oorite! I surrender! You are all right, it's hard to beat the VapCap and it's really great.

Plus, having a Chinese crap sent from the other side of the world and containing electronics and a lithium battery, to be used just for a few days only then disposed is completely irresponsible. I retract what I said.

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I just did exactly the same on a trip from the UK to Amsterdam. Bought a cheap vape to take and left it there.

I opted for a vaporgenie coil. It actually works fantastic with a single flame torch and I was more than impressed. It's about the same price or cheaper than the vapcap (I think?).
Bowl is much bigger (although that wouldn't take much) and I found performance to be far superior than the (admittedly pre-order) vapcap I had. Almost as good as my lotus. And certainly quicker with the torch.

I would have preferred a classic but opted for a coil just so it didn't look like a pipe in my suitcase.

I'd have no problem whatsoever buying another and I'm amazed they're not more popular considering the price.

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