DragonKey DK Haze Premium Vaporizer


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Brand new compact portable dry-herb vaporizer, similar form-factor to the PAX (and no relation to the other Haze), is the DK Haze. It features quick 30-40 second warmup, ceramic oven with 500mg capacity, and simple one-button, one multicolor LED user interface. Three temperature settings: 320ºF, 375ºF, and 450ºF. Ten-minute auto-shutoff if no movement detected. Anodized aluminum shell (in natural brushed or rubberized black finish), medical grade materials used throughout, and -- wait for it -- a lifetime warranty (6 months on battery)!



Here are a couple videos. They're in Spanish, but worth watching even if you no habla español.



I'm not sure where it is made (China, like most everything else these days?) but I'm guessing the company may be based in Argentina, due the the overwhelming number of listed resellers being in that country.

Looks like it is available now, for $169, and they ship worldwide.

I am in contact with one of their reps, and will post more info as I learn it, and I'll see if I can't get one of their reps on board here on FC.
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Looks like it offers only one setting usable...320 is very low and 450 very high.
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