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  • Hello Ojan. I have a question im hoping you can help me out with. Is Cream City Vapes an authorized Pax retailer, and does Pax honer their 10 year warranty on units purchased from them. Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Hey! Good question. If you see them on our Store Locator then they're good to go. If not, let me know the store's full address and I can take a closer look for ya.

    Store locator: https://www.paxvapor.com/locate/
    Hi Oman,

    I have 2 pax 1s and I was wondering how to go about swapping for pax 2 (or 3) please.

    Hey Bob! At the moment we don't have a trade-in offer that involves PAX 3 since it's still super new, but we do have a PAX 1 to PAX 2 trade-in. Our support team can share all of the details on that so I recommend visiting the support form below and sending them a message. Reply back to me with your case # (emailed to you) and I'll bump it up the queue :)

    Support: https://www.paxvapor.com/support-ticket/
    Awesome, thank you :)
    The number is 00576664
    Perfect, thanks! I've given the team a heads up so keep an eye out for their email. They're at the end of their day so odds are that you won't see that message until Monday, but keep me updated if I can help with anything else in the meantime.
    Hi Ojan...I just purchased a Pax3 from you and am having trouble registering. My name is Steven Schlang. I have pax 3 - black. My serial number appears to be 1G3KF9PR...I purchased it from Pax on December 14, 2016. Please let me know if you need any further information or whether I need to do anything to effectuate the registration. Thanks!!
    I need some help getting my pax 2 fixed. It seems the button is super hard to press almost as if the button is no longer under the X.
    Hi Ojan.... I resubmitted the battery issue, and did get an email back... Case Number 00208512.
    Thank you so much!
    I wanted to write more but I had a character limit... What I meant to say is, if gave you the email address of the ticket, would you be able to recover the ticket or should I just resubmit, etc?
    Hey Ojan.... sorry but I just saw your reply to my post...
    The strange thing is that I cannot find the ploom reply to my ticket submission. I KNOW I got a response saying I'd hear back (haven't yet), but I cannot find the email. Of COURSE I coincidentally did a reset on my mobile so I can't look there for it. I can resubmit or just live chat with them tomorrow.
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