portable vaporizer

  1. kuzko

    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Www.tinymightvape.com Anyone try out one of these yet? Haven’t seen much info but the website says it’s convection heat, on demand or session, with fast heat up and replaceable battery.
  2. K

    The Ultimate Clean Portable Convection Vaporizer

    I have to say this forum has an amazing array of people with experiences, expertise and knowledge on the topic of vaping. Some of you OG's are like wine connoisseurs. You have a nose for what is good and bad. Having a background in software and app development. I love the challenge of creating...
  3. cheeseholidays

    Arizer ArGo

    I saw this get posted on Reddit. I’m definitely intrigued.
  4. SunnyHours

    Stealthy and Cheap Portable? Maybe Vapium Lite, MIQRO or IQ?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a new portable Cannabis Vaporizer. My Solo 1 has served me well for all these years, but with all the new Vapes and the technology advances in the domain as well as batteries...I think there's gotta be something better now... I've been curious about the MIQRO and...
  5. F

    Totem Vape

    Any info on this? Seems like a weird concept. No idea if it'll perform.
  6. W

    Best Portable Vaporizer for Medical Reasons?

    Hi guys, New to FuckCombustion but would really love some help and advice. I have a friend of a friend who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer (I didn't push as to what type). They are currently looking into purchasing a portable vaporizer to help take marijuana as smoking really...
  7. 7thFloorVapes

    The ELEV8R from 7th Floor

    Christmas Has Come Early! Our glass artisans at ELEV8 Premier Studios have produced a 100% pure convection, all American made Schott Borosilicate glass (minus screen), portable and durable Vaporizer. No batteries needed! Easily used with dry herbs and concentrates, or if you're feeling frisky...
  8. M

    WHICH of these 2 vaporizers would you purchase?

    Would like to know if anyone has tried either of these (or both) and could provide some feedback on which you would go with. New to vaping - wanted to go with the convection option (ceramic chamber), portable device - for dry herb. Cannot find too much information on the vuber nova - not from...
  9. P

    Fuhume Heat

    Hey guys first off this is not my vape just a new unit I received, maybe the manufacturer will join FC at some time but I thought I post about its existence. Here is some information from their site. Fuhume Custom Airflow Soothe your throat right with our original concept created to...
  10. mikek9

    Utillian 720 - Portable Convection Vaporizer

    Model Info and Specs are first and personal insight/comments are underneath all the specs. Utillian 720 http://utillian.com/utillian-720/ $219 CDN at Toronto Vaporizers Apparently limited quantities available Hey guys, this morning I was reading some medical marijuana reviews from different...
  11. Davinci_vaporizer


    To our wonderful DAVINCI family, We’re excited to introduce to you the DAVINCI IQ Davinci IQ The DAVINCI IQ is the world’s best little vaporizer with best-in-class battery life, precision temperature control and SMART PATH™ technology. This app-enabled device gives you full control over your...
  12. NoochieVape

    Discontinued Noochie | The worlds first 3D printed vaporizer!

    My twist on the vaporizer market... Lil Noochie! First things first, don't mind the cotton underneath the o-ring. The groove is a few mm too deep so the o-ring needed a little help in protruding out and sealing the top in snug, so the cotton worked like a charm. That along with a few...
  13. N

    please advise -good portable Vaporizer

    Hello, could you please advise me about good portable Vaporizers (rechargeable) budget is about $150-$200 many thanks
  14. Lithe_vapes

    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Lithe Vaporizers are a new Generation of vapes oriented to be Ultra-portable, and effective. We have designed a surprisingly simple system that is easy to use. Our careful selection of woods makes our de luxe vaporizers a nice piece of art (great for gifts), with eye-catching features. they are...
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