portable vaporizer

  1. NoochieVape

    Discontinued Noochie | The worlds first 3D printed vaporizer!

    My twist on the vaporizer market... Lil Noochie! First things first, don't mind the cotton underneath the o-ring. The groove is a few mm too deep so the o-ring needed a little help in protruding out and sealing the top in snug, so the cotton worked like a charm. That along with a few...
  2. N

    please advise -good portable Vaporizer

    Hello, could you please advise me about good portable Vaporizers (rechargeable) budget is about $150-$200 many thanks
  3. Lithe_vapes

    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Lithe Vaporizers are a new Generation of vapes oriented to be Ultra-portable, and effective. We have designed a surprisingly simple system that is easy to use. Our careful selection of woods makes our de luxe vaporizers a nice piece of art (great for gifts), with eye-catching features. they are...
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