Bazoka Pro - Portable Torch Vaporizer


Hello everyone, I’m new here and would like to introduce our vaporizers, the Bazoka Pro.

Main composition: The butane torch is cleverly combined with glass, with the butane component and quartz chamber on the left, and the glass bubbler and bottom storage space on the right, which can store cleaning tools and cannabis.

Working principle: The quartz chamber above is heated by a strong flame(The size of the flame can be adjusted), so that the cannabis or concentrate is effectively vaporized. The glass bubbler is seamlessly connected to the quartz chamber to ensure the smooth progress of the seamless heating and vaporization process.

Versatile Bowl Options: Prefer herbs? Choose a porous quartz bowl that lets flames burn through the gaps. For concentrates or CBD oil, opt for a solid quartz bowl accessory for efficient vaporization.


more details

Any questions can be asked. If I'm not doing something right, please tell me. thank you all.
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