1. Piecho

    I have idea of using stock Arizer glass for Dynavap, anybody has both?

    Hey, I am using my dynavap with the water filter. Been thinking how to improve the steam and the chamber. 1) I have the idea of using Arizer glass as the chamber and steam. Not sure tho, if the Dynavap cap will fit on the top, or the radius would be too small to fit...
  2. T


    Has anyone used Terporium for bangers or anything else? Just curious as they offer two tiers of quality (top/seconds) for many commonly designed quartz nails on their website but I've never ordered from them before
  3. S

    How do I best clean my bong?

    I have a small line around the equator and soap & water does fuck all. Photo here
  4. U

    Silicone vs Glass Pieces for Concentrates

    Hey FC! Super new to this community and I am absolutely loving it so far. I have been lurking at a bunch of threads and have seen some really beautiful pieces, which has lead me to this question… What are everyone’s opinions on silicone pieces for concentrates? Does anyone here have any...
  5. D

    How do I properly clean my XQ2 whip adapter?

    I encountered some extremely sticky bud and multiple soakings in soap and water haven’t done a damn thing.
  6. H

    Ultimate, all-glass, non-toxic, "healthy" vaporizer (2023?)

    Hey fellow Vapers! I am still searching for my ultimate, all-glass, non-toxic, "healthy" vaporizer. Spent long days and nights on the web & forums looking for this ultimate vape, scraping through all the marketing gimmicks and nice words from the manufacturers just to see them all get debunked...
  7. TheDankness

    Sneaky Pete MegaCube

    Yo, (I debated putting this in the MegaGlobe thread, but thought the cube deserved its own thread. Feel free to combine this if this is a faux-pas, it's my first post here.) I picked up a Sneaky Pete MegaCube on a whim a couple of weeks ago and have been running it with my Arizer Solo 2. First...
  8. 4everpushingaboulder

    VHB Slide

    Well folks I hate to do it to you again. Looks kinda like a Vaponic.
  9. RogueGuy

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Hey FC peeps I have been working on a bunch of different glass vapes for the last couple years. I hope to make a separate post in the vaporizer thread but figured I would post them here for now. They are unreleased because I'm waiting for parts for all but the No Name. 1. Vape Funnel - Direct...
  10. S

    Favorite Dry Mouthpiece

    Hi everybody! So the neck broke off my DHgate incycler hydratube and I decided on a matrix perc lynx hydratube to replace it. Yes I can still put a whip in the old one but I’ve always craved multiple hydratubes and the lynx is a two in one because I can easily attach a whip or mouthpiece. This...
  11. Silver420Surfer

    (GBD) Does anyone know if they are still in business? Has anyone got any work done thru them recently or purchased anything? I sent them an email about their Fritted can w/removable sidecar mouthpiece and got a generic, form-letter style, "We appreciate you contacting...
  12. RiskyRaccoon

    Weird Filtration Plan: Double recycler

    I'm shopping around for glass, and am considering getting a recycler, then using a recycler ash catcher along with it. Has anybody tried this? Will be using with a dynavap. Thx
  13. vape>comb

    GlassNoob: what 18mm glass piece to buy from dhgate

    Hi all. Just treated myself to a flowerpot bundle which comes with a standard 18mm glass piece that is nothing to write home about. Anyone have any recommendations for a proper glass piece? Is it true that a glass piece with more content/volume allows for bigger rips/clouds? Would really...
  14. E

    Removing hard water stains from glass?

    Anyone know how to remove hard water stains from glass that you can’t touch? I don’t mean salt and iso to clean it, I’m talking mineral deposits. I’ve tried soaking and shaking with iso, vinegar, Grunge Off, Dark Crystal, Oxiclean, PH Down, and something else I’m probably forgetting - nothing...
  15. F

    borro beads or quartz beads

    MAIN QUESTION AT THIS POINT. Should I try and where do you recommend purchasing Quartz or borosilicate beads to fit in 18 or 14 mm glass. Hello, I have been playing around with the idea of introducing beads into the air path of a sticky brick style butane vaporizer. this would be similar to the...
  16. Verax

    Function Videos!

    So, I searched a bit, and I apologize if I missed it, but I don't see any function video threads. So... here it is! Show off function videos of your glass! I'll start, with a dry function video I just shot with my Skyglass Galaxy rig, using an Herborizer. :) :peace::leaf::peace:
  17. Bearded エーティーエム

    Help & Opinions on 3 DHgate Glass Bongs?!

    What's up everyone? Looking for a good fun Glass Bong to use with all my Portable Vaporizers (Tera, POTV One, future DynaVap ect) it's out of these 3 pieces that I've heard all good things. 1. SAML GLASS Matrix Sidecar...
  18. Vlad the Inhaler

    Vlad/508Phineas Glass thread

    Hey FC, I'm a glassblower interested in doing some custom glass vape parts. My question to you all is what models are you using that you would like to see some glass on?
  19. CeeLoGlass

    Is Low Temp Dabbing on Quartz better than using a Vape device?

    When you take a nice low temp dab out of Quartz at 650 degrees or lower, is that considered combustion? If not, then what are your preferences for having a vaporizer kit? I know that it's not considered combustion but I just want to know the different preferences of using a hand help vape vs...
  20. S

    Gear Dab Tools, Dabbers, Glass, Titanium, Quartz, various shapes ?

    Hello dabbers I just am discovering dabbing slowly. Compared to most I am a micro-dabber, I guess. As I do not have dabbable material often, I prefer being economical, if possible. I already found out that I do not specially like the taste when I dab off Ti surfaces. Now I am reading...
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