1. T

    Battery powered PID

    I started working on integrating a PID into a portable battery station. The build is (mostly) successful except it seems the inverter within the battery is not the most efficient. I’m getting an hour of run time. I believe it could run longer in a bigger better but I would trying to keep it...
  2. B

    electric heater for slurper/blender - ideas?

    hi! new here and have been messing with using terp slurpers and a torch for a bit. I love the slurper for flavor and efficiency and had two ideas: 1. Heat with cartridge heater Use a something like this heater into this sort of slurper to heat it up before use 2. make an oversized, bigger...
  3. Piecho

    How about desktop DIY vaporiser using 10$ 80w soldering iron?

    Hey, For resonable price we are getting precisely regulated 80w ceramic heater that you can just plug to your wall. For example - Would be great if design would fit to vaporate micro doses of bubble hash, but 0.1-0.2 flower as well. I was...
  4. FrostyGeode

    Wireless Ball Vapes… is a DIY possible?

    To the people of FC, A wireless style of ball vape has emerged on the market. First (I believe) was the Terp-Ready and Terp Hammer system from Old Head. Now the ZenLeaf series from Cannabis Hardware. More will likely follow...
  5. A

    Brainstorming ideas for a box mod style portable vape, but with the chamber inside the box, looking for advice from experienced users.

    Hello, I am new here and I have been reading across many threads here and trying to also gather any useful information from the e-cig forums. I wanted a very small portable vape like the potv one, but I really wanted something on demand so I starting thinking about how I could make one that fits...
  6. O

    DIY Portable Vape? (Morwood inspired)

    I want to start a vaporizer project since I can’t purchase vapes (under 21 medical), I have some experience woodworking and building mech mods (not interested in 510 builds) I want to emulate what Morwood makes (Toad/Nomad), a “simple” unregulated vaporizer. Have the time and money Is there...
  7. E

    Need help with temperature and glass tubes. (very new)

    Hi dear FC community, I've been an avid reader of this amazing forum for a few months now and I finally decided to stop combusting my goods. based on the work of great @aimless_ryan I still am experimenting with heating the tube safely, these tubes were closed so I had to make a hole on the...
  8. amexudo

    Any makers in Brazil?

    Searching for partners to work with in Brazil.
  9. Jill NYC

    Cheap and Easy DIY Accessories (Hacks) for Vape Stuff

    Here are two rather crude stands I made, that I wanted to share and see if any FC’rs have any good ones to share as well. Go ahead and laugh away, these aren’t exactly artful, but both have come in very handy! First up, made out of Sugru (took the whole package, so cost around $17), probably...
  10. RedEyeFlightControl

    The Advanced Telemetry Module by REFC Labs - The world's first advanced precision & multi-core capable desktop heater controller

    Hi there, accessories folks! With staff permission, I want to introduce a new vape accessory that I recently released - The Advanced Telemetry Module kit by REFC Labs. The ATM is a drop-in / inline advanced variable voltage controller module that can power almost any 12V vaporizer, heater, or...
  11. bokashibro


    Hey.. don´t really know how to start.. but.. over the time of the lockdown in Germany i kept Inventing a Sublimator Adapter kit. here is the idea behind: since 3 years i keep fixing a ton of sublimators from friends in Germany and Switzerland, so i had a bunch of time to analyze the...
  12. S

    Help with my box mod experience

    So, I have this old Therion I'd like to vape flower/concentrates with. Can someone help me in what I should do? In regards of configuration, coil material, when to change coils, etc. I've just downloaded EScribre but I'm not sure what to look for or change. I've been vaping flower with it using...
  13. R

    What materials are considered safe to be used as a heating element?

    Hello there! I'm designing a vaporizer and wanted some opinions from more experienced builders. Below is the list of materials I feel comfortable using at vaporization temperatures. 316l Stainless Steel Ceramic Glass PURE Brass Quartz? 304 Stainless Steel? Am I mistaken on any of these...
  14. L

    What I have been doing while working from home

    This is what I have been driven to. 2 giant hand turned log vapes, 1 made by me symphony, a little battery guy, and my plugged in version of the g43. Love to hear your opinions. Next up, a musa halogen clone! Modnote: Images fixed.
  15. R

    510 Powered Induction Heater?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to power a induction Heater via an Boxmod? Like just using it as the power source in a build? Sorry if this question is dumb i'm not very keen on electronics or other stuff like that. I'm just thinking about building a heater and this came to mind for a easy...
  16. atadam

    Atadam's Vaporizers

    Greetings from ANKARA! This thread will serve as a showcase for my possible future vaporizers. First working design v1.0.0 (codename: HaloNut) is below. First of all great thx to @Abysmal Vapor for the name and his thread "Halo-log" which have been my main inspiration. A collection 'might' be...
  17. JCat

    FC E-Nail by JCat

    Hi everyone, The 1st revision (beta) of the FC E-Nail by JCat is now complete. I decided to start a new thread for this, since it's really a project of it's own (what I envisioned for a better enail controller). Features - Easy temperature adjustments with rotary dial - Easy on/off of heater...
  18. started@52

    RBT has a Phatt Ass!

    RBT Phatt Ass that is, lol. Ordered this Saturday morning and received it today! Now, what to build, hmm?
  19. K

    DIH-005: The "Russian Doll" DIY Dynavap Induction Heater

    I normally frequent /r/vaporents and /r/dynavap. But I felt the need to share this with my fellow stoner-engineers that lurk on FC. Model DIH-005. The "Russian doll" Portable Dynavap Induction Heater. Images and design notes: Imgur album Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a...
  20. withoutbliss

    Cloud Evo Tool Holder (Bamboo Protector)

    After a few close calls with my bamboo I decided to design some bamboo protection. This project ended up doubling as a tool holder and eventually a couple other things. THE TOOL HOLDER is held in place by tightly hugging the Evo while velcro keeps it from sliding off the heatshield. The top...
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