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ABV Milkshake (My First Post)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by tree.fitty, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. filteredhead

    filteredhead Well-Known Member

    That's too bad, I wonder why it didn't work for you. I feel lucky because these abv milkshakes were the first edibles that got me high and was hoping to hear they had the desired effect for you as well. Do you think your abv may have not had enough actives left in it or something else?

    I started with 4g of dark abv with my first milkshake and it had me wasted all day long. I've been trying smaller and smaller doses of lighter/golden/green abv to see if there's a noticeable effect change. This past weekend I continued experimenting with some light slightly-green/mostly golden colored abv. Had a smoothie each morning with 1.5g of light abv per dose and it felt like a lighter higher energy high than when using the darker abv. Both days the effects started to come on in 30 minutes, peaked 2.5 hours after consumption, and stayed strong for a 2+ hours. The effects were pretty much gone by 6pm and little to no burn-out feeling in the evenings.
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  2. paidndade

    paidndade Well-Known Member

    It's cool man I tried eating eat straight before and this time I dumped it in the shake

    Next time i'll probably try butter or oil with all I have collected (about an oz) and if that doesn't work i'll just dump it
  3. DOOM

    DOOM Well-Known Member

    Would this be the right amount of time to use for fresh bud that has not already been vaped?
  4. Jeremy Driscoll

    Jeremy Driscoll Well-Known Member

    Shit I was going. To do this with my ABV but I forgot and instead just completed simmering 22 grams of abv powder with 1 cup vegetable oil in a crockpot on warm for 5 hours covered and occasionally stirred.

    Is it too late to somehow use this oil for a milkshake recipe instead of a brownie recipe? Would a shake made out of this heated vegetable oil and abv inside get me more high than brownies with this oil if I have a high tolerance?
  5. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Instead of dealing with butter/oil, there might have simply been a better way to add it to the shake?

    Did you try powdering the ABV, then mixing it with peanutbutter, and then microwaving it?
    The ABV doesn't necessarily need to decarboxylate, but I think that might help us digest it more effectively.

    Also, had you eaten a large meal recently? No effects on 5g really baffles me.

    I wouldn't say the shake would get you any higher than brownies, made with the same ABV oil. The only difference is that the liquid shake might digest a little quicker, and be easier to consume. It's certainly not too late to just add the oil to a shake.
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    SSVUN~YAH You Must Unlearn, What You Have Learned...

    # Town
    Coconut oil and lecithin granules work wonders with your method, substitute the vegetable oil with coconut oil big upgrade in taste and potency IME...
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  7. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    It sounds like coco oil in say a vanilla shake might taste great better then peanut butter to me and I don't like coconut either but can tolerate it. I think I am going to do it that way unless the oil itself taste gross and slimy.
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  8. hitnrun

    hitnrun Well-Known Member

    Somewhat inspired by this topic, I'm about 45 minutes into an experiment involving a blender, a small McDonald's strawberry shake, one tablespoon of coconut oil and 1/2 tablespoon of golden green duff (previously vaped @ 350F) milled to a powder. The coconut/duff was nuked for 2-minutes at 70% power, and then slowly poured into the shake with the blender running on low. Transferred back to its original cup, and consumed over a 15-20 minute period. The future looks bright!
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  9. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    I bet it tasted better then peanut butter...keep us posted please.
  10. hitnrun

    hitnrun Well-Known Member

    Almost hate to report this, but results are in... as in, inconclusive. Drank the strawberry shake without any noticeable after-taste. Having no clue as to "how much" was enough, I used ABV that I'm certain had lots of leftovers, albeit likely lower in THC. I even threw in a small amount of "new and unused" (probably half teaspoon) prior to microwaving with coconut oil. I didn't taste any of it, and I was trying to.

    At around the ninety minute mark, my extremities (hands and feet) began to feel "heavy", and unfortunately, an overwhelming desire to doze was fought with for several hours. Then my arthritis flared and I experienced joint discomfort just enough -- for the entire night -- to go sleepless. Coupled with a perceived (maybe almost paranoid) sensation of obstructed breathing... like a heaviness was making it difficult to breathe, I roamed the house (like Goldilocks) all night, trying three different beds... two sofas... my car... everywhere, trying desperately to find my comfort zone. Nada. I finally dozed off around 6 AM, almost 11 hours after my first sip of shake.

    EDIT: I just want to add, as I recently read somewhere, that one should always try new things three times: first to get past any fears, second to learn how to do it, and a third time to decide if you like it or not. Getting 8-10 hours to play is hard to come by, so trials #2 and #3 will take some time to accomplish, but they're on my bucket-list.

    I don't know if everything or anything was related. I definitely had an experience, but also had some 'extras' going on (that may or may not have been related to ingesting the shake) which ultimately clouded the verdict.
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  11. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    That is so unfortunate. I hope the next test goes better. Maybe the dose wasn't nearly enough:shrug:.
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  12. BlazedAndConfused

    BlazedAndConfused Formerly mr.nicksta

    Decided to make this recipe on Saturday. 4 of us, two tablespoons ABV each. The recipe didn't specify heaped spoons or not, so i went for the safe option... MORE THAN REQUIRED :D

    I must say we were all absolutely fucked. About twenty minutes in, I started to feel it kicking in. Even though I was smoking a reefa at the time (I've slipped back into the habit every now and then, working on that!), I could tell something else was going on. I soon realised I hadn't eaten anything, so quickly ate some cereal to stave off the rapidly increasing high!

    Shortly after I sat down and enjoyed the wave like sensation as the high increased. One by one my friends fell victim also, submitting to the comfort of the sofa :) After we were all sat down, we basically didn't move all night. We could barely speak, and ended up falling asleep about 3 hours into it haha.

    I slept like an absolute dream which was awesome because I had a heavy cold which had been disturbing my sleep the previous two nights.

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe guys, I knew FC would deliver the goods when I was considering some cooking on the weekend
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  13. BlazedAndConfused

    BlazedAndConfused Formerly mr.nicksta

    Also I notice someone above mentioned something about a heavy/obstructed breathing feeling. For some reason whenever I eat cannabis I end up convincing myself that my airway is too constricted to swallow (I think it's something to do with how god damn dry my mouth gets) and I then have like a gag reflex when I try to drink or eat! Seems purely psychological though as it never lasts
  14. f0rth3h0rde

    f0rth3h0rde New Member

    I am trying this. I followed the recipe with 2 modifications.

    1) Added a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a 3 ice cubes for flavor and temperature control.
    2) My ABV was well ground already. I used about 1 and a 1/2 tbs of finely ground ABV mids.

    6:10: Just finished licking all the kitchen utensils clean -- DAMN NUTELLA AND PB ARE GOOD TOGETHER.
    6:16: Shake poured and took a huge first gulp. Wow this is delicious -- the ABV adds a welcomed toast flavor and texture.
    6:20: Finished the shake -- I still can't believe how good it is. There was about 1/4 teaspoon of ABV slush left on the sides of the blender and drinking glass. It was hard to get all the sides clean, but I used a piece of cinnamon toast with real butter on it to sop up the ABV slush and it got most of it pretty fast.
    7:25: Feeling preety good right now at a [7]. Hoping it comes on a little stronger. Feels more like a bong high. I put my daughter to sleep in record time. Normally it's a 15 minute job, but this time she was asleep in 45 seconds flat. It felt like we were melting together in the computer chair.
    7:54: Yeah, that's hitting pretty hard now. I would say a solid [9]. This is the most high I have been in a long time. Stomach is starting to feel a little upset.

    I will report back
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  15. Kushmangoes

    Kushmangoes Glassblower Glass Blower

    Just made an abv smoothie this morning using a similar method.
    Mix your peanut butter with abv and microwave
    Let cool and put in blender with milk, ice, banana, Greek yogurt, and a little honey.
    I couldn't taste the abv at all and with powder ground abv you won't feel it at all either. Perfect breakfast!
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  16. robbie

    robbie Well-Known Member

    I can confirm this works. Thought it wasn't working at first but 4 hours later I wasn't very.. Functional so to say.

    I just used nutella and coconut oil heated up with 2 tablespoons of abv, blended it into the shake and drank it down.
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  17. KC

    KC feet on the ground, head in the sky

    Tried making an ABV hot chocolate drink this weekend using 1 cup whole milk, 1 packet Nestle hot cocoa mix and 2 grams finely ground (using coffee grinder) ABV. Not much of a taste, but it didn't taste much like chocolate either.

    Started feeling effects after approx. 20 minutes and proceeded to get stronger from there (this was at 5pm). Got much more effect than I had intended and still felt effects in the morning.

    Very surprised and pleased by the experience, but will definitely be cutting back next time.
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  18. ohdono

    ohdono high more than not

    ran into this recipe today and called over some friends to finally use the ABV I've been saving up over winter break.

    we used:
    3 x 8 teaspoons (no table spoons) not sure if we over shot it but we will find out lol
    3 x 2 tablespoons of PB
    3 x 2 tablespoons of nutella
    3-4 cups of milk (should have used less)
    7-8 scoups of butterfinger ice cream

    will report back with results =)
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  19. Burnttoast22

    Burnttoast22 Eats your cake in front of you

    Just a quick question as I think I'm gonna be trying this next instead of doing a QWISO run with my next batch of ABV.

    I have an 800w Microwave which I can run at 100, 80, 60, 40 and 10%.

    Will 2 Mins on 60% be enough or should I set it for 80%

  20. Osn Dosn

    Osn Dosn Well-Known Member

    ..and if you don't have a Microwave, what's the best chronology to do this in a pot on the oven.. maybe heat up milk, put the pb+nutella in it and when it's mixed the abv, letting it in there for about 15mins on low heat?
  21. nomoreflames

    nomoreflames Member

    Ok I just had to bring this thread back to life to chime in and say I tried this. My lord did it ever work. The ABV I used was uniformly toasted in my PAX. I usually turn it up to high and toast a few more hits before I tap it out so I wasn't sure how much active agents would be in it. Well, I got my answer: PLENTY. I followed the instructions and used 2 tablespoons ABV and then ground it. Within an hour I was feeling body rushed. Within and hour and a half I was having a hard time walking. The affect was more like a psychedelic than smoking herb. A day and a half later I am finally feeling close to normal but wow was I stoned. I am by no means an amateur and I have a pretty high tolerance but in my over 25 years smoking I have only felt like that maybe one other time from cannabis. In short I would recommend it and do it again but make sure you have time for it. And you are in your safe zone because it really is a pretty intense experience.
  22. DOOM

    DOOM Well-Known Member

    I felt the need to bump this thread since it's a classic. Not only is it delicious but so easy to make. I really think this should be a sticky. I tried a few of the canniabss drinks you see at the dispensaries but they are all sh*t.

    I made ABV shake, threw it in a jack in box cup and went over my dads place to watch a movie. At the end of the movie he looked at me and was like why are your eyes so red, lol. I forgot what I mumbled but he knew I was baked haha
  23. ProChargedLS2

    ProChargedLS2 New Member

    Alright, so I saw the first post, and without reading the entire thing I decided to do it.

    After crushing up 16 grams of ABV I mashed it into the peanut butter, then put it into my blender with whole milk and whey protein (weight lifter)

    I am going to freeze it, hit the gym, then chug it when my metabolism is at its highest peak.

    I will post back when I drink it!
  24. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    That's a lot of ABV for one dose :o
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  25. cat420

    cat420 Active Member

    Just eaten a different version : no peanuts butter but real butter melted down.
    Microwaved and added little milk. Let's see how it will work...
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