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Jul 19, 2018
Jun 28, 2012
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Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀, Female

Hi all. I am back from my Mia, bit don’t know how much, lol. Good to see ya all. Oct 12, 2017

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Jul 19, 2018
    1. Dreamerr
      Hi all. I am back from my Mia, bit don’t know how much, lol. Good to see ya all.
    2. M3G
      Hello :-D
      1. olivianewtonjohn likes this.
      2. Dreamerr
        Hiya M3G.................I am MIA be back soon.
        May 8, 2014
    3. Mark4MMJ
      oooooh baby, your lips are irresistable.
    4. mephisto
      Hi Dreamerr, I think I read that your pinnacle is non-functional. I have a Pinnacle with little use that I would be glad to pass along to you. There are no strings, just positive mojo. Let me know if you are interested, I have 4 bullets that will come with it as well.
      On a side note, the Davinci herbal cans fit right into the PN, though I have not vaped one in this manner.
      1. Dreamerr likes this.
    5. mmenzie
      hey there :)
      1. Dreamerr
        Hiya mister...hope things are well. I don't check this so that is why I am seeing it now. Only reason I am on this page is because of the upgrade and can't find anything...I am going to pm this to you
        Jul 31, 2013
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    Quit Ciggs 1988(no I don't e-juice), Quit combusting mmj Aug 2012, MMJ user since 2006...Murphy has nothing on me
    In Use - Pinnacle X2, Solo M1A3 X2 & 102, , SSV, Drdabber, Evolve
    On Hold for occassional use - Davinci original no serial #, HA, FV S2, Vip2 for dabs, INH004
    Accessories Smooth flow, SCS, Glass straws, Solo PA & Stand, PVHES reg, turbo, Ed's stem, HEgong, A mess load of JyARz
    Glass - Infamous $40 Vapor Brothers Hydrator No Name Knock-Off Smaller Version 2.0, Pinnacle water tool
    Retired-MFLB -Volcano clone, cheap ebay click-a-vape(never worked), , VB2.0, also used various other vapes, various cheap wax pens
    The ' Verbalizer ' , That sounds like a nickname for you @Dreamerr - poonman
    Let's get SOLORIZED© or go SOLORIZE©

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