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Jun 1, 2011
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San Diego, CA


MMJ Vaporist, Male, from San Diego, CA

Vaked Mar 7, 2012

    1. exhaleclouds
      See you at the herbie trial!
    2. CharSadehBeast
      Sup dude…I noticed in your sig you are quite experienced with portable vapes. I currently have a Pax (my first and only experience with vaping), but it only works well with flowers. Oils are hard to come by in my area, but we have top grade hash, solid waxes, etc and I’m trying to decide on a compact portable vape for solid concentrates that will fit in my pocket. Any recommendations?
    3. PuffItUp
      oh wow ok

      that happens to about one in a thousand grinders, if it was a lotto scratcher you would of won $45 haha

      whats your address again? ill get it reshipped today

      sorry we dont keep any address info from the contests

    4. PuffItUp
      hey was your grinder damaged?

      We can get it replaced if needed

    5. SD_haze
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  • About

    San Diego, CA
    Started with the easy vape.
    Upgraded to an iolite.
    Upgraded to the supreme vaporizer.

    Next the Underdog.
    Now there's a Vapexhale Cloud.

    The Underdog Vape & The Vapexhale Cloud are my two daily drivers.

    I love glass almost as much as vaporizers.

    Vapor for cannabliss!


    Vapes: VapeXhale EVO [​IMG] | Arizer Air! | VX Cloud | The Hot Pod | Supreme Vaporizer #2 | Ceramic Rockzap | Omicron V2 HVD | Maple Underdog Vape | VaporGenie Coil | | | Previously Owned: EasyVape | Iolite

    Non-commercial (Vaporizer + Glass) demos: youtube.com/Komputiker

    Glass: Apix Design Stemline (A+)| Evolver Glass Ratchet-Hydratube (A+)
    | Vertigo Glass Hydratree (A+) | Evolver Glass Hydratree (A+) :rip:| RX Industries german-diffused straight tube | The Infamous $40 Vapor Bubbler V2 | FLO beaker tube w/ dome perc | Maverick Glass straight shooter | Silver Fumed beaker

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