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ABV Milkshake (My First Post)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by tree.fitty, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. tree.fitty

    tree.fitty Well-Known Member

    Hi, I've visited this forum a lot but I've never had a reason to post anything - UNTIL NOW!

    *I ramble a bit, so the recipe is in bold if you wanna skip to it.

    Not only am I new to this forum, I'm new to vaporizing. In the past 2 weeks, since I've replaced all my smoking with vaping, I have accumulated a jar of vaped bud. I've smoked about 20 bong hits per day for the past 8 years...so I'm a a pretty regular smoker. But the past few months I began waking up wheezing and coughing, unable to sleep, so I looked to vaping for relief. It's been 2 weeks now, and I haven't had any nighttime wheezing/coughing at all. Also, I was getting super tired every afternoon when I was smoking, but vaporizing keeps me from getting as sleepy...so that rocks!

    So this means I've accumulated some ABV in the past 2 weeks. As you probably know, the options for recycling your vaped 'browns' vary quite a bit: from making hash, to cooking edibles, to just re-vaping or smoking it in a blunt. But since I am giving up combusion for good...making hash and smoking it won't work. (and by hash I mean ABV honey oil, I guess...never tried it.) I have already re-vaped some ABV and it was...."eh". Took a lot and tasted crappy. So after much research, I think the best use is to 'cook with ABV'. But I had 2 problems...1. I almost never feel the effects of eating cannabis. and 2. I couldn't stand the thought of eating gobs of nasty ABV Peanut Butter on a graham cracker...so I came up with the idea to just mix ABV and Peanut Butter (and some Nutella)...warm it up like I'm making firecrackers, then blend it with whole milk to create an ABV milkshake.

    So instead of spreading it on a cracker and choking down multiple gooey bites of PB that stick to my mouth and coat my tongue...I just chugged a tall glass of Peanut Butter Milkshake! GOt it all down in about 1 minute.

    This milkshake is the reason I just created an account here, and I'm posting the story here to return the favor to you all here a FC, since it's the first place I though could use this idea. And of course, I want the you guys to know that if you are like me, and you don't usually get high from eating THC (when others around you are high as shit off the same dosage)...maybe you should try making a milkshake. It worked for me and I just about gave up on edibles.

    I took pictures for you guys too (another first for me)...so you can see how brown my ABV is and compare it w/ yours. It took about 10 minutes from start to finish, cause I used the microwave. I've heard shit here about using the microwave but, trust me, I wouldn't be here if it didn't work -- It hit me in about 20 minutes! 20 MINUTES people! (first thing in the morning tho...empty stomach)

    OK...here it is.
    Take 2 TABLESPOONS of your vaped bud remains.
    (Now grind it up into a powder or as close as possible)
    Take 3 TABLESPOONS of PEANUT BUTTER (as high fat content and natural as you can get)
    Take 2 TABLESPOONS of Nutella (optional, for taste)
    Put it all in a bowl, baby.
    Stir it up. (A spatula works best, cause this stuff is a bit sticky)
    Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes at approx. 70% power (not full blast)
    *I didn't let this cool before blending it with milk and my shake was not as cold as a milkshake should be. So if you want a more delicious, cold milkshake, don't make it with ingredients that are scalding hot. lesson learned)
    Let the ABV/PB/N mixture cool.
    Dump it into a blender with some whole milk. (more fat the better!)
    Blend it, pour, and enjoy!


    You can also add chocolate powder mix or chocolate syrup to further mask the ABV taste. But I just made it with the PB and Nutella and Milk and it tasted good enough. Only a slight "roasty" "bud-like" taste between gulps and when I burped later on in the day. I'm sure some sugar, or chocolate would have helped. And like I said...make it cold. My biggest gripe is that mine was kinda warm.

    Since edibles have only worked once for me ever, I had no expectations for this at all. So when I realized after 1/2 an hour that I was higher than I've been in months...I was over joyed. Also, this feeling is markedly different from a "vape high" because it's very much a body sensation, almost like a muscle relaxant or pain pill. It all makes sense, because those are the effects I don't get from vaporizing, so they must be leftover in my ABV.

    Well..this post is ridiculously long, but it's my first and maybe only post here ever, so I thought I'd get it all out. Also, I'm completely ripped after just one trench in my MFLB cause that milkshake had me good all morning...so I'm rambling a bit.

    Let me know if you try this out!
    Take care, ya'll!

  2. AGBeer

    AGBeer Lost in Thought

    Deep in my lungs
    Wow! Quite the first post - Thank you so much for sharing!

    We look forward to your other contributions - especially after you get bit by the vape bug and cant stop acquiring vaporizers! :D
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  3. WatTyler

    WatTyler Revolting Peasant

    57°N 06°W
    Not at all, a great post. I will actually try this as I can stand the taste of ABV. It seriously makes me gag after bad tincture taste experiences. Even the smell of abv gets me now. Fuck, it could even put me off vaping altogether if I don't manage this aversion properly :uhoh: Thus could be a quickly consumed solution. Never really occured to me before, so thank you.

    And don't go so soon tree.fitty. I'm sure you do have more to say.
  4. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    It sounds like a great way to consume ABV. I've always hated the taste, but hopefully this will taste better. Thanks for posting the recipe! :)

    I also own an MFLB and I can't live without mine. :)
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  5. tree.fitty

    tree.fitty Well-Known Member

    Well, thanks for the kind replies.

    I am going to try this again soon and I will post my experiences here, to sorta journal the high from start to finish. Though I must say, since I smoked....er....I mean Vaped a bit throughout the day, it's hard to tell when my milkshake effect wore off.

    But my cousin offered me a (smoked) hit around the 3 hour mark after my milkshake and I politely declined. I was Goooooooooooooooood.

    Someone needs to try this and report back. I feel so lonely in my milkshake world.
    Also, if you google "ABV Milkshake" this thread is #1...so this thread is a big deal. lol
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  6. lepstadder

    lepstadder Well-Known Member

    try just adding your ABV to whole milk in a double boiler on simmer for 15mins then strain out the ABV then just add the milk to ice cream or whatever
  7. xxWes

    xxWes Member

    never never land..
    I just tried this with cheap normal crunchy peanut butter, 2% milk and about 5 tablespoons of AVB. I drank it about 15mins ago and I feel a slight buzz. Let's see how this works out.. :brow:
  8. Vaped Ape

    Vaped Ape MMJ Therapist specializing in gynecology~wannabe

    Cloud 9, other side of tracks
    @ tree.fitty

    Welcome to FC. With regard to you inability to get off on edibles, ck out this thread located about four lines down from your thread. Eating certain foods will help with the body's absorbtion of the edibles you choose.
    Mango fruit in your shake. :brow:

    Potentiators for edibles? by Qbit

    Da Ape
  9. xxWes

    xxWes Member

    never never land..
    whoaa! :o This stuff really works!

    I have eaten many edibles in the past with no luck. They generally just make sleepy and I pass out before anything cool happens. I had my doubts if this was going to work, because I really vape the heck out of my stuff and, I was using non organic peanut butter.

    I just mixed everything up in a coffee mug then zapped it for 2mins at 70%, then just added milk. I learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to use chunky peanut butter. All the peanut pieces floated to the surface, when I added the milk.

    It took about 20mins before I felt anything
    30mins later I felt like I smoked a whole blunt to the face, minus the sore throat and cotton mouth
    an hour after drinking it I passed out
    I woke up about an hour and half later to the highest I ever been in my life.
    I have no way to put into words what I felt. It was pretty crazy...
    I was awake for another 2-3 hours on planet mars, before falling asleep for 8 hours waking up feeling fine.
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  10. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Nice recipe.. Its might be very effective because thc is getting extracted freshly and fast via microwaves heating every particle.. like a molecular grind .. LOL .. I've read recently read that fresh warm thc oil extraction (olive oil,grape seed oil, milk. butter whatever fatty :) it load your liver with cannabinoids and makes your body produce halluciogens like DMT, LSD and so... (i imagine that body does that in order to stimulate brain activity to prevent black out due to being too much stoned ) LOL...
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  11. nao12000

    nao12000 W9 Tech Rep Company Rep

    I tried this recipe thank you for sharing...been 30 mins and i am feeling mighty fine...:D :D :brow:
  12. combustionnomore

    combustionnomore nic

    down under
    ok, first post here so hope its helpful :) i just consumed a shake consisting of 10 g's of abv ( light brown abv out of my extreme q and my new wispr), 3 tablespoons of pure butter, 2 tablespoons of nutella, nuked it for 2 mins like said and then blended it together with a cup of milk in my magic bullet (added 2 teaspoons of raw sugar to make the abv taste a bit more bearable;)
    ).....down the hatch in 3 gulps and im now 30 mins in....feeling it start to slowly creep up on me but will report back in about 3-4 hrs and by then the effects should be taking place. not going to vape till i get back so i have a better feel of the high it gives :) see you all soon, hopefully im baked :ko:
  13. lepstadder

    lepstadder Well-Known Member

    10gs should get you really medicated

    butter in a milkshake, ewwwwwww
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  14. mahoganyslide

    mahoganyslide Member

    The milkshake idea sounds like a great alternative to firecrackers (faster & tastier)!

    Just one concern: does nuking the abv+nutella+peanut butter mixture make the microwave or surrounding areas smell dank? The one thing I liked about firecrackers (before I couldn't stomach them anymore) is that nothing smelled. No one I live with ever knew what was going on :)
  15. chib

    chib Kush please

    British Columbia

    My thoughts exactly :lol:
  16. photokographer

    photokographer Active Member

    How much abv is "2 tablespoons" in grams, do you know?
  17. mahoganyslide

    mahoganyslide Member

    Downed the milkshake about an hour ago and I'm starting to soar :ko:

    Made a few additions to the shake though:

    -a banana
    -tablespoon of brown sugar
    -pinch of cinnamon powder
    -5-6 cubes of ice

    The ice cools down the mix so you don't have to wait. And the banana, brown sugar, cinnamon combo makes the shake taste even better (imagine banana milk + reese's peanut butter cup). This way, the shake becomes thicker too (more shake-like).

    Also threw two halves of a lemon into the microwave along with the mix just to make sure that nothing would stink up. Yep, pretty paranoid :uhoh:

    Anyhow, thanks for the recipe tree.fitty!
  18. Lefthook

    Lefthook VapoMiner

    London Uk
    Hello all,

    Really would like to try this out but my only issue is i am lactose intolorent to some extent. Could i use Soy milk or will this not be suitable. From what i understand there should be enough fat in the peanut butter to aid in absorbtion????? I have tried heating a glass of milk in the microwave and then dropping my resin filled stems in and drinking that . Got so high but then had a really bad stomach from the milk so it was kinda a plesure and pain thing if you get my meaning .

    Also thank you tree.fitty for the idea and great post
  19. Vaped Ape

    Vaped Ape MMJ Therapist specializing in gynecology~wannabe

    Cloud 9, other side of tracks
    I'm in the midst of my first try. We only have skim milk in the house so I put a pat of butter in the mix. I choose to drink mine cocoa style-hot. Also a bit of Coffee Mate choc Mocca that you would normally add to coffee might be a taste option. Gritty still but went down smooth-constantly stirring to suspend the grit. Update later.

    Da Ape

    Edit: results sucked. I really have a resistance to edibles. Potentiators next and up the 'cipe.
  20. Elluzion

    Elluzion Vapeosaurus Rex

    Yes, you can easily use hemp milk, almond milk, soy milk, hazelnut milk with great results still. The majority of the fat will be in the peanut butter and nutella anyways :p
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  21. x3lit3forc3x

    x3lit3forc3x Member

    Hey guys new user here, I just created the account right now to thank the op for this idea, I tried it out and it was delicious!, I actually added ice cream and I barely tasted the ABV. Sorry if I don't make any sense but I'm extremely baked right now
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  22. beefsupreme

    beefsupreme Well-Known Member

    Canada, Eh
    Welp, I know what I'm doing tomorrow night now. Perfect use for the mflb avb I've been saving up. I'm going to use the modified recipe and add a banana, cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar along with soy milk for the base.
    Thanks OP and all the responders, what a great Space Shake idea.
  23. Ymir

    Ymir Active Member

    Well guess what I'm doing tomorrow night!!!!!!
  24. partially veiled

    partially veiled Lo Boob Oscillator

    Well..I was going to the market for some fruit and veg this morning anyway but I guess I'd better throw peanut butter, nutella and chocolate almond milk on my list. Thanks for the idea tree.fitty!!! I really can't believe this has never crossed my mind before either: ABV edibles are one of the best "extras" you get with vaporizing IMO and PB banana and chocolate milkshakes are like one of my all time favourite guilty pleasures. This even sounds like it might mask the taste enough to toss in some finely ground stems...maybe, or maybe they're still better left for other things. Anyway thanks for the awesome idea and the great first post, welcome to FC!

    Edit: Since there happened to be a camera handy while I was doing this I thought I'd edit in a picture. Here are all the ingredients I'm using to make my version of an ABV milkshake!


    Not going to be everyones cup of tea of course (I think I can literally hear some of you saying "coffee and dates, what the fuck is wrong with this guy") but I think it looks delicious. The stainless steel cup next to the PB is my ABV, ground superfine. There is 4.5g ABV (I'm not very good at letting it build up haha) and I actually ground 2g of stems and mixed that in as well. Not sure if this was a good plan really but meh. The box in the back is fair-trade/organic baking chocolate so the plan is to melt some of that double boiler style, mix that the PB and the ABV together and then nuke that mixture firecracker style, let it cool slightly and blend it with the bananas, some dates, some coffee and some chocolate almond milk!

    :mmmm: om nom nom nom

    Thanks again for the idea tree.fitty :peace:

    Edit No. 2: Here is a picture of the finished milkshake:


    It is absolutely delicious. I hope this works (I have a sky high tolerance, especially for edibles) but even if it doesn't it is a delicious treat and it was a fun experiment. The only trouble will be telling if I'm body stoned or having a heart attack from all that fat :lol:
  25. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge Retailer

    I just put down one of these 20 minutes ago. I used hershey's syrup instead of nutella. Also had to use peter pan cause i didnt have any organic on hand. I'll check in later to report. Ive never had an edible from my abv that did anything for me, so here's hoping!
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