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"I felt a bit clueless when using it for the first time"

"you actually hold it by that mushroom head"

"incredibly smooth even when hitting it hard"

"tip can be inserted easily (almost too easy, but sits firmly)"

"it constantly changes from milky white to yellow golden to amber"

I understand milky white to golden, but amber has me worried. :ugh:


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Being more of a sucker than a blower the only time I blow my load is outside. Inside I have used one of these for many years now. Since I use a lot of glass stems, the medium hard rubber surface is perfect for whacking my stems at the opening to empty them, or using the round inside if a stem stubbornly holds it's load.

These things are so hard to explain to an outsider.


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dont have a musical bone in my body.
However Mrs Dorkus does play a mean one eyed flute.
20yrs ago you should have seen her at my mates 21st, the stripper was quite put out at how good she was
that was a long time ago now.
She doesnt play it very often these days, though sometimes after a few wines I will whip it out & encourage her to hum a few bars.
Once a few people start applauding & taking pics etc, she gets right into it & can build quite the head of steam keeping a great rhythm.
Forever being the attention seeker, she likes an explosive crescendo finish & hey truth be told so do I
@dorkus_molorkus i dunno brother. I honestly couldn't tell if you were cracking jokes or talking about about an actual woodwind instrument!! Lol
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