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I am a gadget guy. I love toys. Maybe that is part of why the VCs appeal to me so much. Mix and match, etc. Legos. Erector Sets.

However (could you see that comin?) The VCs are really easy to load, either twist, suck or pour (most dif). Somehow I don't think a loader adds much to the process other than being cool. Nothing wrong with it that I can see, just no real need. To me.

Maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon in my "advanced years".
I just keep some ground up herb in a Altoids tin and load it like a bat. I have no need for stealth though.


After running around like a happy idiot with dog I made a thing.

(Currently figuring out how to upload a photo)


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The original MP already can fit 10mm female joint perfectly

Thanks, I didn't realize that the fit is so good, I was imagining something like the native fit of the Vapman on a 14mm joint thats airtight but a bit wonky. I think the spinning mouthpiece works better because of the softness of the wood but I own an Omnivap so Ti only for me.
I'll order an adapter online to try it, unfortunately I can't get one locally as the 10mm size is very uncommon over here.


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Since you are in the EU area I should have access to top quality butane compared to us in the US it seems to least that was my experience trying to get the best here in USA.
Yea, The cigar shop that I get mine told me specifically that. I have Comoy's of London and told me why he carried it.

Oh Joy, My Omni Ti arrived. It's narrower than my M and fits my Stash as opposed to the XL version . Are all the Omni's intentionally this narrow? Can anybody tell me exactly what I bought. I really like the machine work done on it oh and it has 7 fins! Love at first draw and I don't even know how to fully utilize the Omni feature. :luv: Get more taste and less watery vapor.

It isn't just more bling. There is a lot more to the construction that I got with right away. I can even detect the clicks in the body more. KIM I've been using the Ms for over 6 month and upgraded them with Ti tips.

The M is still a good entry VC and might be adequate for some. But the Omni Ti left own it's impression with me right away.:ko:

I dont see the use.
I fill my cap straight from the grinder, just like i loaded my arizer solo stems.
Good enough for home. You could even have an ABV 'spitoon'. For that matter.
Some of us are thinking about being far from home and outdoors. Or in my case cold and windy. Or cruising on a mountain bike. Or one of @Summer 's suggestions. (I do want to try kayacking.)

I even chose to carry tips instead of loose materials. Oh and now I just slide a MP in with my 2 tips in the chamber of my stash instead of using a homemade plug.

Glad your quest for fire worked out with the other torches @MrSifter. Had a hunch that was obstructing your progress and that journey
I think the green and the purple tubes the vapcap comes in are ok to store ground bud in.
something like a doob tube.
I believe they are designed to be smellproof. Just that the hinges tend to wear out quick with me.

I am trying to Figure out what the smaller sized hole is for. -> DynaVap


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I believe they are designed to be smellproof. Just that the hinges tend to wear out quick with me.
Yeah, the tube my OmniXL came in is currently my only smellproof option, but I don't expect it to last too long for that reason. I WILL be looking for something else down the road. In the mean time when smell isn't an issue that 3D printed stash works just fine.


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@CuckFumbustion, where did you purchase your omni from, 'cause you really lucked out getting an older omni w/ the 7 fin & the non-faceted body design? Lucky dog! :drool:
Whoop Whoop! I feel lucky. It was an auction. Nobody bought it the first time around it was offered and it got reposted. Yes, i actually passed on it the first time. Second time. That's when I caved. :borg:


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@Boden, google how to post images on imgur & it will explain how. Or do you know how to add images to imgur & just need to know how to add to FC?
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if I may ask, how did you post that image?
Well if you look at the top icons in the editor, there is one for picture. It's in between the face icon and the film icon.

After you open the 'Image' icon, You can Copy and paste a link to image you want posted. Now where the confusion lies is what link to direct it to.

Imgur and other image hosts will let you set up an account and then you upload the images from your phone or PC (or even email?) to your account. Somewhere on the site that you happen to be using, is the hyperlink that is the pointer to that image. It is common for new users to grab the wrong link or use the incorrect icon and get stuck. So two examples. There are several other image host sites good and bad. And you can use web images, If allowed. ;)

I.E. - this ->
will point to this image.

Or you if can find the image link with your browser :
I.E points to this image link ->
So I copy and past the link in the image icon.


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Imgur is making me cranky :goon:

Have Vap pics to share and no link code...


Oooh Something shiny! *wanders off*

@Boden, google how to post images on imgur & it will explain how. Or do you know how to add images to imgur & just need to know how to add to FC?
I have pics uploaded to imgur just can’t seem to find the link code. Using iPad



Aluminium heat sucker :D Cools down real fast now.
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Probably no .
The other way around .

Stainless steel affects in some degree some flavors/odors .
Some terpenes as well other compounds can be "neutralised" when they come in contact with ss .That's why you can find ss soap bars.

I was wondering in thought?
Why does the "M" work so well?

I use water path mostly.

This thing is so powerful?

Why are coil builds usually SS?

I'm so "HIGH"?
2 load's is so little.
Maybe 1 is enough?

Does it matter with H2O?


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My Silo from Interplanetary Designs arrived today. Nifty little case. I do prefer it to the plastic tubes that come with the DynaVap. The tip of the case holds a decent amount of material. I don’t have a scale to weigh it though, but enough for a day out for sure.

Two things if I may be so bold. They should put o-rings on the case to seal the inside for smell purposes. Also the inside needs a good cleaning. Lots of black finish came off upon cleaning. It’s stilll black on the inside so likely just extra finish material, but something to pay attention too, especially for the bud compartment. You don’t want that mixing with your herb.

Surely worth the price of admission however, just wanted to make those few observations.

@InterplanetaryTanner thoughts?

Here are some pics
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You know I have been saying all along that the reason we get so much dense vapor is because we lower the atmospheric pressure of the tip inside. The space inside the tip is so small you can easily create a vacuum with a mouth-pull or lung-pull. Which in turn lowers the boiling point of the vapor producing oils on the surface of the herb.
Someone doubted much vacuum could produced via m-p or l-p. That small of an area doesn't require much suck to remove enough to make a vacuum that will affect the boiling point of the oils and terpenes on the herb. Feathering the carb, (previously called airport), will also raise and lower the the atmospheric pressure of the space behind the screen and in front of the condenser. I think the air coming in the spiral of the tip and cap is easily overcome to produce vacuum needed to make dense vapor.
Now before you poo-poo that stop and think about it, in order to move liquid or vapor through a space you have to have vacuum or pressure or gravity. You are not blowing on it or letting it fall, you are sucking on it to create a "vacuum". You can either except that this is plausible, or what a couple of people on here think. "It's magic." Doc
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is it just me or does the vapcap hit like a truck?
I really see a fuller range of cannabinoids beeing extracted by this little beast.
I looked at the AVB through a mini microskope. All trichomes were sucked out.

One thing though, It gives my a real hangover the next morning although I vape less compared to hopper, mighty or solo.
still, a brainfoggy state 2-3h after waking up that I have to combat with 3-4 coffees


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It's definitely a hard hitter.
About the hangover, maybe you are not yet used to vaping at these temps? It probably won't happen after a few days.

edit: I'm glad to see you are enjoying your M after what seemed like a bad first impression, it really is a special little device, made me appreciate vaping even more than before.


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I use a Ti Nonavong and an M.
I change the Titip and put in on the M.

Bought both to see what I like best and sell the other one.
Now I cant decide and will end keeping both, i guess.

Its like smoking.
thats a good and bad thing.
the good thing is that I get a more rounded cannabinoid profile. I feel the effects are "more complete".
Bad thing is that I look like a zombie for half a day.
this I only know from smoking.
not even the "de verdamper" + "mighty" got me in this state.
feels like beeing back in my 20s again.
which again is a good and a bad thing.
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It gives my a real hangover the next morning

I always wake up as stoned as I go to bed. The vapcap is hitting harder than your mighty, hopper, solo that's what you feel in the morning - get used to it or smoke less at night :D

I haven't used my Crafty since I got my M vapcap and today I'm just using my Omnivong. Usability, taste, effects, design, look , feel, everything is just perfect. The only thing I could need in the future is pipes new mini Portside induction heater and a real Dynavap concentrate tip or pad :tup:
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