1. BindlestiffNYC

    Dynavap and Mad Heaters Revolve

    Hi, gang. I've questions regarding two devices: The Mad Heaters Revolve (Gen 2), and the Dynavap. Is anyone here familiar with both? Am new to vaping — like, brand new — so if my questions make your eyes roll, I sincerely apologize. I've twice tried posting questions to the Dynavap subreddit...
  2. S

    Simrell Warhead Compatibility

    Hi guys, longtime member back, forgot my old account. First post. I’m a medical user and I’ve been hoping for exactly something like this Simrell collection Dynavap technology, as the electronic parts in todays vapes skeeve me out a bit. I just can’t bring myself to trust it yet. So I was...
  3. P

    Dynavap tips

    Yo, so i decided to go on a mad hunt for all of the Dynavap tips. So I'm Reaching out in hopes of buying the tips from here and/or completing my list. Please know that I'm working with a tight budget and may not be able to accept your offer at that moment in time, but will be able to later. The...
  4. Schlumbergera

    SICC (Stealth Induction Cup Clone)

    Hello all, I'm new to using a dynavap and have recently discovered the world of induction heating. After reading the entire half pint thread and seeing some cool builds, I decided to make a clone of the 'Stealth Induction Cup'. I like the form factor along with the durability aspect, the...
  5. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 3TM Cooling Stem for VapCap

    Ryan posted this on Instagram, check it out, I won't really be participating here much since I don't care about DynaVap stuff myself... https://www.instagram.com/p/CVtJw8bvlDUq7iM0FQyeyBmKXh1m3UQGWBRUSQ0/?utm_medium=copy_link Video Demo...
  6. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 5CH (510 conduction heater for 2XV and Dyna VapCap)

    Alright looks like this project will actually precede the 2XV, which is still in development, provide feedback here or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVgPRJ7vpOQcQBHGv-eJzCwZjwW-2srgymYUoI0/?utm_medium=copy_link From the makers: "So the 2XV will catch a back seat to some technology...
  7. S

    Small Drags, Pure Taste, not to long for effects and to clear

    Hi. I’m trying to get a vaporizer for a friend. They like to do a few small hits from a joint, even though their tolerance is going to grow soon, as I know them, and get high. They don’t like very long inhales. All of the vaporizers I’ve come to understand seem to require a lot of dedication...
  8. Fenton Mewley

    Dynavap VapCap

    A new lighter based vape for dry herbs, the VapCap. They also have a liquid based (eliquid, oil) vape, the PyroVap. Dynavap is having an Indiegogo campaign for their vapes. Link.
  9. V

    Dynavap induction heater question

    Hi, can anyone help me out I’m wondering is there a superior difference between the Dynatec Orion induction heater as opposed to the Apollo 2 rover !? I have the Apollo 2 plugged version and wanna go cordless !? thanks in advance
  10. V

    Omnivap XL and Apollo 2 IH

    Can anyone help me out ?? I have a Dynavap Omnivap XL titanium and an Apollo 2 induction heater . I seem to be getting 2-3 hits from each cap and I can’t understand how people get way more than that as it’s borderline burnt after approx the 3rd hit for me depending on the weed. Any tips or...
  11. tandeminnovations

    X2 by Tandem Innovations (Dynavap Double Adapter)

    Hello everyone, I came here to tell you about my company's first product: The X2 adapter for the Dynavap VapCap line-up. The X2 is designed to be a universal double adapter that is compatible with all Dynavap tips and stems, aswell as stems made by thrird-party accessory makers. But it is also...
  12. E

    How dangerous is un-combusted butane?

    I wanted to talk about what I believe is misinformation on this topic. I have read a ton of posts relating to how butane is "not toxic" and perfectly safe. I have seen many posts created by people asking if butane lighters pose a health risk. The response to all of these posts is "when butane is...
  13. E

    Induction Heater The Milky Machine - Affordable & Compact 12V 10A Induction Heater

    Hi everyone! We would love to hear some feedback on our new $99 budget-friendly Induction Heater. 12V 10A power supply included. Features: Lightweight Fire Retardant UL 94 5VA Plastic Enclosure. Diametric Magnet For Easy Alignment & Quick Cooling. Bright LEDs in Coil & Button (3 Color...
  14. Jill NYC

    Poll: Favorite Vapcap M

    If you could only choose one... which M do you think is the best? I am pretty sure I included all of them - but please let me know ASAP if I missed any. You can only select 1 so choose wisely. Feel free to comment on why you chose the one you chose, etc.
  15. R

    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    Hi folks, after browsing this forum for a long time, I've made myself an account here cause I need some advice. I am running on a dynavap right now (Silversurfer with glassballs @home) and love this thing but some days ago, a good friend of mine had his birthday a few days ago, we've brought...
  16. N

    What’s the “healthiest” vaporizer?

    Hello! New here and somewhat new to vaping and the world of cannabis in general (started only last year and I’m 40). I use it mostly for depression and anxiety. But I have sensitive lungs (developed chronic coughing when pregnant, easily get bronchitis, easily irritated from smoking or vaping)...
  17. SolderBoxArt

    Roast Box - Zippo heater case for Dynavap

    Hey FC! I'm the maker of this product, and am hoping to get some feedback from this great community I've learned so much from. It's made of pine and aluminum metal, and it fits a Zippo torch insert. I could also make this for other similar-styled lighters, or other wood types. The wood is not...
  18. bornfree13

    Dynavap 20M

    High I just got my pre-order 20M and it came with a gold colored 19M as well. I've read about the Karma Kaps but mine is gold with a pic of hands on the cap Is that just a fancy gold cap on a gold 19M or is it a special dynavap? Thanks for any insight Dennis
  19. nemomatic

    Handmade brass stash with integrated lighter for Dynavap "M"

    Hi FC. I've been lurking here for a while. You all helped me decide to purchase a Dynavap "M" a little while back. It immediately became my daily driver, and has pretty much replaced all my other gear. My only gripe was that to carry it around required a pocket full of misc. containers and...
  20. R

    510 Powered Induction Heater?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to power a induction Heater via an Boxmod? Like just using it as the power source in a build? Sorry if this question is dumb i'm not very keen on electronics or other stuff like that. I'm just thinking about building a heater and this came to mind for a easy...
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