1. dadan

    Ranger IH Induction Heater

    hi everyone, i just got my third induction heater to use with a series of vapcaps at my disposal. The first one I bought is the one that gave me the most satisfaction, the 'Caldron' conceived and built by the excellent Pipes, a known user here on FC. Perfect, efficient, fast. It is still what I...
  2. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 3TM Cooling Stem for VapCap

    Ryan posted this on Instagram, check it out, I won't really be participating here much since I don't care about DynaVap stuff myself... Video Demo...
  3. Jill NYC

    Poll: Favorite Vapcap M

    If you could only choose one... which M do you think is the best? I am pretty sure I included all of them - but please let me know ASAP if I missed any. You can only select 1 so choose wisely. Feel free to comment on why you chose the one you chose, etc.
  4. seriousTone

    3D-Printed Ceramic Accessories (Vapcap Stems, etc.)

    So I've been fiddling around with the idea of having some custom stems printed out for myself, for my vapcap, and finally found a company that I like the aesthetic of their ceramics. I don't really like the glazed look and a lot of the glazed 3d printed ceramic items I've seen look sort of...
  5. SolderBoxArt

    Roast Box - Zippo heater case for Dynavap

    Hey FC! I'm the maker of this product, and am hoping to get some feedback from this great community I've learned so much from. It's made of pine and aluminum metal, and it fits a Zippo torch insert. I could also make this for other similar-styled lighters, or other wood types. The wood is not...
  6. nemomatic

    Handmade brass stash with integrated lighter for Dynavap "M"

    Hi FC. I've been lurking here for a while. You all helped me decide to purchase a Dynavap "M" a little while back. It immediately became my daily driver, and has pretty much replaced all my other gear. My only gripe was that to carry it around required a pocket full of misc. containers and...
  7. Easywider

    Portside Mini VS Flux Delux

    My number should be coming in the next few months for a FD, I signup last summer. I choose the FD as I enjoy the aesthetics and longer battery life more but I caved and grabbed a PSM anyway. I've absolutely been loving it and I'm now wondering if I should still grab the FD. I do still like the...
  8. Andy Capp

    Andy Capp Creations

  9. RogueGuy

    The Rogue Wax Works

    Hi FC peeps. I have been on FC for a little over a year and thought I should formally introduce myself and make a place to talk about some of the products that we offer. I'm Dave and The Rogue Wax Works is my passion project that grew out of my need for dab and concentrate tools and vaping...
  10. A

    Best portable vaporizer for asthma

    Hi, sorry for creating a new thread but there is no thread like this in the forum. Actually there is one but it's about desktop vaporizers. Yesterday i've ordered the arizer air 2 then i've read on reddit that it's more harsher than my vivant alternate so i asked for refund. It's really very...
  11. S

    VapCap M 2018 and Paranormal DNA250C: a quality combination?

    Hey guys, I've been pouring over mod reviews for use with both dry herb and oils (separately of course). I'm a long time smoker and want to stop combusting, these would be my first vape purchases. Since it's Black Friday and there are tons of crazy deals, I picked up a DynaVap VapCap M 2018 from...
  12. ClearBlueLou

    VapCat Chat

    Hey, y’all! I know we’re a chatty bunch, and I’m as bad about it as anyone, but we enjoy hanging out and keeping up with each other, so I made this, and I’m going to put my hanging-out chatter in here. Please join me!dynavap
  13. mrb

    mrb's bits n bobs

    Introduction: If you’ve seen me around the DV thread you might know that I like to make and modify my own components and accessories for my Dynavaps. It was not my intention to become an 'accessory maker' here. But my love for making, combined with my love for dynavap, seems inescapable and I...
  14. G

    Dynavap inhalation method.

    Hello I have a dynavap vapcap m2 and sometimes when using I feel like I feel little chunks or particles of vaporized bud landing on my tongue and I'm wondering if any of this actually makes it into you lungs? Or if there is any way around this? It kinda freaks me out but I think if I was I would...
  15. G

    hearing is muffled after vaporizing herb and also CHS opinions?

    Hello i am relatively new to this forum and cannabis itself. I have been experimenting with different methods of consumption like vaporizing oils and prefilled cartridges, and just recently dry herb vaporizing in a Vap Cap! just recently i started noticing this ear poping feeling about 5 to 10...
  16. SuperD

    Custom Titanium stems

    I'm going to be getting some ready for display. Hopefully I can make something you all may be interested in. Let me know what length stems you are interested in. Im still new so learning anodizing and different finishes still. Here is a picture of a very rough prototype lol. With some practice I...
  17. Summer

    Dynavap VapCap ti 7 fin, 4th gen. Tip (possibly updated)

    Upfront, please know that this is a George @VapCap approved post. This past Thursday I spoke to George concerning my (& the general) interest in the ti 7-fin, 4th gen. tip. I asked him if it was possible to do a limited edition run of this tip, and he said, yes. He asked me if I would post a...
  18. luciddreamin92

    3D Printed Dugout for Dynavap w/ Slide Top

    Hello everyone, this is my first time on this forum and just wanted to share something I've been working on for the Dynavap which I enjoy using everyday. I wanted to create a case that will fit everything needed, including a lighter so I didn't have to hear jangling in my pockets. The dugout is...
  19. GreenHopper

    VapCap use with 3rd Party heaters

    Hi guys, Was gonna post this in the DynaVap thread but figured might as well start a fresh one. So to those lucky folk who have a VapCap, a Woodsents and an Induction Heater (JH, JHII, PS, SK), how do you like each of them? Does the Woodsents offer better airflow? Is the Induction Heater...
  20. B

    Any Downsides to the Vapcap? Anything you would change?

    I've witnessed some incredible momentum in the VapCap thread, and see that there is a major cult following, which is the case for many lower priced vapes out there. The more expensive the vape, the less its popularity. I know that those who like it, love it and I respect that. I've dabbled...
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