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  1. Abysmal Vapor

    SHIVApo vaporizers

    Hello guys ! It has been some time since i posted about new vapes, life has been giving me some lemons ,so i just didt not have the time to look for. Anyway here is back at it :p ! The SHIVApo technology is similar to Vapor-genie tech,buit uses a fritted disc as a flame filter ,just like the...
  2. ander

    Flames, Induction or..? What's your most loved VC heater?

    If you are a VC lover you have surely tried more than a lighter and maybe you also have bought/built an Induction Heater. For me, after some weeks of use and comparison between my torches and the IH, the choice have been simple and I've nearly abandoned one method for the other. What about you...
  3. 7thFloorVapes

    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles

    Christmas Has Come Early! Our glass artisans at ELEV8 Premier Studios have produced a 100% pure convection, all American made Schott Borosilicate glass (minus screen), portable and durable Vaporizer. No batteries needed! Easily used with dry herbs and concentrates, or if you're feeling frisky...
  4. mistvaporizer

    Discontinued MistVape Essence

    There will be a new model coming out very soon called MistVape Essence. The basic functionality is all worked out and I'm trying to figure out a price. I'll announce more in the Touch thread and link to here.
  5. Dopevape

    Dynavap Pyrovap

    Not really sure if this is supposed to be here but here goes! IF the Mods see this and feel this is out off place plz feel free to correct it. Hello guys been a long time lurker, again, for some years trying to shake off VAS but yet here I am again. I have been toying around with the Pyrovap...
  6. Fenton Mewley

    Dynavap VapCap

    A new lighter based vape for dry herbs, the VapCap. They also have a liquid based (eliquid, oil) vape, the PyroVap. Dynavap is having an Indiegogo campaign for their vapes. Link.
  7. TriiKLe

    Discontinued Peace Vaporizer by Triihouse

    Hello, FC. It's Tommy from Triihouse. We are very excited to introduce our newest vaporizer. We call it the Peace vaporizer. The Peace vaporizer is a portable conduction-style, butane torch-powered, dry herb/ flower vaporizer. Hand-crafted in the USA 14 day money back guarantee 5 year...
  8. TriiKLe

    Discontinued Lily vaporizer by Triihouse

    Hello, FC. It's Tommy from Triihouse. Lily is a new vaporizer we have available from Triihouse. Lily was designed to be a quick, reliable, cloud-producing vaporizer (all in a compact and portable form factor). 100% convection Torch Powered No heat sinks, heating elements, or flame filters...
  9. TriiKLe

    Discontinued Daisy vaporizer by Triihouse

    Hello FC. My name is Tommy from Triihouse. Daisy is a new vaporizer that we have available at Triihouse. Daisy was designed to be quick, reliable, and a cloud producer. 100% convection. Torch powered. There are NO heating elements, heat sinks, or flame filters. Made of hardwood (...
  10. Hammer Vaporizer

    Discontinued The Hammer Vaporizer

    I would like to invite the FC Community to check out the newest handheld, portable vaporizer on the market, the Hammer Vaporizer. The Hammer is a compact, butane-powered handheld vaporizer designed to go anywhere with a unique (patent pending) combustion chamber that keeps your clean air...
  11. TriiKLe

    Discontinued WALDO by Triihouse

    Hello everyone, my name is Tommy. I am a co-founder of the Triihouse Company. We make herbal vaporizers. This is Waldo. We anticipate many questions and look forward to hearing from the community. Vape well.
  12. PlanetHaze

    Vaponic Herbal Vaporizer

    The new Vaponic Vaporizer made by SOLWE replaces the Vapbong. Although the Vaponic is similar to the Vapbong at first sight, it's actually a major further development of its predecessor. Available Marker Case Colors Vaponic Vaporizer Vaponic New Inner tube and larger bowl...
  13. Abysmal Vapor

    Discontinued Gn0me - lighter based vaporizers

    So i recently purchased all the three vaporizers by Gn0me . Nice description on the site First of all i met awesome customer service by Calen Harmon (Gn0me). He responded quick and we got a very nice deal.. He is truely a Santa gnome offering me FC discount of 15 % + package discount + sent it...
  14. Lithe_vapes

    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Lithe Vaporizers are a new Generation of vapes oriented to be Ultra-portable, and effective. We have designed a surprisingly simple system that is easy to use. Our careful selection of woods makes our de luxe vaporizers a nice piece of art (great for gifts), with eye-catching features. they are...
  15. pasterino

    Alivi8 Vaporizer (portable pipe)

    Hello, I am looking for a portable vaporizer with a flame heat source and I found this: Alivi8 vaporizer http://www.alivi8.co.uk http://www.alivi8.com Which seems to be a new vaporizer, because I couldn't find ANY information about it - reviews, opinions, videos and etc. It's made...
  16. VaporNinja

    Discontinued Inhalater portable

    After having the Inhalater for a few days, here's the review: :) Size & Portability: This portable is quite small and light. Measures 5.75' x 1.25'. It can easily fits in my pocket without a huge bulge like the Vapman do. The Inhalater also comes with an alcohol lamp as heat source, but I...
  17. stinkmeaner

    Discontinued Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer

    Just a new vaporizer I found on the net. It reminds me of the Pocket Vape because it uses butane lighter inside the unit as a fuel source/tank. http://vapeorsmoke.com/ If you watch the videos, they seem to get an incredible amount of vapor almost immediately, it makes me wonder if some...
  18. David and Michael

    The Lotus Vaporizer

    This is the new Lotus Vaporizer. The Lotus is a portable vaporizer that uses a jet torch for its heat source. Its design separates the flame and its fumes from the air you inhale. The air passes through a bowl beneath the heat exchanger( the blue ring), becoming vapor. The vapor is cooled by...
  19. D

    The Ubie

    For the past weeks I have been searching for the perfect, all natural vaporizer. A vaporizer that does not contain plastic, glue, and other toxic materials. For hours I searched online, scouring through all the forums, online shops, and reviews. After a couple days I happened to stumble...
  20. stinkmeaner


    Vapocane www.vapocane.com looks like it works similar to the "Glass Vape" Also it looks like it is made by the people who own Hurricane bongs, and also from the packaging they must produce the Vapbong and Vapbong LuxLox
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