I need to figure out how to post pics.
This post might be helpful:
Well in the meantime if this helps anyone, I still find it very simple to do, although it is an extra step going to another website first:

So go to www.imgbb.com on your phone browser, upload photo, select full bb code from the drop-down, select to copy the text in the img brackets like I have above (except include that closing bracket lol) then paste here, post and your photo will show :tup:
I use postimg.cc but the principle is the same.


Hey @ValleyVapes, were you able to find the posts that @Grass Yes mentioned that I (@Zillacon) and @attackpoints made about this discussion?

You can adjust the dial BETWEEN the notches that indicate the level. So if you asked me what lvl mine was set it would be like a 6.3 on the dial.

Find the setting that best works, then fine tune it from there. With the stems I have limited experience as I was not the biggest fan of them...they work, but imo the glass wpa works so much better. I would try giving it a stir if the tunneling/uneven roast is not to your satisfaction.

I know this does not help you in the moment, but look into the glass wpa for a larger load or the dfreeze bowls on insta.

I hope this helps!
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uneven roast
This is generally fixed in most vapes like this by moving the herb a little further down the bowl, away from the heater. (smaller load or lower screen or deeper bowl- don't compress the herb)

To post images: Optionally, Resize your images to make them smaller if possible. Most phone cameras produce huge sizes that are not really needed unless you are trying to show a lot of detail.
Then go here
Click on "choose images"
Select one or more image files from the file browser window that comes up.
After upload, it will show you a bunch of links.
Copy the "Direct link"
Start writing a post here. Click on Insert image on the editor. Paste the image link.
Image loads in. It is usually huge. Click on the image and you can resize it by dragging the corners.

That'll be $5, thanks :haw:
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Haze Mister,
I’ve been accepted into the Growing equity program in California. Which means I have until the end of the month to get my provisional license app in before the state transitions to only annual. Won’t have time to devote to troubleshooting this til April. Will be so happy to just be able to work again. Thanks for trying to help guys
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I notice a hot spot for a couple reasons: too high heat, lowering my dial down to 5.5 has significantly helped. Slowing my draw has also helped. Smaller bowl packs help. But on the bowl pack side, how hard are you tamping, you don’t want to flatten the bud to the point it restricts airflow.

Ultimately though, I accept that I will draw a bit too fast more often than not, so a simple stir after a hit makes the next hit cover anything that may have been missed, or restricted by a tight pack. I generally do one hit, stir, second hit, and that will fully finish a big packed bowl.
I’ve always had hot spots/tunneling with this vape. Turning down the temp helps, but then it’s usually too low for me. Playing with draw resistance hasn’t really changed much. I kinda just accepted that you need to stir with this vape if you want more even AVB, at least if you’re aiming for quick extraction. The glass bowl especially likes a stir between hits.


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Hi all, wanted to try and get some help or advice, does anyone here own a Tinymight along the couchlog?

I started vaping last summer, picked up a big standard first dry herb vape, fast moved onto buying the TinyMight 2 however mind is also thinking about my next purchase. Probably a desktop or log vape and then that’s where I came across the couchlog, is there a huge difference in terms of performance between the couchlog and TM2? Should I looking in another direction?

Any help Hugely appreciated
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Hey @PolskaT, welcome to the CL thread.

Comparing devices is best done under the "Ask FC" grouping of threads. You could make a post specifically asking your question "how does the CL stack against the TM" or w/e.

Take some time to read through this thread as there is a lot of good info on the CL. I can say for certainty this is my favorite log, and the log I use to benchmark other unit's performance.

mind is also thinking about my next purchase. Probably a desktop or log vape and then that’s where I came across the couchlog
I agree with @Zillacon that other members and you will be better served with a new thread. Something like "Recommendations for a plugin for a TM2 fan?" or whatever. There are many folks in this thread who have a TM and like it. I think experience with top-tier convection vapes helps in using the CL. A good even draw speed improves the experience, in my opinion.

Anyway I mostly use plugins these days but I do keep the TM in rotation. And the CL is still probably my favorite. It excels at what it does and I really love a 14mm injector. As to how it compares to other vapes, I look forward to sharing my opinions on you other thread. 😃


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Any chance these will be offered in a matching set....... for those on the edge of pulling the trigger on a Couchlog, but just need a little extra nudge? Asking for a friend. :cool:
Sorry, no set planed. But they will fit if the wood is the same ;)

I hope i can add them later. Please note that my buisness partner who does the shipping is on holidays and im only shipping once a week
for the coming month.

thank you for your understanding :peace:

On the hotspoting problem from @ValleyVapes .
The controller board is not working properly.
A big downer and were really sorry
Working on it :)
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