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  1. Alan

    The GTR

    I have been working on this project for a few years now and it’s time to give it some attention. The GTR is a 12 volt desktop herbal roaster with an 18mm (male or female) glass connection. A heavy hitting go to unit that can be left on 24/7, so it’s always ready to use. My first vaporizer was a...
  2. Chris@420Eng


    The CouchLog is a full convection, log style vaporizer with a ceramic beads heater made in Germany. I simply love building vapes and want to thank the whole FC community for feeding me with inspiration and knowledge. What started as a DIY project escalated pretty quickly into this high-end...
  3. Shogun.

    Elev8r vs Supreme v3.5 vapor effects?

    Looking for the hardest hitting vaporizer through water I can get, real facemelter. I really like my dynavap through water for microdosing and got my technique down to 2 hits to make a bowl dark brown, but I want something like that I can reach for when it's time to get obliterated The thing is...
  4. VegNVape

    Sublimator Orion

    Pre-orders are now available (although shipping options only appear to be for Canada atm! :cry:) for the Sublimator's return to the scene in the form of the Orion! And yes, it has a belt and there are several options to choose from: Plus various chamber configurations for using separate...
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