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  1. Alan

    The GTR

    I have been working on this project for a few years now and it’s time to give it some attention. The GTR is a 12 volt desktop herbal roaster with an 18mm (male or female) glass connection. A heavy hitting go to unit that can be left on 24/7, so it’s always ready to use. My first vaporizer was a...
  2. Chris@420Eng


    The CouchLog is a full convection, log style vaporizer with a ceramic beads heater made in Germany. I simply love building vapes and want to thank the whole FC community for feeding me with inspiration and knowledge. What started as a DIY project escalated pretty quickly into this high-end...
  3. M

    Solid Oak Wood Stand for Mighty - Storz & Bickel

    What do you guys think of this solid oak mighty stand?
  4. RedEyeFlightControl

    The JetDryV (Wood Oven Module) by REFC Labs LLC

    Hi all, RedEyeFlightControl here, to introduce the first vaporizer release from REFC-Labs.com The JetDryV Gen 3 Wood Oven Module This started as a personal project to design compact, modular oven for a multitude of use cases. The goal was first a highly performant, and second, extremely...
  5. TheThriftDrifter

    Drill bits

    A question for woodworkers. Which type/style of drill bit are good for drilling nice clean holes? Wanting to make stems and small bowls. Using a mid priced spade bit at the moment but the results aren't the cleanest, the bit is brand new too. Cheers
  6. Bravesst

    Discontinued The Timber Elite by Vapwood

    The Lil' Bud Elite, for sale at: Vapwood.com In production for just about a year, the Lil' Bud is about to go through a big change. The Classic, as it's known around Vapwood, took about a year to perfect, and now pretty popular here on FC, but there was a call for fully automatic regulation...
  7. Other Side


    Ryan has been at it again. Waiting on parts for Splinter and he just couldn't help himself from designing. This is his first entry for a vape dedicated to concentrate. This is VERY early and needs work so I am getting this thread going more to generate discussion on what this could be...
  8. Bravesst

    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    Hello FC, I'd like to introduce you to a new, all wood, portable pair of on demand, unregulated, pure convection, portable vapes, the Timber and his Little Bud by Vapwood. Both units are in their final stages of production, and will be available for sale shortly. Visit https://vapwood.com for...
  9. Alan

    Insta Heat (aka iHeat)

    I had the good fortune to work with Ryan at RBT on the Mi-log project which gave me access to his high surface area heaters in exchange for a voltage controller with digital display and cord set solution. A suitable voltage controller was found and modified to accept plugs from a cord set...
  10. muunch


    Hey all, I was given a chance to purchase the Flam vaporizer from @funkyjunky when ordering some extra accessories for my Tubo Evic. It arrived today and I figured I would share some thoughts and very brief/bad pictures video! :tup: I initially posted these on my insta story and then saved...
  11. Simple10

    A log or a brick?

    I'm looking to take advantage of a 420 sale and get something discreet looking I can just leave on my coffee table. I narrowed it down to either the Enano, the Underdog, or the Hydrobrick I just want something good for on-demand, hits the hardest and works well with all my WP's. Which one...
  12. Aezhenn

    Aezhenn Wood

    Hello good people, and welcome to the Wood4Vape Aezhenn Wood thread! I love wood working and when I discovered this forum, I was struck by @Ed's TnT 's work (and I'm still!) I understood it was possible to make some links between my passion and vaporizing, this healthy way to use plants. I...
  13. A

    Embouts Arizer Solo

    Salut à tous les vapoteurs ! J'ai acheté il y a quelques mois un Arizer Solo afin de satisfaire mon envie en THC sans avoir à me bousiller la santé... Et oui, comme beaucoup de monde, je fumais mes joints avec du tabac... Et pas qu'un peu ! J'ai du l'utilisé 2 jours tout au plus car l'effet...
  14. phattpiggie

    Phattpiggies Wood Shed

    Some of you may or may not have seen that I have a thing for odd ideas and most of them revolve around vaporizers and wood. How can you not love wood. Even the humble shipping pallet has a place in my heart. It has to as my shed was built with them. I've been mentioning that at some point I will...
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