1. Lovevapor

    Portable dry herb vape pen

    If develop a new herbal vape pen, what functions are you most expected for?
  2. Beefcake@420Eng


    The CouchLog is a full convection, log style vaporizer with a ceramic beads heater made in Germany. I simply love building vapes and want to thank the whole FC community for feeding me with inspiration and knowledge. What started as a DIY project escalated pretty quickly into this high-end...
  3. DontWorryVapeHappy

    Worst dry herb vape review 2021 - literally ridiculous

  4. E

    How dangerous is un-combusted butane?

    I wanted to talk about what I believe is misinformation on this topic. I have read a ton of posts relating to how butane is "not toxic" and perfectly safe. I have seen many posts created by people asking if butane lighters pose a health risk. The response to all of these posts is "when butane is...
  5. Thick Vape

    What vaporizers do you use for freezing temperatures outdoors in winter?

    Some vaporizers act pretty different when used in a very cold environment. Imagine a windy situation at freezing temperatures, like when skiing or on a ski-lift etc. Or in my case standing at bus stop or something like that. When using the Crafty I could see it performs bader and obviously...
  6. Thick Vape

    Exseed Dabcool W2 mini e-rig Another mini-peak. I saw this for 60$ or so. Is it around for a while already? Does it work? Anyone have some experience with it? Is the bowl compatible with a puffco peak, or smaller?
  7. wijiji

    E-Nano GonG Adapter - What size should I pick?

    Hi, I order this Bong in Banggod last week: 11.4 Inch Glass Bong Glass Smoking Pipes Bubbler Water Bongs Tobacco Filter Recycler Hookah Hardware & Accessories from Tools, Industrial & Scientific on And now I want to get a E-Nano and I dont know if that bong is 14mm or 18mm...
  8. Vape Engineering

    HERBIE 510 Stainless Steel Mesh Vaporizer

    Hey folks, this is Til and Nils from Vape Engineering. Back in 2016 we had the idea to use our engineering knowledge for things that actually matter - vaporizers! Unfortunately we had no idea, if the product we were thinking about would actually fit in todays market. Therefore we got...
  9. M

    New to vaping, need some guidance

    So i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but if i didn't i hope mods can move it to the right one. I also know that the questions might have been answered before, but i've tried searching around and reading different posts and forums for about a month now but i'm no closer to...
  10. Duncan MacLeod

    Your most effective vape

    What do you find to be your ‘most effective’ vaporizer? For those of you who find themselves wanting larger doses, what do you reach for? I love my e-nano but feel I need something that may deliver more in less time.
  11. A

    Best portable vaporizer for asthma

    Hi, sorry for creating a new thread but there is no thread like this in the forum. Actually there is one but it's about desktop vaporizers. Yesterday i've ordered the arizer air 2 then i've read on reddit that it's more harsher than my vivant alternate so i asked for refund. It's really very...
  12. Lucius_Lux

    Airvape Upgrade

    Hi guys! I don't know how many people out there know about this but Airvape has this awesome upgrade program which means you get any of their new models 50% off if you are already the owner of an older airvape model. I just Upgraded to an Airvape X and I'm loving it. Can't wait to see what...
  13. A

    I need suggestions

    Greetings FC community, i'm glad to be here. I follow your forum from a lot of time even if i never created an account, you're really an helpful community for everyone interested in the world of vaporizers, Thank you for that. I desperately need suggestions about the choice of a new vaporizer...
  14. G

    Dynavap inhalation method.

    Hello I have a dynavap vapcap m2 and sometimes when using I feel like I feel little chunks or particles of vaporized bud landing on my tongue and I'm wondering if any of this actually makes it into you lungs? Or if there is any way around this? It kinda freaks me out but I think if I was I would...
  15. cosimo

    Recognize this vaporizer?

    hello, does anyone recognize this vaporizer? brand? any specs info? I'm being sold a new one for 50 usd aprox, but the seller has no information on it and is in another city so i can't really chec it out in person easily.
  16. C

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    Hi there, thanks you in advance for reading and maybe even replying! ---------------------- In short my question is; would anyone know a powerfull portable vaporizer for HASH/HASJ, that is not a pen or needs a lighter to heat up and also is reletively small (able to hold in one hand)? (willing...
  17. 204Markie

    Best desktop easily available for Canadian

    I'm a veteran vaper when it comes to portable vapes and I've tried a variety of them but I'd like to get an at home vape. Here is some of the criteria that I'd prefer in a home unit: The option to keep it running so when I come home it's on standby or ready for me to use without a lot of prep...
  18. B

    First time vape arizer solo 2 awfull taste like whuut

    HI , First of all im French so sorry for the "bad english" In a Quest of healthier , and more flavoured practice i bought a Arizer solo 2 which got very good review on many videos and webstite . I received it and tried it , i did the 2 burn off sessions , grind my herb and tried it ......OMFG...
  19. Teaturtle

    What new vaporizer to buy? (Canada)

    Hi, I live in Canada and am hunting for a new vaporizer. My first and last one, the Silver Surfer Vape, is 6 years old now and its knob is faulty. I'm looking for something hopefully under 300 CAD, healthy, has an easy draw, reliable to live a long time, vapes dry grinded up herbs, and has a...
  20. 7thFloorVapes

    Elev8r Giveaway Contest

    Hey Everyone! It’s that time again for a giveaway. We are pleased to announce we will be doing a give away for our newest addition to the 7th Floor Family, The ELEV8R Vaporizer! The ELV8R will include everything you will need to vape dry herbs and concentrates. The kit will include a glass...
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