1. R

    Buying a new enail

    Hi guys never had an enail before and I’ve been looking into getting one since it seems perfect for a home dabbing user like myself. Was going to get these three things but I wanna make sure I’m making the right decision. What do you guys think...
  2. PPN

    Ispire Wand, enail&vaporizer

    Hi, I came across a post in Reddit VaporEnts about that wand: https://www.getispire.com/the-wand/ Although it doesn't seems for sale at the moment. Looks interesting imho.
  3. O

    Buying my first e-nail or something similar- want to do it right the first time

    I've been wanting an e-nail for a while, and I am just about set on a high five LCD model with a quartz banger. Tired of dealing with a torch and sometimes getting hot dabs and sometimes getting too cold and wasting oil. I have already did a little research and read somewhere that it was a good...
  4. C

    Newbie can’t tighten enail coil

    Hey sorry if this isn’t the right place to post! I recently bought a 15.8 mm coil + rdk-200 for my vape, but it’s too loose and I can’t get any vapor plus it’s overheating to compensate for all the empty space it’s touching... I tried using pliers but feel like I’m gonna break it. I’ve tried...
  5. Mycelium

    Keep quartz enail banger clean

    Hey Y'all, Just got my first enail today! It's a Dabbing Specialist Custom Enail controller. So exciting, but not sure about lots of things. I got a cheap imported quartz banger for it. It's a 20mm coil that's open on the end. I can't get it clean after a dab. Using iso and q-tip like I have...
  6. Kanna_Kult

    Enail upgrade suggestions

    What's the best controller out there right now? Ive had my Auber RDK-300 for a few years now and I'd like to get something really top of the line, the hex nail looked really promising but from what I can tell that's kinda dead in the water. I want something that has the universal 5-pin XLR...
  7. JCat

    eNail Magic - make your eNail smarter!

    eNail Magic is a device I've been working on (1st prototype phase), that sits between your e-Nail controller and your coil, and allows one to run profiles (or scripts) with various steps that turn on/off your e-Nail coil based on temperature thresholds and delays. This allows one to press a...
  8. GreenHopper

    VapeCode UK e-nail power on delay

    Hi Guys, I bought the UK version of NewVapes FlowerPot compatible enail to use with my FP shower head. When I plug in the power cable the main power button glows red as expected. When I flick the main power switch to 1 (power state = on) I get nothing for about 60-90 seconds, then the...
  9. 710Coils

    710 coils

    I got sick of the high prices for coils and decided to start selling them. Everything on the site comes in three colors and in a US or European version. I am also offering free domestic shipping and very reasonable international shipping. I have plans to carry the Axial coils and even quartz...
  10. sevenhundredten

    Sharing Tech. 440°-545° dabs with quartz inserts

    Hello all! Long time reader of FC, returning after some time away from the forum. I've been combustion free since 9/13/12. Reporting from Denver, CO. I am hear to tell you my life has changed in a great way over the last few months with some new tech. You may already know this tech, but I am...
  11. VapingDitto

    Cannabis Concentrate Reviews

    Greetings, I wanted a place where users can share their cannabis concentrate knowledge.:myday: I also wanted a place where people can practice reviewing cannabis concentrates :nope: I hope that more people contribute and make this an awesome thread. :brow: Here is my first strain review...
  12. A

    Battery for enail

    Hi folks, I get a china enail, and wants to buy a battery for use the enail outside home. (i dont have more money to do my self a better enail or buy a better one ) I get this...
  13. JCat

    Supreme V3 Electric Conversion Kit

    After seeing the amazing inventor Ed's SV4 pictures, it got me thinking again about an idea I already had for the SV3 (thanks to @biohacker and @Matt73 's ideas and posts) So I finally decided to get started, and low and behold, 1 week later I have finished prototype #2, and I am comfortable to...
  14. Puddy

    DIY Enail Project

    Has anyone here had any experience building their own enail/temperature contoller box? I was bored and looking for a new project to do and found a few cool reddit articles so I'm going to try and make my own. Was able to buy an Omron PID temperature controller on ebay for super cheap, and rest...
  15. BarkingSpider

    Advice on first Enail Setup

    Hello FC, Long time torch user looking to delve into the enail world. What I have come down to is between the Auber RDK-300A and the Highfive units either the LCD or LED models. My budget is around 350+- for everything i will need including the Dnail slim series and SiC halo with their forked...
  16. Simple10

    Is there an ultra portable enail

    like the Yocan Torch that can attach securely to the joint of any WP, but with a coil-less bucket atomizer instead? The Yocan Torch is great but I like the traditional dabbing method of stirring your concentrate into the preheated nail/chamber instead of the vape pen method of carefully...
  17. LikeAMarley710

    E-Nails: Terpz vs. Auber RDK-200 vs. Auber RDK-300?

    I've spent the last week researching what e-nail to cop. As of right now, I've narrowed it down between Auger and Terpz (from reviews). I've noticed Auber has a standard and deluxe version of their version 2. As far as I can tell, other than looks, the RDK-300's extra feature only includes a...
  18. D

    Quartz piece for 16mm coil (gimido)

    I have one of the cheaper gimido e-nails (was the cheapest on e-nail.org when I bought it but 2nd cheapest currently). I have their 16mm coil (believe its actually 15.8 but generally referred to as 16). I am looking for a quartz piece that will fit said coil. I ordered one online awhile back but...
  19. Lookatmeglow

    Twax flowerpot versus Sublimator

    If you have used both of thsee units, how do they compare? I am leaning towards the twax right now if only for the aesthetics. Are there any other desktops that are designed to be used as an "enail" and herbal vaporizer? Sorry if this has been asked before, I hadn't seen a thred about it yet, or...
  20. damm


    I saw this the other day so I figured I'd create a thread for it if anyone is interested.. https://www.theaugusthaus.com/product-page/4e479a88-3ea6-a87a-f491-86cf8a72ca42 I am not in anyway affiliated with the product.
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