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  • The FLAVOR of the CRAFTY was really gross?

    Does the MIGHTY taste better?

    I use the SOLO and find the FLAVOR very doable.
    Bro I have a like new black firefly 2 with battery charger and spare battery that I would be willing to trade for your mighty. How old is your mighty
    Hey JCat ... I just recently got a new cloud plus unit and I too purchased the APC Line-R 1200VA. I've noticed that plugging it into the APC makes it much hotter on its exterior ... too hot to handle in just 15 minutes. I then plugged it into the wall outlet and it still ran hot, but not nearly as bad. I left the APC at 120V but maybe turning it down to 110V would do the trick?
    Sup dude…I noticed in your sig you are quite experienced with portable vapes. I currently have a Pax (my first and only experience with vaping), but it only works well with flowers. Oils are hard to come by in my area, but we have top grade hash, solid waxes, etc and I’m trying to decide on a compact portable vape for solid concentrates that will fit in my pocket. Any recommendations?
    Got my Cloud!!!! Took a bit to figure the right settings/technique, but now I love it!
    Hoping Ed's stems get here before I leave for vacation ... I should be working not posting on FC!
    hey, so im also in the ontario area ive been particularly interested in growing for medical patients. do you or any one of your friends need a grower, because i would like to get my legal license underway.
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