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  1. olysh pops

    List of conduction, battery-powered and high temperature vaporizers

    I'm looking for a vaporizer for classic hash. My criteria are conduction, high temperature (up to 240° ideally) and battery-powered. I like heavy-hitters, but for this criterion I think it's best to go for butane torch portables. To get an overview of vaporizers with these 3 criteria available...
  2. expremiental

    Pebbleq – induction heater, stash, experience box

    –– CURRENT STATUS: REFINING REQUIREMENTS –– Gifted myself dynavap and YLL 2.0 heater, fell in love. Then started to vape everywhere and on the go and realized there are no handy portable solution – i need IH, container for herbs, container for ABV, dynavap container, etc.... So i decided to...
  3. T

    Build Your Own Battery Powered Induction Heater - Free Guide :)

    Hello! During the past few days, I have been working on a compendium on how to uild battery powered induction heater. I am now able to share it with you! Building my own IH was one of the first things that came to mind after learning about them. Thus was born the Hotbends project. Although...
  4. PPN

    Ispire Wand, enail&vaporizer

    Hi, I came across a post in Reddit VaporEnts about that wand: Although it doesn't seems for sale at the moment. Looks interesting imho.
  5. C

    Looking for a dry herb micro-dose portable vape with batteries

    Hello friends! I think it's time for me to move to a vaporizer. I used some devices here and there in the past but I never owned one in the past. The main reason is health. Right now I m consuming mostly with combustion methods, which leads to chronic coughing and the other symptoms that come...
  6. Bravesst

    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    Hello FC, I'd like to introduce you to a new, all wood, portable pair of on demand, unregulated, pure convection, portable vapes, the Timber and his Little Bud by Vapwood. Both units are in their final stages of production, and will be available for sale shortly. Visit for...
  7. P

    Fuhume Heat

    Hey guys first off this is not my vape just a new unit I received, maybe the manufacturer will join FC at some time but I thought I post about its existence. Here is some information from their site. Fuhume Custom Airflow Soothe your throat right with our original concept created to...
  8. VapinVentor

    Zepto| The World's First Credit Card Vaporizer

    I’m sure you all at FC have come across companies claiming to be the next innovators in vaping; when in reality they don’t bring true innovation to the table. If you were ever going to take the time out of your day to read a post on FC, this would be the one! We are VapinVentors; where...
  9. midgetsanchez

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    HOLY FUCK GUYS IT'S HERE I HAVE IT! (Holiday backer!) I'll be taking pics and posting more in a bit! Let me know what you guys wanna know! I'm simultaneously ecstatic and fucking smacked, so bear with me. GRASSHOPPER FUCK YEAH! Edit: I'm a holiday backer who got his early (unfortunately they...
  10. pakalolo

    Discontinued Pax 2

    First, my apologies to @chillersnov8p for seizing the thread. I made a promise to Ploom that I would start this thread but I was waiting for the official release time. It seems others out there (I don't mean chillersnov8p) jumped the gun, but it's a moot point now. The Pax 2 has already...
  11. scottg402

    VaporCup Deluxe Vaporizer

    Here's a new one...... From their website...... The VaporCup™ Deluxe was designed in a discreet coffee mug shape allowing aromatherapy in a more private way. The heating chamber can be removed and cleaned, making every use taste as fresh as the first. You can pre-load the VaporCup straws or...
  12. pakalolo

    The Arizer Air

    Guess what popped up on my radar today: The Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser $259 $199 Limited time special Features: Ceramic heating element Glass aroma tube Replaceable Li-ion battery (exclusive 18650 battery) Use while charging 1-2 minute warmup 10 minute automatic shutoff 122 mm (4.8...
  13. Roger D

    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    mod note: This thread was split from the thread formerly called the Crafty and the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. In order to create separate threads, some posts have been copied and others have been moved. Please report posts that are now out of place. If you disagree with this split, do not post...
  14. Roger D

    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    mod note: This thread was originally about both the Crafty and the Mighty. In order to create separate threads, some posts have been copied and others have been moved to The Mighty by Storz & Bickel. Please report posts that are now out of place. If you disagree with this split, do not post...
  15. mrweed

    Multi-brand Xmax V2 Vaporizer (also Atmos Astra)

    a couple of days ago my friend @wyatt herb send me an email, asking me if I like to test a new vaporizer for the Xmax guys... of course, i first thought the Xmax V2 is a Imag+, for sure. Well, I was wrong, they come up with their very own version which still has a replacable battery, more...
  16. dopefiend

    Alfa Vaporizer by goboof

    I just had a very interesting call from a man with a great pedigree in portable vaporizers. He tells me he is now creating vaporizers for his new company, goboof. What he had to say was very interesting: unlike his previous products, his new one, the Alfa, is battery powered. It's very small...
  17. PPN

    Discontinued Elevape SV

    Hi Guys, I just saw this on Vapornation What do you think of this vape? Do you have more info? the maker is I-Puff, I don't know it.... Price range is a little bit expensive, I want to know more about it I'm looking at the picture closer...
  18. Inhalater

    Discontinued Inhalater INH05/5S/6

    Hello great people of FC. Pharmacor is proud to present the Inhalater INH05 6 years of work to deliver this technology to you! 5.5 in storage length (14cm) 42 seconds heat up time Available with glass capsules for all glass vapour path Available with Air capsules for high temperature distillation
  19. D

    Discontinued The Firefly Vaporizer

    Just noticed the Firefly - looks like it's a convection portable with a glass heating chamber and swappable battery. Their website says it's available in early December - I did notice an old thread on FC about it which is now closed though. edit: looks like Vape World will carry it as well...
  20. TVape Vaporizer

    Discontinued Tvape Vaporizer

    First off thanks for taking the time to check out this tread i would like to start by introducing Our company. PhD Marketing inc, has been developing products for some time with brands you may know Square Ecig, Sticky Pen wax burner, Ehose handheld hookah, ect. After sometime in development...
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