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Guess what popped up on my radar today:


The Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser

$259 $199 Limited time special
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Glass aroma tube
  • Replaceable Li-ion battery (exclusive 18650 battery)
  • Use while charging
  • 1-2 minute warmup
  • 10 minute automatic shutoff
  • 122 mm (4.8 in.) height, 29 mm (1.14 in.) diameter

Level 1 (Blue) - 180°C / 356°F​
Level 2 (White) - 190°C / 374°F​
Level 3 (Green) - 200°C / 392°F​
Level 4 (Orange) - 205°C / 401°F​
Level 5 (Red) - 210°C / 410°F​

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Introducing the All New Arizer Air

Ultra-compact & lightweight, easy to operate & maintain, and completely portable, the ArizerAir features a high quality ceramic heating element, high quality glass dishes, and high quality rechargeable, interchangeable lithium batteries. Offering an hour of continuous use per charge, plus the ability to use the unit while charging the battery, and the option to have spare batteries fully charged, the ArizerAir is ideal for day to day use at home and on the go!

Utilizing a sleek and compact design concept, the ArizerAir measures 122mm in Height and 29mm in Diameter, conveniently fitting inside the palm of your hand, pockets, or purse. A solid shell protects the ArizerAir from general wear and tear and a vented top keeps the surface temperature of the body cool. Internally, a solid foundation surrounds the ceramic heating element adding an extra layer of durability.

The ArizerAir portable diffuser is equipped with a 1-2 minute warm up time, an advanced temperature control system with 5 settings, and a built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 10 minutes of operation. An optimized heating system gives you the ability to enjoy the flavor and aroma profiles of your favorite botanicals to the fullest extent possible.

A wide range of parts and accessories lets you customize and protect your ArizerAir so you can be prepared for any situation! Dual Battery Chargers, Skins, Carrying Cases, and more! (coming soon to

seems to work with replaceable battery!


could be working with solo stems as the bowl looks very similar, so does the aroma therapy cup.

also here some specs from the website:

122mm in Height
29mm in Diameter

Arizer Air Temperature Levels

Level 1 (Blue) - 170°C / 338°F
Level 2 (White) - 180°C / 356°F
Level 3 (Green) - 190°C / 374°F
Level 4 (Orange) - 200°C / 393°F
Level 5 (Red) - 210°C / 410°F

The Arizer Air includes:

1 x Warming unit
1 x Charger
2 x Glass Diffuser Stems
1 x Glass Aroma Dish
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Protective Silicone Skin
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

edit: beenvapin beat me to it


Awesome! I'll definitely have to get this if reviews come out good. Also I bet if we wait for other retailers to carry them we could let lower prices.


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I'm most interested to see how much power it is capable of pushing. Curious to see if it'll be a closed loop which makes better use of hi-cap batteries with high internal resistances vs. the batteries that can push shit tons of power but generally lower capacities. I'm assuming it'll prefer the former but what's the harm in testing with lots of batteries :D
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I see this as a clever move by Arizer. They've taken the objections people had to the Solo and changed the design just enough to meet them, but not so much that they are risking anything. This should prove to be a solid reliable device right out of the gate.


One hr per charge... That's cutting it close I'd prefer a longer batt life but at least they're user replaceable and you can charge while using. I wonder if u can use it plugged in with no battery inside so you don't keep draining the batteries.
Well, each session is 10 minutes so you can assume around 5 or 6 sessions with a 1 hour charge. Also the ability to have charged batteries ready to go means it would last a few hours of continuous use.

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Well I was gonna say it went down to $199, but y'all got that already, and I see no way to delete this post, so...
I suggest you all go to the Arizer page for info, but would LOVE to see the inner heating cup, which is allegedly ceramic.
Looking forward to an fc forum user getting one and showing us extensive pics !
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