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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. GSDlife

    GSDlife New Member

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say hello. Just joined but have been lurking for years (like 2011?)

    I've been an off and on Vaper for 10+years, have owned fishbowls, generic boxes, vapir oxygen mini, vapir no2, mflb, pulsar apx, extreme q and a few others, not to mention all the others I've tried

    Converted to using nic liquid 4 years ago and have stayed off stinkies, but still enjoy indulging in nice glass from time to time, though I fully acknowledge the benefits of effin combustion

    Im sure a lot of y'all know more than me but thought I should join up after lurking for so long
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  2. Dio

    Dio Sacraponator

    The Netherlands
    Hello everybody.

    I am new here and trying to f*ck combustion.
    I am a 27 year old male from the Netherlands.
    I live with my girlfriend and cat in a small home near the beach.
    Recently I bought a Volcano Digit which I get to know better each time I use it. Now a Vapcap M is on the way for portable use!

    My hobbies include gaming, making music on guitar and drums, backyard astronomy with my telescopes, walks through nature and having good times with friends.

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  3. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Welcome... everything about that post made you sound like a really cool guy...
    Wish I could play guitar...
    I'm not cool.....

    Anyway welcome again...
    The vapcap will please you....
  4. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    you're the man
    @kellya86 :) cheers everyone
  5. cannagrandma

    cannagrandma Member

    On the edge
    Hello! I just joined although I have been lurking for a while.

    I'm a long time flower user in an uncool state (birthday yesterday was my 44th anniversary). I bought a Flowermate 5.0 Pro mini earlier this year and WOW. I got it for hubby (who smokes cigarettes) although I had to fight a cranky old man who doesn't like gadgets OR change (he carries a flip phone). I was right this time. He loves it although he won't admit it:)

    I'm totally sold, I don't want to ever be without a vaporizer. I'm in the market for a second one.

    So glad I joined the forum. Hope I can contribute
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  6. Dank_Star

    Dank_Star New Member

    West O' Scotland
    Hi everyone !

    I joined a few weeks ago after lurking on and off for about a year. I'd like to extend a warm thank you to the whole FC community for sharing their opinions, experience and insight :clap: I started vaping about 18 months ago and currently own a Herbalaire h2.1, Da Vinci Ascent....and for the past 6 weeks I've been 'respecting the click' - Blackwood Nonavong and Dynavap M. I decided it was time to introduce myself.

    I'm a 55 year old guy from the west of Scotland with a long history of usage - flowers only for about the last 10 years. I live with my (non medicating but extremely cool) girlfriend and cat - that's her having a psychedelic moment in my avatar pic !
  7. HalfFelineHalfAI

    HalfFelineHalfAI New Member

    Nor'n Eup
    Psychedelic moment cat? Well well. :)

    Hola FC!

    I came here lurking a bit while pondering the flip over from smoking. Had my Volcano (OG) delivered 10 days ago, and now I know better. I'll be telling my life's story later... maybe. It's just too much to go spreading around the internet on such a pretty day. :D

    My avatar = the de facto ruler of my universe.

    *disappears, back to lurking*
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  8. Vlad the Inhaler

    Vlad the Inhaler Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I'm Vlad. I've been a member here since the fall of 2009 and lurked for a few years before that aaand this is my first post in all that time... but hey I figure if I'm going to do something, I'm damn well going to do it at my own pace.

    Anyways FC has always been a super valuable resource for me and helped me get my own vape collection started. I started with an Iolite, which really didn't do it for me so started branching out trying new things until i finally settled on log vapes right now I have two Underdogs and a Purple Days (which still functions great btw and always reminds me of the good old days whenever I fire it up) I also have a magic flight launch box, a walnut vaporgenie an oldschool arizer extreme (the model just before the extreme Q came out) and custom og Gn0me slider vape he made me with a northstar double amber purple octopus on it...

    Oh yeah, that reminds me, among other things I'm also a glass blower (although if you want to get technical I dont do hotshop, I just do flameworking) I have to say though that its strange doing what I do and not combusting anymore because as a glassblower the #1 question I get is "hey man, do you make pipes??" which I do, but I really got into this to make vapes and vape accessories.
  9. Gigsabits53

    Gigsabits53 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to FC!! You will fit right in here. :)
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  10. samuelo

    samuelo New Member

    Hello Hello, I'm Sam, live in Wales in the UK and have had a few vapes over a long period of time, back to an old jamjar/plastic tub thing in 1995 at Uni which had no controls, to a davinci vape and recently a Stors & Bickel monster!
    Nice to meet you all and many happy green days and nights folks!
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