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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. puma88

    puma88 Member

    Hello FC! My journey to this forum started when a friend told me I was missing out by not trying dabs and he also mentioned that it is possible to dab hash! That led to a few months of vaping shatter in a pen which led to discovering this forum and subsequently the bubble hash thead with herbivore and Hashtag! :rockon: After much lurking, I now have a SSV, LSV, Ddave Mod, D-Nail 1.3 + SiC HALO! My boldt bags are on the way and I look forward to dabbing some hash! I have yet to try the HALO but I blame that on the SSV & LSV + Ddave Mod being so efficient and effective! Sorry for using so many exclimation points!
  2. jazmodo

    jazmodo Militant Athiest

    Milton Keynes, UK
    Hello to All!

    Jazmodo from the UK here (Milton Keynes for those that know it!). I'm 28 & work in property sales for those that are interested.

    :spliff: Long-time smoker (joints with tobacco) until the end of last year, been using a Mighty & e-Cig to Fuck Combustion ever since! Been lurking here for tips, advice & expertise for a while so it's nice to finally join in the party :D

    Got my 1st Mighty in Oct. 2015 but it didn't get proper, regular use until I got an e-cig to break the joint habit. I love it so much now that I've just got a 2nd mighty! I have the mighty hooked up to a cheap plastic water pipe occasionally. I got some PVC (I think? its clear and tough) tubing that fits both the metal water pipe tube & the Mighty mouthpiece. Result! The mighty's go through 1oz over 15 days & not one hiccup (just some cracked plastic on the oldest one!)

    I also have a jar (4-5+ Oz's?) of AVB, along with a Jar of ISO so dark its almost opaque of Cooling Unit reclaim. Big plans for this, and will be trawling through this treasure trove of info for further advice! I'm thinking edibles with the AVB (easy) and probably look into a cheap-mans dab.

    So good to be here, looking forward to expanding my vape collection & making some edibles/concentrates.

    :peace: :leaf:One Love :leaf::peace:
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  3. babaindica

    babaindica New Member

    Hello from India :)
    I've been a lurker on this forum for quite some time now, been always reading up here before any purchases. I've been vaping for the past 4 years now and am a victim of VAS, been buying more vapes than I can ever use!
    Feels nice to be here, looking forward to contribute in any way possible to this amazing community
    cheers :)
  4. Gort

    Gort "What Kind Of Time Are These..."

    My roots are in The Sixties. The Counter-Culture. The Resistance. We used to save the best Grass roaches for special occasions...like when Tricky Dick Nixon fled office before impeachment for being the crook and swine he was. We would break them out and celebrate whatever victories-large and small that we could. Every weekend was a gathering to get high and share and immerse in The great music of our time and debate the strategies and tactics on how best to bring Justice to 'we the people'. I taught and counselled hurtin' kids . Years later,I had kids and stopped combusting for about 16 years. Now, Medical Grass has brought me to the Vaping experience and has helped stop chronic pain so I can go out into the Streets again and fight the same swine with different faces that we had to fight back then. Blue Dream, Youtube , Leafly.com and FC I give you a heartfelt YIPPIE! . You enhance my life! As Kerouac said, "THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!".( I'm waiting on an Arizer Solo2, I have a VapCap M and I presently use Vape Pens for Tanks. )
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  5. insideoutman

    insideoutman yo-coco-canna-nut-gurt

    South of Salem
    Been delving into good music since reuniting with the medicine last year... so much stuff, so little time. Thankful FC got me caught up with the times pretty fast. Tech is good, herb is grreat, life is grand! Happy birthday my brothers and sisters! Here are my songs (second vid ends at 2:40):

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Click to play YouTube Video
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  6. Gort

    Gort "What Kind Of Time Are These..."

    Reminds me of The Fugs...See if you like 1st Pearls Before Swine lp, first 3 Moody Blues, Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder(QuickSilver), She Belongs To ME (The Nice,live), Zappa-Trouble Comin' Every Day and Peaches in Regalia, Giimme Lisa(youyube)Gimme Shelter(live Washington-youtube-Taylor at his best!). All on youtube. Hope you dig some!
  7. slackwaredragon

    slackwaredragon SlackmasterD

    South of America's Wang
    Hey all, I'm finally able to participate in FC! I've been lurking for awhile and tried setting up an account a few months ago but I guess Google had a thing against FC and was outright blocking the confirmation emails (reddit link because search is failing me). All my personal domains reside on the legacy Google Apps for your Domain thing which is basically branded gmail. I was too lazy to setup a free provider and have just been hanging out in this sort of purgatory for a while. Well today I tried it again on a whim and it worked!

    So anyways, it's nice to be able to finally post here. I have a ton of vapes (VAS bigtime) including some new ones like the XMax Starry and Vivant Alternate along with some well knowns like the DaVinci IQ, Pax2, FireFly 2, Arizer Solo along with several others. I also have grown a decent collection of wax vapes and atomizers like the PuffCo Plus, Source Orb 4, Saionara, Divine Tribe v3 and a bunch more.

    I'm really digging the new XMax vape, so far it's replaced my Pax2 as my daily driver and while it's not perfect it definitely has good taste for conduction. On the wax side, I'm in a love love triangle with the Saionara and the Divine Tribe v3.
  8. Jack Torance

    Jack Torance New Member

    Hello FC,

    New to the mj online scene, but after a quick look around, can tell this is a prime place for information.

    Have been kind of hardcore in the 'regular' vape scene for a while, and just end of last year turned on again (re-introduced) to the wonders of the wacky stuff.

    E-liquid vaping used to be a hobby, but I think this is supplanting it. Don't vape e-liquid that much (mainly just closed system stuff nowadays). With mj, I am at that stage of 'so many possibilities', so it's all fun and learning now.

    Started (again) with co2 pens, then for herb went straight for the IQ for my first device, then got the Alternate. Looks like I'm gonna have fun doing some exploring. And, I'm all legit now as I got my mm card a couple weeks ago. ;-)

    Now, time to start reading. Thx!
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  9. almost there

    almost there Well-Known Member

    Hey @Jack Torance, good to have u join us. The IQ was my first personal vape purchase also, hope your's have no problems. Lots of good info, good peeps and good vibes here, time to make some friends and have some fun:clap:
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  10. OldCombustor

    OldCombustor Active Member

    Motown, USA
    New to FC and the entire vape empire.

    I am an old combustor from the 1970s and just got my first... a Dynavap "M" and I have never looked back!
    Well, except for one evening when my lighter quit and I used my old pipe again... BLEAH

    Just finished reading the majority if the Dynavap VapCap thread (613 pages!) so I feel enough up to speed to introduce myself.
  11. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    @OldCombustor Motown! Here is a Faygo and a coney for you. Welcome aboard Matey. Have you experienced a log vape yet? Check out Enano and Underdog. Personal favorites.
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  12. OldCombustor

    OldCombustor Active Member

    Motown, USA
    Haven't tried anything other than the Dynavap "M".
    Brandy-new at the vape life. (Got my MI MMMP card nearly two years ago.)
    Been combusting since the '70s.

    I'll slip you a Vernors! :)

    P.S. The Underdog is WAY out of my price range.
  13. Mgmario

    Mgmario New Member

    Also new to the FC community and also new to vaping (smoking flowers more than 12 years) work in IT and hobby grower . I would like to thank you all for the usefull info i found here for vaping
    So i just bought my first vape boundless cf (tommorow is the big day :) ) i know is not the best on the market but good enough for start. Now trying to decide with which strain to start in front of me i have critical kush,amnesia haze ,white widdow, pinnaple express and trying to decide with which to start .........niah i will make a mix :cool::brow::leaf:
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  14. pinkdino

    pinkdino Member

    Hey everyone!
    I have lurked on this site for years, I finally made an account but just decided to continue my lurking. Until now because I got new vape, airvape xs, I thought "well time to contribute to a thread."
    I started smoking at 15. I took huge bong rip, couldn't even clear it. I panicked for 3 minutes then enjoyed the best blackberries in my life.
    I never really enjoyed smoking, it was just too harsh and I didn't like the thought of smoking tobacco when I'd smoke blunts. Bowls and bongs we're fine but the ash was too much for me.
    Someone mentioned volcano vaporizer and I googled it found it but it was out of my price range. Looking for vapes lead me to this wonderful forum and I scored a great deal on an arizer solo. The first session with the arizer was amazing! I was impressed with the flavor, how clear my thoughts were and how I didn't feel so sluggish.
    The rest is history.:love:
  15. gonzorelli777

    gonzorelli777 Vape virgin

    Hey fellow noobs, welcome to FC!
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  16. snackmaster

    snackmaster Well-Known Member

    :lol: This is great - welcome!
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  17. alixinchains

    alixinchains Active Member

    Hiya, FC,
    My name's Alix, I started vaping mj about 4 years ago after I had cancer surgery on my noggin. Left me with nasty nerve pain, and they were intent on feeding me pills forever. I, having never even smoked a cigarette much less anything else, figured I'd give it a shot since it works for my brother. Bought an mflb and found instant relief. Almost daily vaper these days, having moved from the mflb, to a g-pen, killing that, and going back to the mflb...at least til my dynavap m comes Monday :D

    Other than that, I'm a lowbrow artist and enthusiast, dig all kinds of music (but lean toward metal), play guitar, bass, and used to be an engineer. Think that's it, happy to meet you all!
  18. Elfgrin

    Elfgrin Well-Known Member

    Hey hey! Long time lurker, hoping to engage with the community a little more so I can better share what I've learned as a user, trade vapes with other enthusiasts, and just generally connect with all you fine folks. I'm Canadian, been using cannabis since I was 19. I work in a medical clinic doing patient education for cannabinoid therapy, most of which revolves around whole plant cannabis as we try to steer away from pharmaceutical cannabinoids.

    A chronological history of the devices I've owned/extensively borrowed:
    Fake MFLB
    Fake Pax
    Fake Pinnacle Pro
    Fake Vapor Blunt 2
    Volcano Digit
    Magical Butter 2
    Focus Vape Pro
    Vapcap M

    I also consider myself a top notch blunt roller, though I try to steer clear of combustion whenever I can. I'm very much into modding my vapes to get a better experience, so over time I plan on going through some of my favorite vapes' threads and seeing if there's much I can contribute that hasn't already been figured out by the community at large. I'm a sucker for variety and new experiences so I've also tried dozens of dispensaries across British Columbia, and almost every licensed producer of cannabis in the country. I love comparing growers, strains, etc and seeing how my opinions compare to those around me.

    Aside from cannabis I'm a programmer, musician, a bit of a pharmacology enthusiast, and a lover of all things living.
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  19. OldCombustor

    OldCombustor Active Member

    Motown, USA
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  20. duff

    duff The world is so small, 'til it ain't

    Good to see all these new fuckers!
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  21. Whisper

    Whisper Well-Known Member

    Hey All-
    Thanks for being here. You are invaluable to my education. I smoked many moons ago in my twenties, and quit. Guess what? I'm back! However, I am not a smoker, and that my friends, is why I have come here. Today, I purchased the Dynacap "M" , thanks for guidance.
  22. Tamarind Riots

    Tamarind Riots Existence is pain

    Hey Everyone!
    Former lurker here. Finally out of the shadows.
    Quit smoking years ago, but didn't vape until a few months ago. This forum helped me a lot to choose the devices. Thank you all!
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2017
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  23. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit



    Click to play YouTube Video

    edit: what i rly should have linked is this one but i was baked and distracted by his avatar...

    Click to play YouTube Video

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  24. ev1lchris

    ev1lchris Member

    Hello everyone!

    I've started using the Dynavap VapCap M and it has pretty much changed things. I love it. I love vaping and will never go back to smoking.

    I'm hoping to learn more and share experiences. Glad to be on here!
  25. Whisper

    Whisper Well-Known Member

    I ordered the Dynavap "M" on a Friday, and received the following Friday. I do love, learning the different temperature differences when pointing the flame at the "cap". My preference is one slow pull, very flavorful and tasty, repeated until the cap cools. Sometimes, I'll hit again, if not, it's saved for later uses. My goal is not to "smoke", so far, I have not, and yesterday I put the old pipe out of sight. I like lighting up without fear of my neighbor smelling anything, if you know what I mean.:sherlock:

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