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Jul 23, 2014 at 1:14 AM
Apr 7, 2011
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The Vapor Trail
Vaporist and Medical Marijuana Advocate


Vaporist, Male, from The Vapor Trail

Totally medicated! Mar 9, 2012

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Jul 23, 2014 at 1:14 AM
    1. Philreal187
      What is the best email or contact info to discuses donating a used vapor bro?
    2. Vapologist
      Haven't forgotten about that DBV ...out soon.
    3. cancertoast
      Hi Vitolo,

      I wanted to follow up on your information regarding consumption of ABV material. You mentioned carbolated. Can you elaborate on that? I Googled carbolated, and it mentions carbolic acid. How is this related to ABV/how the human body interacts with the material.
    4. Chunkey
      Just joined and looking for info on vapes. I see you have many so I thought I'd ask you,
      What vape would you recommend as a sort of coffee table vape? Currently using a Volcano but I was thinking of a bagless option. Looking at the SSV, Plenty, and possibly the Herbalizer.
      Mainly looking for something that's easy to use and not likely to break. The Volcano is a beast but I guess it's a bit cumbersome. Thanks!
    5. fbrinsley
      hola vitola! how goes it? i dropped for a FF. i'll let you know how it works out. happy vaping!
    6. Bluepants
      Hello Vitolo, I would like to purchase a Herc 3.7 for my V2 and was told your videos would be a good start to figure out how to use it and how good it is, but i cannot find them on youtube. Can you tell me what i should search for? I tried searching "Herc" and your name.
    7. 247Andrew247
      Hey Vitolo I was wondering what is your opinion on the pulsar vortex? Because I am interested in buying one.
    8. cycleb
      Hey Vitolo,
      Again, thank you so much for the stems. Do you happen to have any power supplies?
      By the way, the stems are the way!
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        I am out of power supplies
        Aug 2, 2013
    9. DatOilVape
      By anychance do you own a Omicron O-Phos? And do you know any cartridges like the Ego-W
      1. Vitolo likes this.
    10. satyrday
      Like your new avatar image!
      1. Vitolo likes this.
    11. satyrday
      I like how you have a picture of yourself smoking on the Fuck Combustion website. You are your own man! I enjoy your posts too and your videos are always engaging even when it's just watching you take a hit. Keep up the good work good sir!
      1. Vitolo likes this.
    12. PhillyFanatic
      Hey Vito I have a question for you, I love my Vapir NO2 but am looking for a plug in at home unit with more volume/ bigger hits than the NO2. My local shop has both a Digi Volcano and a Cloud which would YOU suggest? or neither?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        of those two, I like the Volcano more
        Aug 2, 2013
    13. Jeff-K
      Hi, wanted to ask, In your signature you have the (vapir) NO2 as one of your favorites. And you have an inhalater as well. How do those two compare?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
    14. Alevin
      I've seen you a bunch on these boards and you are very knowledgable. Currently i own an omicron v2 and i love it. I'm trying to decide if i should trade in my omicron for a Persei so i can get the hercules flower addition. Is this the right move? Should i look into any other companies / vapes for a portablevape that does flower?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
    15. DBVn00b
      Hey Vitolo I appreciate all your informational vids, I have just one question. You mentioned you leave your DBV on 24/7, at what temp do you leave it on standby, and can you see the element glowing faint orange or bright, or you just turn it down without shutting it off?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        I turn it down at midnight without shutting it.. and put it back to 1 on the dial when I wake at 4 a.m.
        Nov 10, 2012
    16. KatieVape
      hey! i really like your videos :D but i can't find the link to the one where you explain how to clean the mflb stem with a qtip. can you link it?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
    17. silvercloud358
      do you still enjoy your O-PHOS ?
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        I surely do
        Nov 10, 2012
    18. charliedontsurf
      Cheers, Vito
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        Cheers Charlie!
        Nov 10, 2012
    19. silvercloud358
      Big shout out to Vito of '"Vapor Trail"' fame !
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        Hey Silver!
        Nov 10, 2012
    20. t-dub
      Hey buddy!
      1. Vitolo likes this.
      2. Vitolo
        Hey t-dub, my pal!
        Nov 10, 2012
    21. Vitolo
      Totally medicated!
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  • About

    Home page:
    The Vapor Trail
    Vaporist and Medical Marijuana Advocate
    As I am a coma survivor, and Advocate for Medical Marijuana and Vaporization in my community, I stay pretty busy. I love my work. If you wish to contact me, please feel free to email me at azvaportrail@gmail.com or leave a private message right here on FC.
    I encourage questions/discussion that is related directly to Vaporizers, Vaporization, or Medical Marijuana.

    My Vapes
    I got rid of the Glass dome, and the eagle bill shake and vape.... I gave up two PDs I gave away 3 extreme q's. I also got rid of the VRIPTech HW and the Wispr. I gave away the Vape-Or-Smoke.
    I gave away my Viva la Vape Guerilla, Vapor Brothers, and 5 "Hot Boxes".
    I got rid of the above because I did not like using them.
    I have tried almost every vape out there. The ones I do not own, I do not own for a reason. They either are not user friendly enough for me to recommend to patients or I feel that the price or price for parts is not 'patient friendly'
    I own and use...
    Old School AromaZap (7)
    Ceramic RockZaps (2)
    Toasty Top
    SSV (3 ...standard, GonG, Spherical)
    MFLB (3... 1 in office on PA...1 in pocket.... 1 at door ready to go)
    Glass Sherlock Vapor Genie
    Wood Vapor Genie
    Iolite (2)
    Vapir NO2
    Vapir Oxygen Mini
    Vapir One 5.0
    Omicron (3)
    Volcano Digital
    Supreme V2
    Eclipse H2O
    Inhalater INH004
    Wychwood vape
    The Bender (used with Persei + Hammer)
    Hercules 3.7V (used with Omicron)
    VapeXhale Cloud
    Inhalater XP
    Indica Vaporizer

    Vapor Brothers
    Zephyr Ion
    VG Coil
    Extreme "Q"

    Purple Days

    I realize this may be difficult to fathom... but I use almost all of the vapes daily or over a 48 hour period. I spend my time making butter oils, and tinctures, tending my plants, and teaching community members to vaporize.
    I have not been unmedicated in an adult lifetime, and my body fluids flow with medibles and tinctures.

    My daily drivers... my go to vapes are:
    SSV for the heavy hit.. and the 1st hit of the day!
    RockZap/Solo to sit and relax

    Portables are split due to 3 needs
    Full session on move- little herb-temp choice..timed(NO2)
    Full non stealth load, no timing- no temp (Iolite)
    Fast blast any moment, and gone! (MFLB)


    **[​IMG] Check out Vaporbrothers VB2 for Concentrates
    ...Herbalizer, VB2 (cheese box), ENano, FF, DBV, LSV, Iolite, Omicron, Pax, Solo
    Volcano Digital, FV, Indica Vape, Ion, InhalaterXP, Vapor Brothers, TT, "Q", Eclipse
    Oxygen Mini, CRZ, GSVG, VG, Vapir One, VIP1, VIP2, Dabbler, SupremeV2, Persei, PD

    .......Retired: VRIPTech, MagikWand, WW, Incogneto, ViVape, VXCloud

    ...*Coma Survivor: Partial Paralysis, Spasticity, Pain, Nausea
    Vaporist Stuff ZapStuff Vapor Trail Youtube
    .......................Vito's Stuff....Vapor Trail
    Balance AZ Patient "FC Classifed Fund" = $200 .... You can Donate HERE

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