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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. johnwillyums

    johnwillyums johnwillyums UK

    Lancashire, UK
    Hi Folks :-)

    I shall be 64 in February, I live in the UK, and I've been smoking cannabis, in some form or other, for 50 years.
    Coupled three times, now living alone, no kids so I can still behave like one. I seemed to have reverted to a fairly squalid student life style, where I live alone, (apart from Bella, Hound of Mystery) in a one bed "social housing" project. Actually, it's quite enough for one, and got great views, as I'm 1700 feet up in the Pennines, my town is built on top of a hill. So, I'm in the beautiful North west of England, just below The Lake District. Very rural.
    However, I was born and bred in North London. I came North to attend Uni (Philosophy/Sociology) and fell in love with the north, the people, and one lady in particular. So I never went back to London, and don't intend to. It would be impossibly expensive now. This country is divided into those who live in London, and those who don't.
    Can still remember my first joint (about 14), beautiful red Lebanese hash rolled up with tobacco. We had crashed in to an afternoon matinee (through the back door) at the local cinema. A school friend came over, and said, "don't sit with Rick, he's taking drugs", so I immediately went and sat with Rick.
    However, I didn't smoke tobacco then, so the horrible tobacco flash spoiled the experience. It wasn't until I'd become an established tobacco smoker that I was able to enjoy cannabis, so it was a gateway drug to tobacco for me, certainly a good reason for learning to like cigarettes.
    I smoked joints, occasionally bongs etc all my adult life, initially all hash from abroad, then a really bad period, in the 80s, before hydroponics etc home production. kicked in, now it's hard to find hash outside of big cities, the amazing variety of weed more than makes up for that :-)
    Where I live we never see concentrates.
    Anyway, since giving up tobacco 17 years ago, things have been different. Initially I carried on smoking joints with a herbal tobacco mix. This herbal tobacco attracted no tax so it was dirt cheap. Three years ago, for some reason, the government slapped a massive tax on it. It became more expensive than tobacco!
    So, I tried pipes and bongs, I have a nice collection of scientific glass. More recently I discovered the cheap china glass copies of great designs, so I have several classic recyclers (like the Fab Egg) as well.

    Then, just a few months ago, I tried a Crafty, and a whole new world opened up to me. I got a Crafty, an IQ, and a Firefly. I spent a fortune that I now regret. The Crafty is fine. It's straightforward enough, but it just bakes your herb, whether you're sucking it or not. The IQ I didn't like at all, too complicated, and way too big a chamber. I got the glass spacers but it's just hard work. I find I cannot get any consistency with it (unlike The Crafty), sometimes a loose pack works fine other times not etc. The Firefly I found very hard to draw, best taste of the three, and didn't cook your herb as it is true convection, but too hard to draw.So, of my three purchases, the best one was very hard to draw, one of them was just too much hassle, that left the Crafty, which just seemed to produce vapour whatever you did, it just wasn't fussy.
    So the Crafty, as the reviews had foretold, became my daily driver.

    This had been a Hobson's Choice though, the Crafty was the simplest to use, and get results, but it wasn't lovely.
    Then I saw George, talking about his Dynavap. I immediately ordered an M, and was amazed, it worked every time, it tasted wonderful, it didn't contain a huge amount, (it was a three hitter, I found), the vapour was tasty and effective. Since then I've gotten the Titanium XLS, and a Nonavong XLS, and I love them.
    This led me to the Lotus Pipe, a similar kind of downward convection, a beautifully made device in a kit with a waterpipe piece, and a large glass J hook, along with the original heavy metal alloy stem, and a load of spares, a brush, a really good quality lighter. All this came in a little zipper pouch, really good value for three different vaping experiences. This lovely thing has been around a little while and I think it get's overlooked these days. Developed by MIT professors, the Lotus pipe is extremely easy, and intuitive to use.

    Then, finally I found my idea of vape heaven, The Sticky Brick. This walnut wonder has changed my view on vaping altogether. If you haven't seen it, it's another analogue vape, powered by a butane torch, you suck through one large tube, the heat from your torch is directed at the centre of a second, smaller, glass tube. The heat is drawn down the glass tube and through the mixture in the bowl, it is then drawn up the wider glass mouth piece and into your mouth. The reason for "Sticky Brick" is that the body of the device is made up of two cubes, and one rectangle of wood which are held together by very strong magnets. So there is no direct flame applied to the herb here, and you can affect the temperature of your extraction by your draw speed. The slower you draw the hotter the extraction, and vice versa. Absolutely fantastic, and it seems impossible to overheat and combust, as can happen with the Dynavap. It is truly wonderful in terms of taste, which you can also vary yourself.
    Somehow, guessing all these preferred temps by just changing your variables, closeness of flame, draw speed, length of heating etc. just come naturally, and it's like being liberated from battery powered heating, and generally complicated ways of raising the temperature of a sample to a specified heat.

    Having said that, I intend to try and get both a Milaana, because they are beautiful, specifically the spalted version, and an Ed's WoodScents Titanium Log Vaporizer. The Milaana runs on a unregulated 18650 battery, it just has an on/off button. This introduces another variable as the output from the battery, when it is full, will be different to a half filled battery. The heat with a fresh battery will be fiercer, than with a half spent one.
    Ed'd Woodscents Log Vape runs on mains power, but it will be an extension of my Dynavap system, as the log vape can be used both with the glass and wood stems provided, but also all of my Dynavap models.
    That's where my sites are set right now, but if I had to have only one, it would be The Sticky Brick, it is truly amazing.

    Personally, I had to retire from work, as a psychiatric professional, at age 60, as I have spinal problems. I am a keen photographer, specialising in B&W street photography, gig shots of local bands, and AmDram groups rehearsing. So sort of community documentary photography.

    I'm also keen on tech, build my own PC's, mess with different OS's etc

    I also like getting thoroughly baked :-)
  2. Hollabackatcha

    Hollabackatcha Member

    Hello all,

    I'm a long time lurker, so I figured I should sign up to post on my new Lil'Bud from @Bravest hat should be arriving around 1600 ET. I am a legally blind long time consumer of the herbs, switched to Vaping not too long ago. I have a S&B Crafty, SBL Hydrobrick Maxx, Dynavap M, Hammer Pro, Vapwood Lil'Bud arriving today(my first 18650) and a NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead being ordered this week. I used to dab long before the days of commercial(I use the term loosely) sales of BHO were even close to coming to fruition(at lest on this coast). I gave up running my own BHO at home instead I switched to pressing rosin.

    Hope to meet some new people on here.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  3. Etsu

    Etsu Member

    Hi everyone.

    I’m 28, living in Europe (so english isn’t my native langage sorry for the future mistakes), 11 years cannabis user, I switched to vaping 2 years ago after a pneumothorax... I was in my bed at the hospital looking for solutions to preserve my lungs without quitting cannabis when I found your forum. Reading your advice I bought a Mighty as my first vape. It was a great experience but in my country we smoke weed with tobacco, so I was craving for nicotine and couldn’t stop combustion. Since, I got a vapcap and alternate period with or without combustion (usually I end up falling into the « one cigarette/joint » trap and soon after that, I come back to combustion again for a few months...).

    As it has been two years and a half since Google lead me to your forum, and I still comme here weekly, I finally decided to sign up.

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  4. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    @Etsu you could either
    mix some tobacco with the weed on the vapcap
    use something like snu
    get an e-liquid vape
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  5. Etsu

    Etsu Member

    Hi @asdf420 I thought about it, but my goal is to stop cigs/e-cigs aswell, since it is not something I really want to put in my body. Sometimes I am tempted to buy an e-cig, but with the recent studies poping from everywhere this month, claiming e-cigs are dangerous for health too, contains carcinogenic particules, I don’t think it’s worth it. But thank you for the advice, really appreciate! What is « snu »?

    At the moment I am in a vape only period, and I feel good, hope it stays like that!
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  6. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    Nice. I meant snus, which is tobacco that you keep in your mouth. Still harmful, just less so than smoking..
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  7. Etsu

    Etsu Member

    Oh ok, that thing you chew? Never tried that, seems fun but I’m not sure about the taste haha
  8. johnwillyums

    johnwillyums johnwillyums UK

    Lancashire, UK
    The Lotus pipe is very similar to a combustion experience.
    I have combusted with it, but it's harder to do than with the Dynavap.
    A lot of the butane torch vapes, which I've recently discovered fulfil a similar need in me.
    Current fave the Sticky Brick,.full ritual, tastes quite like combusted material, makes you cough, saved you loads of weed.
    Also, welcome to the forums.
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  9. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    Combustion doesn't taste like shit to you? Especially smoking a blunt and holding the smoke in my mouth for a while, that was disgusting. I'd expect the SB to taste much better than combustion with good butane, and not too high a temp
  10. Etsu

    Etsu Member

    Hi, thank you!

    Lotus looks great, and it will probably be my second on demand butane torch vape (it's on demand right?), but right now I'd like to try an on demand battery powered. As I produce music, I'd like to be able to take the device, press a button, take a hit in seconds and then continue my work. handle a torch besides the vape kind of take me out of "the zone", can't really explain it.

    I think the best for me would be an e-nano or another log-vape, but there is a voltage issue with Europe norms, so none of them as the CE certification needed to use safely in Europe. retailers don't even sell them in my country, even the power cable is not compatible. So battery powered is my second choice.
  11. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
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  12. Etsu

    Etsu Member

    Thanks, I know it, looks nice too!
  13. thezatokid

    thezatokid New Member

    Hello, I've been reading through many of the discussions on FC for the last couple months and decided to become a member here so I could start participating as well!

    My wife and I have been daily bong users for about 20 years. We recently got into the desktop vape game with the help and feedback from members here and I just wanted to say thank you all!
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  14. Fred_

    Fred_ Member


    Don't know what to say about myself, been into vaping for 2 years now, started with an arizer Solo and then an Omnivap one year ago thank to this forum! I use it everyday! Probably won't make useful comments as I'm only tried those two vapes, but I'm here to learn more!
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  15. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    @Fred_ Welcome aboard!

    We're a pretty happy bunch here and welcome your feedback, observations and questions regardless of the depth of your experience with multiple vapes. You have a years worth of experience with the Vapcap so please join the discussion. :)

    There are lots of other topics to peruse on the forum and tons of excellent information available, both vape specific and otherwise.

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