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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. mv5

    mv5 New Member

    Southern California
    Hey all!

    I started switching from cigs to vaping about 7 months ago. Down to only 2 or 3 cigs a day now.

    Now it's time to switch to vaping for herb too. Been researching for a while and am deciding between the Boundless CFX or the Pulsar Flow. Hope to learn some more here before getting my first vape.
    Hopefully I'll be vaping by the end of the year.

    About me...I'm a woodworker currently working in picture framing. Also carve for fun - caricature heads, pipes, spoons, all kinds of things.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you all have to say. No better reviews than those from actual owners.
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  2. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    in SoCal. Unemployed, feel like shit (depression+anxiety, especially since I quit SSRIs). Haven't used mj in over 2 months.

    I think I'd like to find a job in the mmj business. Afraid of rejection or something. Should just get applying, calling places...

    planning to get an M soon. hopefully that and a gram of indica will help with this depression. I've been reading up on it and it is promising, I think it really could
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  3. KC2K

    KC2K Well-Known Member

    Hi @asdf420 I can relate to your current state. Just remember there's always tomorrow. Personally I found talking therapies to be of great help and really encouraged me to make some changes in mentality that were holding me back. I would advise that perhaps this would be a good course of action for you if you can.

    As far as SSRI's go, they are nothing more than a breathing space for your emotions and mind. Are you sure your ready to come off them?

    I like that your talking about improving your situation by getting a job and making bold progressive changes to your life. Self empowerment is a great thing, it can really change how you feel.

    The herb can help but be careful it isn't replacing the SSRI's, its also easy to vape your life away, so please be careful.

    Saying all of that, welcome! You've made a big step by joining the community and I hope you find the support and friendship you need to turn things around :D
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  4. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    I came off of SSRIs around 2 months ago (tapered off), and have been getting progressively worse I guess. Had been on them for a long time. Was sick of the side effect, and forgetting if I took them or not.. :\
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  5. KC2K

    KC2K Well-Known Member

    @asdf420 glad you didn't just stop. With anything that effects brain chemistry, it can take 6 months plus for things to settle down. Saying that if your symptoms are worse then maybe its better to be on them. I'm on Venlafaxine, makes me pee like a trooper and feel sick all the time but it does allow me to function. I suppose what you have to weigh up is benefits Vs side effects... why not do a list side by side and see which is better for you. Quite a simple way of seeing how you feel and is a very basic CBT exercise, to take if further you would then look at why you feel the way you do about meds and then an unbiased view of why you take meds. After this you then again look at how you feel about it, has it changed due to perspective because of the exercise etc etc etc You can do this for anything.

    The herb is also a great healer which I have used for depression all my life. I hope its as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

    Don't forget that if you are getting worse then get professional help. No one can make you take meds or do anything you don'y want to do ;) Just look after yourself!
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  6. Alfred H

    Alfred H New Member

    Hi All,
    Kinda new to vaping but smoked my first spliff probably around 89, in Dublin, most likely Lebanese Blonde or Black Moroccan - it was all hash back then (or an old piece of horse hoof). Living in the States now, though my State needs to sort out its legislation. Loving the Firefly 2 and got my eye on the RBT Milanna. I love dogs, walks, weird music and good food, I was a fairly heavy drinker (mostly whiskies (Irish and Scotch)), gave that up over a year ago and enjoying the odd vape these days. Cheers, guys, nice to be on here.
  7. Sade

    Sade New Member

    Hey guys new here. Heard about this site from iwen on GC. Anyways mflb is my first true vape. Luckily he showed me what bullshit combustion units are put there. Awaiting the power adapter to come in the mail. However I already have my eyes on my next unit to buy arizer solo 2. Looks pretty damn impressive and great reviews. Any accessories i should purchase with solo 2 to enhance my vaping experience? Took me awhile to find the sweet spot on my mflb. I dont like taking baby sips on it however lol.
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  8. SirCrackKillaH

    SirCrackKillaH Well-Known Member

    I AM SIRCRACKKILLAH!!!!!! Crackkilla... killah!!! Woooooooo!!! SirCrackKillaH, crackkilla.. SirCrackKilla... killa....WOOOoOOoooO!!!
  9. vaporRN

    vaporRN Well-Known Member

    Howdy FC fam. Man, I've been a member for a long time, but have mainly been a lurker. What do y'all recommend with regards to reaching the post/like threshold to be able to post in the Classified section?

    A little bit bout my vape journey--first one was the MFLB way back when--the one without the indentation in the wood/glass screen interface to hold the glass in place. It was when I was living at a friend's house when I was in college. When we got our own place, I got the Extreme Q and that baby is still kicking ass for over 5 years now, and gave the MFLB to a friend.

    Fast forward after the college years I was reckless and combusted lots of flower via many different apparatus (didn't keep with the broke/smart college kid mentality).

    Fast forward to now and I am a broke graduate student getting back to vaping and moved to a new state with unreliable connections. I currently have been using the Arizer Air and loving it--just ordered a Nonavong XLS. Should I keep both or should I try to sell the Arizer Air?
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  10. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    This is simple. Make posts that contribute to the discussion and the likes will come your way.

    The Classified ads are meant to be a privilege for contributing members. That's why we have the rules for qualifying: you have to earn the privilege. I'm not suggesting that you would do this, but some people try to pump up their numbers by making a lot of fluff comments in a short time. If we moderators conclude this is happening we delete the posts, even though that sort of comment won't attract any likes.
  11. abezthevap0r

    abezthevap0r Member

    Hello everybody! My name is Abe and I am a long time lurker who finally decided to create an account! I dabble on vaporents on reddit as well! I was a blunt smoker for 12 years until I used my first vape at the recommendation of PaytonPenn and several hours of discussion. It was the Xmax V2 Pro. From that day on, I moved onto an arizer air, 2 VapCap Ms, a Milaana, Firewood 4, Stick Brick Jr, and have gotten friends who were blunt smokers to buy VapCap Ms and Healthy Rips Fury! I love vaping and the science behind it while microdosing saving bud. I hope to indulge more into vaping and the vaping scene along with sharing my adventure thru the way on instagram (same name here). Thanks for letting me have the chance to join you guys!
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  12. SureIsFun

    SureIsFun New Member

    It's great finding this community. :wave: It's a good service; I love it.

    A friend loaned us their Arizer Extreme Q once and we really enjoyed it. That was two or three years back; since then we've been smoking mostly, sometimes using portable vapes, an Ooze most recently, and I finally ordered an Arizer Extreme Q for ourselves on Friday. On top of our positive early experience with this model, lot of members here also give it high marks.

    There must be some good discussions on this wonderful board about best ways we could restart our vaping journey with the Extreme Q, so I'll be continuing my search, just wanted to say hi and thanks for being here and sharing. :clap:
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  13. KayaIndica

    KayaIndica Active Member

    I bought my first vaporizer a few years ago, a MFLB. I quickly started to appreciate what a vaporizer had to offer, but I kept it as an alternative to smoking joints. I also smoked tobacco. Not too long after I got the vape, a friend of mine lost everything except for the main unit.
    Then it took a few years until I bought a new vape after quitting smoking cigarettes. It's now been a couple of months.

    I'm 35 from Sweden. I live in a small cottage in the country side in the southern part of Sweden. Which makes the availability for weed scarce. We get what we get so to speak, but lately it have been top notch. I work as a window cleaner, which I actually really enjoy doing. I have been using cannabis since I was around 18, some periods more, some periods nothing at all.
    I am sort of a hippie, listening to psychedelic trance and dancing in the woods. I also run.

    For two years I lived in Amsterdam, where I learned a lot about cannabis. I'm mostly a sativa guy. But I have a few indicas in my top list of strains.

    I'm interested in the vapes that has a handcrafted, analogue feel to them. I have a MFLB, waiting for my VapCap M to arrive in the mail. Next trip purchase is the Sticky Brick jr. I would love more recommendations. Maybe the Milanaa?

    Anyhow, I think that's it from me so I'll quit mumbling.

    Pz ☮
  14. Ricker Says

    Ricker Says New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Chris from Maryland, a legal user since 12/1/17, which I have to say, is pretty wild.

    Anyway, I'm 32 and grew up with a Pastor as a dad and being the Church keyboard player for several years. I wasn't the bad PK, that was my younger brother (who I can't get to ween off opioids with Marijuana because he says it makes him too anxious, he only combusts, so stubborn).

    As an adult, religion didn't stick. Our church was just too extreme for my taste, I won't explain or go into detail because everyone's faith is so unique and I don't want to offend anyone. In any event, I started exploring my open mind mid-20's and finally started using Marijuana regularly by 29.

    I started with the Mighty... it's true to it's name. I used that thing so hard, I broke it and not having $400 to replace it with (I was out of the goonj as well) I started using my bowl every day. That was a huge mistake. It led to this loop and routine of wake and bake and just drove me into the ground. My stomach didn't like it, my mood didn't like it, my wallet didn't like it.

    I've finally made an investment in the Pax 3 and am almost back to vaping 100%. I forgot how beautiful and superior it is. I'm sleeping better, have a better appetite, am more even keel and less anxious/paranoid, and my goodness, it freaking tastes delicious.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about vaping from you all. I've already learned a lot by lurking. Thanks for all of your passion, this is a very cool place.

    Cheers! (Or is it power on?)
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  15. Desh

    Desh New Member


    Been lurking for a bit before joining. Not that much to know about at this point; I'm in a holding pattern waiting for my TCC. The information here on the forum has been extraordinarily valuable. Thank you. :-)
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  16. Daweed44

    Daweed44 Member

    Hello, my name is Daweed44, I live in Europe and I am 44 years old.
    I smoke since the age of 16 cannabis and cigarettes.
    I join on this forum in order to try to pass to the vaporization.
    I own a crafty, a vapcap and a milaana.
    Escape me for my average English.
  17. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    @Daweed44 You Sir are escaped.
    Welcome. You have a Milanna? Way cool. Does it help you stop smoking and enjoy toking?
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  18. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Well I was redirected here after introducing myself on Airvape XS Thread. I'm retired and have smoked marijuana for 50 years, just never legally. Well that all changed as California made "Recreational Use" Marijuana legal, finally. I remember when I first got back from Vietnam in June 1969, I read about a young man sentenced to life for possessing a joint in Texas. I lived in Illinois at the time and I thought, "My God how can they sentence this young man to life for a non-violent crime. I moved to the SF Bay Area in 1978 to find work and have stayed ever since, now retired.

    I'm new to vaping but to celebrate California legalizing recreational marijuana I bought an Airvape XS for $149.00(+10% to Calif. State Mafia). I will be receiving the XS in a few days and will review a few days after that.

    I have more than enough top shelf stuff, but I wanted to buy some MJ from a legal store, so maybe next week I'll take my mt. bike and put it on the train and be in San Francisco in 45 minutes, and maybe another 15 to MJ store.

    So far I am quite impressed with this site and what I have read from the people here, lots of great info. However I am just a "Grasshopper" pertaining to "Vaping" and need all the help I can get. TANX. Excuse me while I kiss the sky....Sayonara.
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  19. Kurtdigglur

    Kurtdigglur Long draws

    35 year old strereo typical video game nerd with a hot wife no jk. Been a heavy smoker since 9th grade just got into vaping thanks to dynavap. It's like a gateway to heavy smokers I guess. Kinda like lighting one up. I have a sticky brick Jr. on the way. Been almost three weeks no combustion and never going back! You guys here at FC helped a lot too.
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  20. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Welcome to FC. Now go have a great fucking time here and vape yourself into the twilight zone. Don't forget to bring munchies, and somethin' to drink, brownies and Guiness just might be the perfect diet.
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  21. Kurtdigglur

    Kurtdigglur Long draws

    I used to love dark Guinness poured with point ale. Unfortunately I can't drink anymore because I have Crohn's. Heavy vaping is highly encouraged though.
  22. potriot

    potriot Member

    I made too many posts already.......lol

    Longtime lurker, maybe 2008 or before?....was fortunate in 2009-10 to be able to use a volcano and vrip tech bowl.
    Time passed but not my curiosity in vaping.....kinda over the vapcap after a month, even full bowls didnt do the trick thru glass. The fury did and does currently, but the internal battery is not my style...I already want like 10 different vapes that i cant afford, such is life.......

    I also have hay fever and i am tired of dumping legal speed thru my liver, albeit only a six week period. I have some sage and mint readying up for some internal testing.....ahem

    Peace y'all...
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  23. simba

    simba @weedanwine

    Hey everyone.

    Been lurking here a while and thought I should sign up. Been vaping a couple of years now, started with the Haze V3, I now also have the Linx Gaia and Dynavap Vapcap M, and the Haze Square on pre-order. I'm also coveting a log vape.

    Peace to one and all :)
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  24. rad

    rad Life is Rad

    35. Married. 3 kids (3,7,11)
    I’ve lived all over the US and traveled all over the world. I have quit the hard stuff and heavy drinking but have smoked everyday since trying it my first spring break of college. My wife REQUIRES that I stay medicated so I can stay calm, kind, and patient :). I started smoking small cigars to help quit cigarettes and then got hooked on inhailing unfiltered cigar smoke! Yuck! My lungs have had enough! After reading in here for the last few months, im ready to try vaping. I’ve got a vapcap m on the way and have been looking at getting a Flowerpot. Haven’t been this excited in a long time!!!!!!!
    I love well made/ well designed tools and products. Ever since I was a kid I have loved taking everything apart and trying to figure out how it works and how it can be better. I love hoarding all kinds of usable things and making my own “dohickeys” and “thingamabobs.” This forum has tons of info and I’ve really been enjoying reading all the “Creations” that members come up with. I’m really glad to be here and hope I can contribute to solving problems, spreading joy and positivity, and helping make this amazing world a better place for everyone!
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  25. ghostofcyberx13

    ghostofcyberx13 And That Ain't No Joke, You Can Disappear In Smoke

    Route66 to ORION
    Welcome to the club, I'm really new here myself but so far FC has been very helpful and a whole lot of fun. Sayonara.
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