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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by vtac, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Cannabiker

    Cannabiker New Member

    Yup, I've had mine for over ten years--so long I don't remember exactly when I got it. I've replaced the wand and mouthpiece each once (glass breaks), but the unit is still going strong. That ceramic heating element is amazing. I don't know how many times over the years I've forgotten to turn it off, leaving it glowing for hours. I'm on an ongoing search for a reliable portable with good vape production, but the Silver Surfer has never left me wondering if I should shop around for another desktop.
  2. ataxian

    ataxian PALE BLUE DOT

    Pacific Ocean
    Maybe it's da collection part?

  3. SunnyHours

    SunnyHours Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada
    Guys! Once you try a Flowerpot, you won't EVER look back!

    I've been spending a fortune on Cannabis with my SSV...now, since I've had my FP, I use at least a Fifth (5th) of what I did with my SSV...

    Though I do like my hits potent and heavy hitting...

    My experiences are the complete opposite...Funny LOL
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  4. Flow

    Flow Well-Known Member

    Hi @SunnyHours, Some mods allow very small loads on SSV.
    I do make bowls with the same amount of material in SSV and in dynavap (Omni XL) on middle bowl setting.

    I do take fewer hits from SSV thought… but both bring my at the same point with the same amount.
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  5. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    It is still number 1 on my signature.
    I have to agree with @Larrytargeteye
    I love using the flowerpot too, but it does require more devoted space, and has more items/parts to contend with. I use the FP dry, through a tube, but it has best function with water resistance.
    Not everyone likes using water.
    I am not a water fan myself. The smell of vaped water is unpleasant to me.
    I also want all constituents of the bud in me, not left behind in a filter.
    While I can extract all the goods from the material faster with FP, I find
    the SSV to be much more flexible in terms of how much you want delivered, and how long it takes to get there.
    You not only have the heat rheostat, you also have user control, of slowing breath for more heat, and speeding breath to cool things down.
    I use the FP daily... that says alot considering how many vapes I have.
    But I use the SSV 1st hit of the day, and last.
    I sit before it for half of my daytime Desktop sessions.
    I respect your thoughts on this @SunnyHours
    As for running through herb quickly, my meds last a tiny bit longer when I "ride the wave"....
    but sometimes about the same.
    With no mods I can do micro loads in the SSV wand.
    Using the vapor brothers mini wand, I can with the SSV do a single crumb and get vapor.
    Still with a standard HC and hand held wand I can do as small of a load as I like.. a tiny pinch...
    or I can load it up.
    Vapor Brothers MiniWand with SSV wand
    Love the SSV!
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  6. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    So lacking in the original idea department I copied the movable screen from the E-Nano over to my 7th Floor vapes using the Ddave stem. It works OK for those micro doses with zip drag, which is one of my favorite things about 7th Floor desktops. [​IMG]
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  7. 7thFloorVapes

    7thFloorVapes Well-Known Member Company Rep

    Hey Guys! Alex here. I hope everyone is well! I love working for this company and seeing everyone's ingenuity and innovations. Thank you soooooo much for sharing.

    PLEASE KEEP SHARING! We love seeing ALL the LOVE shared in FC!

    We are giving away an SSV at our friend's page ELEV8presents.com/giveaway including water pipes, other vapes, and much more! Check it out.
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  8. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Member

    I've had my SSV since late March or early April, and was very happy with it. My very happiness was a problem , as my adult son who was living with me was abusing me, and did something to my SSV. Unfortunately, the heater core doesn't work right. It looks scratched up, doesn't heat right, and doesn't hold heat. It clicks on and off, the light works, the electrical cord seems ok. What else should I check? I spoke with Tommy at 7th Floor (a truly lovely man), and know I can order a heater core replacement, or send it in. As everything else seems ok, I'm leaning toward ordering the replacement. Mostly because packing and shipping seems overwhelming right now. My concern is, I don't know enough to be sure it's just the heater that's a problem. I've read to page 193 on this thread, and meant to finish before I commented or asked questions, so apologies if this has recently been covered. I'd love to get my SSV working, want to do it reasonably and responsibly, but I'm not sure if sending it in is wiser, or should I just order the core? I'm a bit overwhelmed , but don't mean to be lazy if sending it back is best. There has just been a great deal of damage to my person and personal items, and it's more confusing than it should be . If I order the heater core, are there any suggestions as to anything else I might want to order , specific to the repair, or just in general ?
  9. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    If you are up to the level of lamp wiring you can probably pull off the heater replacement, look around the net I seem to remember there being a few heater replacement videos. The on again and off again nature of the problem seems similar to a problem I had with the rotary dial on a used LSV, not saying that is the problem but its worth a close look too. As to additional suggestion on use, what are you looking for out of the vape that you arn't getting now? There are pages and pages of information available and repeating it all would take lots of time, focus helps.
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  10. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Member

    Great question, Howie 105. Right now I want it to work. I was thinking along the lines of, aromatherapy dish (worth it?), what's a good amount of spare tubing to keep on hand (I imagine it has to do with usage, cleaning and so on, but I don't have a general idea if 3 ft or 30 ft is more of a range to aim for). He poured acetone in my tubing, so more is needed, and I'd want enough for a year. Is spare glass recommended? I have GG, and I'd say it's fine for me, but I have only been able to use the SSV a handful of times. Water pipe adapter? Ceramic disc worth It? How many screens does a person need? I have glass, so that isn't urgent. I'm thinking along the lines of making sure the SSV works, and anything that might make it fun again.
    I do intend to finish reading the thread, and don't wish anyone to have to repeat anything, just trying to get an order right so I can move on to replace other damaged items.
    Thank you for your reply.
  11. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    aromatherapy dish....I am a barbarian so I never used one.

    what's a good amount of spare tubing to keep on hand...Your right it is about use and maintenance, I have been using the same silicone tubing for over a year and a half but I clean the tubing daily.

    Is spare glass recommended?...Oh baby, I am a big time serial glass killer so I have at least one backup of every glass piece I use (heater covers, water adapters, stems bubblers, etc) but most folks get by with far less.

    Water pipe adapter?...You bet, look at an 18.8mm male to male adapter is a must have piece, two are better as it can fill the bill of the wand as well as a connector to the glass piece.

    Ceramic disc worth It?...Don't use them so no real opinion.

    How many screens does a person need?...Keep them clean and don't take them out of the glass and the stainless ones will last for years. However brass screens get replaced a couple times a year on a daily drive Da Buddha.

    I'm thinking along the lines of making sure the SSV works, and anything that might make it fun again....Look at the DDave mods (https://www.ddavemods.com/store/c3/7th_Floor_Vaporizer_Mods.html), they make a number of adapters, screens and wands for 7th desktops so there is a lot of interchangeability between kits. The parts are very good for load reduction as well as general use.

    Don't worry about asking too many questions, responders on the board are glad to help. Good Luck, hope to talk at you later.
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  12. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    Madri-Gal, just yesterday I boxed up an SSV and sent it to 7th Floor for a repair. The hassle involved was the post office line but other than that it's not a big deal. My advice is to find a box and some bubble wrap and just mail it to them after it's cleaned up a little, this way when you get it back you'll know for sure that it's right and ready to go, and my experience with 7th Floor is turnaround back to your door is about two weeks. Please let us know how it transpires and good luck.
  13. Madri-Gal

    Madri-Gal Member

    Thank you for the suggestions. I had all of Ddave's mods, as I bought for my Arizer Extreme Q. I have to replace that as well, so DDave is next on the list .I need to replace the DDave Mods, not the Arizer EQ, I don't think. My stash was also tampered with, so I'm on bit of a T-break. It could be the Arizer EQ has trouble. Kind of scared to look, but SSV thread , so I will focus here. Very much a fan of Ddave, and glad you recommend him.
    Jeffp, good to know it was so easy to send it in. It might be best just to have it all looked at to be sure. I just want to not worry, so that might be the ticket, right there. I was overwhelmed thinking I needed the original box, but I guess I don't. Duh.
    Messing with me is one thing, but messing with my vape hurts.
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  14. jeffp

    jeffp psychonaut

    It's really an easy deal as long as you can find a box and bubble wrap, which is easy for me because I live a few blocks from a shopping street so at night this stuff is always outside for the grabbing. Leave the wand and hose at home, no need to send the hemp bag either. They will tell you to enclose a note in the box to describe what's wrong with the unit and you'll want to add your shipping address to that note. I think repairs are 25 flat rate including return shipping. Shipping it to 7th Floor cost me 13 yesterday. I think you should consider going this route. One less thing to worry about and it's scoped out by the experts.
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