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Oct 26, 2007
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test subject


vapor junkie, from FC R&D

Staff Member
    1. Ipuffusa
      Hi vtac this is Ipuffusa , we are the manufacturer of the Elevape vaporizer line . I was told to check in with you to get assigned a vendor status.
    2. heynowsaywhat
      Hi vtac, I own a small Glass Studio and I'm interested in becoming a vendor on FC. Please let me know what i need to do or what info you need from me.
    3. Bluntcrush
      I just opened a Vaporizer Store in Illinois! www.vaporcrush.com is the site for it. Please let me know how I can market to our fine community. I have the highest standards for integrity and honesty.

      In case you haven't noticed...
    4. Leiana
      Has our account been limited? We cant make posts anymore. Cs1@versavapor.com
      1. Leiana
        nevermind its just google chrome
        Feb 1, 2014
    5. Max Jitter
      Max Jitter
      Hi VTAC, Please send a copy of my password to my email address: stevenL@mendovape.com
      The FC forum has really helped my business take off. Thanks for nurturing it.
    6. marcuss
      Hey vtac....compliments for this creature you created some time ago....i really enjoy to come back here and see how this comunity has grown lately....im back again on the vapor train bro!
    7. hookah pen reviews
      hookah pen reviews
      hi vtac i think i should register to you before posting
    8. technique
      Sorry about the silk road thread that's my fault
    9. Buildozer
      it's good to see you around lately vtac.. i joined about 5 months ago and i love the site, w/o it i would not have converted any time soon.
    10. Rottweiler1080z
      I haven't been on in a while, and I want to sell my Wisper, but I have insufficient privileges. What do I have to do to get the ball rolling? Thanks in advance!
    11. Vapenstien's Monster
      Vapenstien's Monster
      I am trying to throw a contest and all contact info I have bounces back.
    12. ETM7
      Hi vtac, great forum! :D I'm really loving this site! Despite my disagreement, I wanted to thank you for responding to my msg. Greatly appreciated. =) Keep up the great work! Cheers.
    13. vaporizerblog
      Hello VTAC, Just letting you know that I jumped in the thread for Pax offering FC members to ask questions they want answered about Pax since we will be doing a video review about it. Since we are in the unique position that we have one already I thought I'd make sure that the content will be what everyone wants to know. Let me know if I need to explain a bit more or if you have any concerns about this.
    14. cluffy
      I'm guessing this is empty because you emptied it. :-) One question, how does one invite others to a conversation? All I can tell is that there's supposed to be a link to invite more under the list of participants, but I don't see it. And is there a thread for help with the new site? .ops, 2 questions... vtac, you rock. Thanks for creating this vapetopia!!!
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    Current top 3 most used vaporizers: Herbalizer - VapeXhale Cloud - Sublimator
    Glassware: EHLE. - StoneGlassWorks - Mobius - Toro - Sovereignty - HMK

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