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why the desire for serial number? lol I don't get it, doesn't really do or mean all that much lol

@midgetsanchez you say it gets hot with extended use, is that even with turning off and on for subsequent hits? Or taking a hit and turning it off in between enough to keep it relatively cool?

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I figure serial numbers on units may come handy in the future. As an example, if Hopper Labs decides to take away "lifetime warranty" for future units, they'd instantly have a record on hand where the cut off is. Can you imagine how special our GH's would be with a serial number that falls in the Lifetime Warranty range? COLLECTOR's ITEM!! ;)

Or, if they keep records as to which units were assembled by each gh assembler, they'd be able to identify the "weak link" with hoppers that tend to fail faster over the short or long term? <shrug>
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@midgetsanchez Woot another grasshopper in the wild! and be prepared for lots of questions. Try it on setting 5 with a full bowl with a bubbler/bong if you get the chance, it's pretty amazing how powerful that little pen can be :)
Hey Buzz question: What temperature setting do you find yourself usually using (or starting with)? 2? And do you think soft or hard draws are more effective? I've noticed hotter but denser clouds with hard draws.

This thing seriously packs a punch...

With the way I've been using it (click on, take a few draws, click off, repeat over a few minutes) it has time to cool off a bit between hits. I could see the mouthpiece getting uncomfortably hot with longer sessions (between multiple people for instance), but it's not bad enough that it would burn you or would just be uncomfortable. The silicone tip helps big time with that.

That said, it does cool off very quickly so the click-on, drag(s), click-off method seems to work very well.
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what's worse, the heat from the mouthpiece, or the heat of the vapor itself? When you say the mouthpiece gets hot after extended use, how much use are we talking about specifically? four 10-second hits within two minutes? Two 5-second hits within a minute? At what point does it become too hot to use "native" (i.e. without the silicone)?


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@midgetsanchez I usually start on 3, it can really keep up with fast draws, you have to pull pretty hard/fast to overpower it. I have tested very slow long and fast hard draws and it seems to handle whatever I can throw at it well. In the end I prefer a harder/faster draw with the GH since it has minimal draw resistance and it keeps up.


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We will deal with a hot mouthpiece, if it comes to that for heavy chuggers ...what's the biggy? Give a few seconds and let it cool ...what's the big rush?!!!! Or curl a fore finger around the tip and seal for a draw if it gets too warm for the lips... or silicone condom available everywhere many easy work-arounds to make this a non-issue. Harsh vapor!!!??? Did anyone ever complain about a blunt smoke being too hot or harsh???!!! Have we become so ridiculously soft and finicky in our new age of technology that we can't figure things out for ourselves anymore ?
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We will deal with a hot mouthpiece, if it comes to that for heavy chuggers ...what's the biggy?
Yup! It's not too bad, just something that could be improved upon. And Buzz was right; it can keep up with long & soft or quick & hard draws.... long & hard draws tend to produce hot vapor (although when I use it with my bubbler anything is game!)

Something I noticed is that the finish looks different with and without flash (left is how it generally looks in my fluorescent-lit room, right is with flash on my phone)

I need to make a comment here - something I'm really impressed by is the efficiency; I've never been so medicated with such little material. It's somehow more efficient than my first portable vape (MFLB)....the fact that this works with small amounts is remarkable. After using it all I night I can truly say I love it. Definitely a game-changer....this truly feels like the future of vaporization.
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thank you so much for posting this information, so excited to get mine. i really really hope i get mine by the expected july date. im really starting to hate my pax.


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I sold my Pax right after the Pax 2 came out....used that $$$ to buy a Arizer Air off Massdrop. While I'm waiting for my grasshopper to delivered. Looks like I got two great portable vapes.


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I received my Pax in the mail literally the day they released the Pax 2, I was a bit sad, but I don't think I'll need a Pax 2 now that I'm gonna have a Grasshopper


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The tracking number for my Hopper is still showing a Monday delivery but something tells me there will be no midnight visit from the postman... Kind of a fitting delay given the way this has all gone down.

If this heat issue is really that bad - Ratchett may need to start working on a Pan-Flute grasshopper holder

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