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  1. midgetsanchez

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    HOLY FUCK GUYS IT'S HERE I HAVE IT! (Holiday backer!) I'll be taking pics and posting more in a bit! Let me know what you guys wanna know! I'm simultaneously ecstatic and fucking smacked, so bear with me. GRASSHOPPER FUCK YEAH! Edit: I'm a holiday backer who got his early (unfortunately they...
  2. vtac

    Grasshopper / Zenpen Concerns and Considerations

    After having been contacted by some concerned fc members I felt obligated to share this information with the community. To start off there's little doubt that trevorvapor on reddit is Trevor Vita, founder of the Zenpen vaporizer project, now renamed to Grasshopper. The argument could be made...
  3. stonemonkey55

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Welcome to the OFFICIAL VapeXhale Cloud EVO thread. First of all, thanks to everyone that supported our Indiegogo campaign or have purchased past VapeXhale products. For those that don't know about our first vaporizer, the Cloud, here is a quick summary. Launched in Feb of 2012, the...
  4. SameOldTim

    Discontinued Loto Labs Lux (formerly Evoke)

    Hey guys, A few friends of mine wanted me to spread the word on a new vape they want to bring to the market. Its called the Evoke by Loto Labs. Ill be honest, i dont really know much about it and they haven't really told me anything about how it functionally works. Everything they have...
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