1. bornfree13

    Tinymight or GrassHopper IO

    High If you had to choose. Which one would it be: 1) Barely used Tinymight? He bought it around the New Year. It comes with some extras, long stem, CU. A Big BUT is: no warranty. I asked them if warranties were transferable I didn't get an answer yet. I heard he was a nice Guy over at...
  2. Cheesequake

    Place your bets!

    When do you think the new Hopper will start actually shipping? Estimate says April 2020. I guess no earlier than July 2021.
  3. elykpeace

    GH poll (wheres your hopper?)

    seeing a lot of brother and sister vapers with things to say about HL and their customer service (perhaps lack there of) so lets put it to a poll and get an idea of progress. hopper labs is currenly in the process of moving to a new location but weve heard excuses before. time to get to the...
  4. J

    External 18650 Battery Pack and Adapter for the GrassHopper

    I built a battery pack and adapter for my hopper and it works amazingly well. 119+ full power hits per charge compared to a new stock battery, which gave me 6 full power hits. It runs off (4) Sony 18650 batteries and requires no modification to the Grasshopper itself. The Aluminum piece also...
  5. Vapor_Eyes

    Grasshopper Fixes

    Official Hopper Labs Cleaning and Maintenance Advice: Warning: Attempting to repair your Grasshopper may void your lifetime warranty. These are tips that have helped restore performance, only Hopper Labs can repair...
  6. nopartofme

    First Impressions The Grasshopper Vaporizer – Early Impressions

    I've been getting to know the Grasshopper for two weeks now. I'm feeling it's about time I share some early impressions. It's been a busy two weeks, so my experience thus far is limited to a smallish number of uses made up of my more common use-cases, as I'll describe below. … I'll start with...
  7. F

    Very new here, e-nano or Grasshopper?

    ok so I've got a difficult decision, I want my first vaporizer I think I'm coming in right as the real stars are being released and I need some help now that I've narrowed it down to these two vaporizers. I have enough money for anything up to a crafty really but I've narrowed it down to these...
  8. midgetsanchez

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    HOLY FUCK GUYS IT'S HERE I HAVE IT! (Holiday backer!) I'll be taking pics and posting more in a bit! Let me know what you guys wanna know! I'm simultaneously ecstatic and fucking smacked, so bear with me. GRASSHOPPER FUCK YEAH! Edit: I'm a holiday backer who got his early (unfortunately they...
  9. P

    The Grasshopper Shipping Poll

    I wish we could make a poll for this thread on.. Who thinks its coming in.. Late May July December Next February Still looking like never I think next February sounds realistic. I actually don't think February is realistic. I am expecting mine never.
  10. vtac

    Grasshopper / Zenpen Concerns and Considerations

    After having been contacted by some concerned fc members I felt obligated to share this information with the community. To start off there's little doubt that trevorvapor on reddit is Trevor Vita, founder of the Zenpen vaporizer project, now renamed to Grasshopper. The argument could be made...
  11. Zenpen

    The Grasshopper

    Hello Everyone, Just here to introduce the Zenpen - A sleek pen vape for herbs! This past Christmas my engineering friends and I decided that there was a lot of room for improvement in the portable vaporizer market, after 6 months of development this is the result. Features: -Ultra...
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