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  1. VegNVape

    Discontinued Hopper io

    Well let's kick things off then shall we . . . ? Release date is currently set to April 2020 and it appears that preorder reservations are still available for $99 here: I know I'm definitely looking forward to this . ...
  2. LesPlenty

    AIRISTECH airis Headbanger Wax Vaporizer Dip&Dab 2in1 Vape Pen Kit

    I have had my Headbanger for about a month and am finding it quite flavorful. I purchase a kit (Bundle5) plus an extra 6 x dip coils from Alibaba, I do not use water in the mini bubbler as I...
  3. VapoRoor

    Brassknuckles Cartridges

    Epic Cartridge, best I've ever had the luxury of using. Has anyone else seen these at their dispensaries? The taste is so pure and true to each strain. Very effective as well. Currently using a regular 350mAh battery (ego style) They sell similar ego batteries (if not egos themselves) with...
  4. midgetsanchez

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    HOLY FUCK GUYS IT'S HERE I HAVE IT! (Holiday backer!) I'll be taking pics and posting more in a bit! Let me know what you guys wanna know! I'm simultaneously ecstatic and fucking smacked, so bear with me. GRASSHOPPER FUCK YEAH! Edit: I'm a holiday backer who got his early (unfortunately they...
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