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I guess it's your opinion if it's worth it or not. I have noticed that I can reduce the dial by about 3. So I went from about 1 the on dial back to about 10. Also, the heat holds through the full draw, no taper at the end so your full temp the whole ride!
Hope this helps!
How does it change temperatures? Are you referring to the bead mod? I don’t want to do that and I’m not sure it needs it. I just want to make it easier to clean and not mess with a screen.
Cervical CBD,
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Even with the 4mm boro balls that probably aren't as effective as the 3mm or 2mm my SSV rips. I loaded up a nice bowl Saturday night for my evening finale and then topped it off with a good ball of kief and a chunk of hash and then proceeded to blast off. Then last night I could feel my head heading towards a migraine when I couldn't sleep and a couple lung fulls of vapour later I was off to la la land. I can't get enough of these hard hitting devices but I have to really try to limit myself to only using them in the evening or my tolerance gets out of hand quickly. I have mine on a smart plug so I always give it a nice long heat soak before I get going and it hasn't let me down yet.

Mrs.arb digs this wand on a stock heater.......I suspect shape has something to do with it.
I planned on ordering one of those at some point, all that glass looks tasty, not that the whip bothers me to begin with.
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