1. Mawd

    Whip tubing sizes and availability in Canada

    Hey all, Fairly new here so please feel free to lmk if I'm flubbing anything by making this post here. I've recently gotten into using a whip with my glass pieces, so nice. I rinse the tubing out each day and give it a good clean periodically but it's still getting gnarly. I've got a lady...
  2. M

    Orb vs Globe

    Hey all, like the title says: I'm looking for opinions on the VGoodiez Orb Mk2 vs the Sneaky Pete Globe Mk2, specifically with the perc. I have the VGoodiez Orb and like it generally, but am finding myself wondering if the spikey, non matrix percolator is a better option. A second, follow up...
  3. dopefiend

    PLENTY Vaporizer

    Storz-Bickel, manufacturers of the mighty Volcano, have unveiled their newest product, the PLENTY Vaporizer http://www.storz-bickel.com/shop_eur/index.php/language/en/cat/c7_PLENTY-Vaporizer.html/XTCsid/2jal1dd6urpkq669ofqh1mj5m1 240 a piece, so still in the high-end price bracket. It's an...
  4. Astromaddie

    Zephyr Ion vs SSV

    I know, I know, big difference: one's a bag vape, one's a whip. But since the Zephyr can be a whip vape too, and I'm looking at two good deals right now to get a SSV for $100 or a Zephyr Ion for $150... This is a discussion I wanted to have! I've read a lot about both vapes, but I haven't seen...
  5. Vitolo

    Vaporbrothers VB2

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a dear friend of mine... "VB2" What this is: This is a "Wax Converter". It is a device that due to the heat of its element and it's structure, can CONVERT a concentrate to vapor instantaneously. Vapor Brothers and VaporWarehouse will be along...
  6. eLiguL

    Vaporbrothers Vaporizer

    Dark Coffee. :brow: I can definitely see a market for the more subtle look. Looks much more refined than the earlier wooden bodies and the logo has been reworked as well.
  7. A

    Hotbox Vape

    I friend of mine is selling his Hotbox for 100 dollars, and as I live in a dorm in college I think it would be perfect because of how low-key it is... One thing that I'm confused about is whether or not its hands-free, by that I mean do you just stick the whip onto the heating element or do you...
  8. tokinGLX

    Da Buddha

    is a great vaporizer for the person on a budget. while it does have a less desirable vapor to air ratio than the ssv, it still delivers a very strong hit. i have a buddha for in car use that i plug into a power converter, while my ssv keeps me company at home. i may end up using the buddha...
  9. vtac

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    note: this thread goes way off topic till about post #27. Let's talk about the SSV! Clean convection, streamlined design, efficient, durable, customizable. Solid anodized aluminum, custom borosilicate glass parts and accessories, fully-encased alumina ceramic heater, thick swappable...
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