1. 7thFloorVapes

    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles

    Christmas Has Come Early! Our glass artisans at ELEV8 Premier Studios have produced a 100% pure convection, all American made Schott Borosilicate glass (minus screen), portable and durable Vaporizer. No batteries needed! Easily used with dry herbs and concentrates, or if you're feeling frisky...
  2. 7thFloorVapes

    New Contest for Fall!!

    Show us your trees!!! That’s right this contest is simple: Take a photo of your favorite tree. Maybe it has a name, Maybe it doesn’t. We are all about how majestic nature can be. Show us that you love nature also. Winner will be picked by the character of their post… Make us laugh, make us...
  3. Hashtag46&2

    DDave Mod for SSV/ DBV/ LSV

    Release The Beast 2 :rockon: @DDave has done it again, except this time 7th Floor's line of desktops become remarkably efficient. Love the way the DBV/LSV/ SSV rips huge effective draws? But maybe you're like me,and tend to over fill your wand? Or frustrated that it is a very effective device...
  4. aesthyrian

    Life Saber (LSV) by Elev8 Vehicles

    Hey everyone, I remember seeing some discussion of this in the SSV thread and it seems 7th floor has a website up about it now. http://lifesabervaporizer.com/index.php Seems pretty interesting. The price is a turn off for me though.
  5. tokinGLX

    Da Buddha

    is a great vaporizer for the person on a budget. while it does have a less desirable vapor to air ratio than the ssv, it still delivers a very strong hit. i have a buddha for in car use that i plug into a power converter, while my ssv keeps me company at home. i may end up using the buddha...
  6. vtac

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    note: this thread goes way off topic till about post #27. Let's talk about the SSV! Clean convection, streamlined design, efficient, durable, customizable. Solid anodized aluminum, custom borosilicate glass parts and accessories, fully-encased alumina ceramic heater, thick swappable...
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