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My plenty was gathering dust on my shelf for the last few years. I saw the posts here about modding the max temperature. Id actually been thinking it was possible for a while based on the mechanism. So I took it apart (needs torx screwdriver bit) and then used a dremel to get rid of that notch inside that stops you setting the temperature any higher.

It worked a treat! Gets as hot as I want it now. I havent used it on the max setting possible, if you imagine the wheel I've been keeping it at around "8" rather than the new max of "9".

So I got in and modded mine, I just snipped the tab off with side-cutters, did not have to remove the mech to do the mod.

I did unplug the on/off switch wires so I could remove the orange safety trigger as mine had quite a bit of reclaim build-up along with the inner shell, lots of iso and q-tips fixed it.
It has had a lot of 4g+ loads run thru it...can you tell?

Good to see even a fouled-up, dripping with sticky goo version like mine still functioned flawlessly.
I will try some testing soon but it seems to function and heats up just fine...might start at '8' as @seatsniffer suggests. :tup:
Only now did I see that 2 more turbocharged plenty finally appeared.
So how about they behave?
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