1. M

    New to vaping, need some guidance

    So i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but if i didn't i hope mods can move it to the right one. I also know that the questions might have been answered before, but i've tried searching around and reading different posts and forums for about a month now but i'm no closer to...
  2. B

    Would like to make Afghan/Moroccan style hashish

    Hey, folks. I fucking LOVE the old-school, traditional type hash - Moroccan, Afghan, etc. I'm well aware of the technical superiority, at least in terms of THC content and "purity", with bubble hash and other concentrates, but I've never *enjoyed* bubble - frankly, too strong for me. I'd like...
  3. PPN

    Pen Focus Vaporizer

    Hi, I see a new vape pen in the french market, it's called the Focus, 6 t° settings, replacable batteries (18650), ceramic chamber and adjustable airflow...seems rather nice for the price! http://lacentralevapeur.com/index.php?id_product=23191427&controller=product
  4. Angus!

    Can I use an Arizer Solo II for hash?

    I've read that I can, but I tried it on a small bed of weed and I couldn't taste any hash. I heat at 190 degs C. Is that too low for hash?
  5. D

    Vape juice from hash bho

    Hi all, long time lurker here ... Apologies if this has been covered, I have been experimenting with thc ejuice and love the convenience. I realise this can be made by extracting flower using bho method. Although I am going to use dexso as it is safer. What I would like to know is I have loads...
  6. mrbonsai420

    Tek Best way to refine Bubble Hash into Shatter

    Ok, So I have a lot of experience making my own concentrates. I no longer smoke or even vape flower often, I prefer strictly dabbing and pens now. Being in an area that concentrate was rare until recently I have gotten quite good at extractions. When I can get a better deal on flower I make my...
  7. C

    Portable HASH/HASJ Vaporizer (no pen)

    Hi there, thanks you in advance for reading and maybe even replying! ---------------------- In short my question is; would anyone know a powerfull portable vaporizer for HASH/HASJ, that is not a pen or needs a lighter to heat up and also is reletively small (able to hold in one hand)? (willing...
  8. D

    Best portable vape for bubble hash

    Hi guys I'm looking for a portable vaporizer that I could use with bubble hash. My hash is not full melt and it's not imported hash. It's made with water and it's kinda sticky. I also don't want to mix my hash with herb. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
  9. dopefiend

    PLENTY Vaporizer

    Storz-Bickel, manufacturers of the mighty Volcano, have unveiled their newest product, the PLENTY Vaporizer http://www.storz-bickel.com/shop_eur/index.php/language/en/cat/c7_PLENTY-Vaporizer.html/XTCsid/2jal1dd6urpkq669ofqh1mj5m1 240 a piece, so still in the high-end price bracket. It's an...
  10. S


    Does anyone have any experience with this device? If It works, It will pay for itself in 2-3 months for me. https://pollenextractor.com/pollen-extractors/index.html Mods: If I posted this in the wrong place please move and pm me with the new location. TIA
  11. F

    Hash memories (was Best desktop vaporizer for hash)

    Hey there I have been reading all about vaporizers and i am confused. I have only afghan type hash available in pakistan and i want a desktop vaporizer for my self. If its volcano please tell what is the best way to use hash with it. Functional Junkie
  12. B

    Hash, gas and limited cash

    Hi all, Been browsing through the forum looking for info to find a vape method to fit my needs and decided to join in and post. I'm hoping the hive mind can come up with something... I use average quality hash and I burn it currently. I want to switch to vaping and I'd prefer to use a...
  13. L

    Best Vaporizer for hash?

    I have been in a rut where i have not been able to get as stoned or well stoned at all from flower. So i started to use concentrates. It has been suggested to me that i should probably use hash , so i picked some up from the local shop the other day and im curious as to what is the best...
  14. sativasam

    How vaping changed the type of Hashish I consume.

    I live in London UK. Living in Europe we get quite a bit of Hash. When I was very young, what was named Soap Bar was widely popular. It was essentially a hard block of Henna that vaguely resembled hash, often containing bits of plastic bin bag. You had to torch the stuff to get it too crumble...
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