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  1. BindlestiffNYC

    Pairing a Revolve Gen 2 with a bubbler

    Hello, all. Am new to vaping, but took the plunge with a Revolve Gen 2 and an Ispire Wand. My maiden voyage ended in combustion 😁, but I'm getting better at it! The Revolve really is beautiful, and when I'm not using it, I'm either playing with it or staring at it. Do any of you Dynavap...
  2. fondoobious

    Giveaway: Fury Edge Glass Bubbler *CRACKED*

    Brand new in box but has about an inch and a half crack in the lower portion where I added the red line. Sorry, my camera isn't good enough to pick it up. Shipping to anywhere in the world is on me, just send me a PM and I'll randomly select someone next week. mod note: edited to request a PM...
  3. nopapers_justvapors

    unusual connections

    Did you have to get creative in order to connect your glass parts? Used your adapters in an interesting way? Post pics here! I will go first 😁 18mm pre-cooler on 14mm bubbler: Knew I had to elevate the precooler because of the height difference between the two (14-18 adapter brings it up even...
  4. vape>comb

    GlassNoob: what 18mm glass piece to buy from dhgate

    Hi all. Just treated myself to a flowerpot bundle which comes with a standard 18mm glass piece that is nothing to write home about. Anyone have any recommendations for a proper glass piece? Is it true that a glass piece with more content/volume allows for bigger rips/clouds? Would really...
  5. VapeWell

    Calyx Bubbler, fill?

    Recently bought a Calyx bubbler for my Solo II to cool the vapor down a bit more for my heat sensitive SO. Used it once and it all went well, but is there an easy way to fill it? Looked online and not many resources there that are on point. Having a source of water so close to an expensive piece...
  6. Bearded エーティーエム

    Help & Opinions on 3 DHgate Glass Bongs?!

    What's up everyone? Looking for a good fun Glass Bong to use with all my Portable Vaporizers (Tera, POTV One, future DynaVap ect) it's out of these 3 pieces that I've heard all good things. 1. SAML GLASS Matrix Sidecar...
  7. amexudo

    Hose / Whip bubbler MFLB Orbiter style

    Hi folks, I'd like to know if the Orbiter is suitable for a log vape instead of the MFLB. Anyone used? I saw videos with pax and other vapes.. And also what kind of alternative would do the same job, maybe something from dhgate less expensive than the Orbiter? Thanks in advance
  8. Teaturtle

    Good bubbler for E-Nano?

    I ordered d020 then I calmly smacked it off my desk by mistake. I would order the same thing again but I see online that some people say "d020 isn't as good for vaping dry herbs". dunno if i believe it. can't see why. but it got me wondering at least what other options might be to try instead...
  9. Martin456

    The Honey glass bubbler (Easy Flow)

    Hi guys, i just got my honey bubbler from easy flow, and i know it's handmade, but still, there seems to be quite a lot of imperfections (thats probably not the right word to use, but unfortunately my english sucks :) You should see what i mean on the pictures below). Is this particular bubbler...
  10. 7oli5

    Best bubbler experience with pax vaporizer

    hello fellow stoners I have a pax 3 and I want to get a water tool to enhance the experience. I am either gonna get a Honey Glass bubbler or a mini glass vaporizer bubbler. both links below. https://azarius.net/vaporizers/water-tools-bubblers/bubbler-glass-honey/#...
  11. datayoda

    Looking for less than 5 inch tall bubbler

    I have been looking for a couple of days and DHGATE is not easy to search. Wondering if folks here have experience into what I'm looking for. I need a bubbler with 14.4mm joint to put my MVT in there (or also somehow my Arizer Go); but I must get something small. It needs to be less than 5...
  12. ellx

    what bubblers work with elivi8/flowermate?

    I have an elivi8 vaporiser, and also have been told by the manufacturers that anything designed for the flowermate v5.os will work with it too. I found the flowermate brand's own bubbler, but that's very hard for me to get my hands on in the UK without paying ridiculous international shipping...
  13. dopefiend

    PLENTY Vaporizer

    Storz-Bickel, manufacturers of the mighty Volcano, have unveiled their newest product, the PLENTY Vaporizer http://www.storz-bickel.com/shop_eur/index.php/language/en/cat/c7_PLENTY-Vaporizer.html/XTCsid/2jal1dd6urpkq669ofqh1mj5m1 240 a piece, so still in the high-end price bracket. It's an...
  14. A

    Embouts Arizer Solo

    Salut à tous les vapoteurs ! J'ai acheté il y a quelques mois un Arizer Solo afin de satisfaire mon envie en THC sans avoir à me bousiller la santé... Et oui, comme beaucoup de monde, je fumais mes joints avec du tabac... Et pas qu'un peu ! J'ai du l'utilisé 2 jours tout au plus car l'effet...
  15. Lemmings

    Lemmings Glass Bubblers & Accessories

    Hello all, I'm a new member on FC and I want to share what I've been working on. I had a vendor account update and have just been waiting to start a thread until I could get higher quality pictures in place. I'm still working on better photos; if you think these are just too blurry please let...
  16. scottg402

    Haze Vaporizer Water Tools Name Contest

    Haze Vaporizer Water Tools Name Contest Hey folks! Haze Technologies is running a contest for the best name for the 2 Haze water tools recently introduced. The water tools are the Haze Vaporizer Glass Recycler and the Haze Vaporizer Glass Bubbler. You can learn more about them by clicking on...
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