1. E1011 Labs

    Elon Starter Kit | E1011 Labs

    E1011 Labs has created a new CBD delivery system unlike any other in the industry. Elon is the state-of-the-art, low-temp heating device intended to be used with Stems. Stems are premium CBD flower cartridges. These cartridges are made with paper instead of metal/plastic, which provides a more...
  2. EnemyLemon

    Mysterious white powder

    It's been a while since I opened my PCKT One travel case. One cartridge now has a ring of white powder around the base of the mouthpiece. Is this CBD crystallization? There's no evidence of crystallization inside the cartridge tank, unlike the cart to the left which is highly crystalized...
  3. cannabis.pro

    Canadian Woman Gets Banned From US for Bringing CBD Oil Across Border

    Canadian Woman Gets Banned From US for Bringing CBD Oil Across Border NEWS AUG 22, 2019 03:06 PM PST by CHRIS MOORE Hemp-derived CBD oils are now legal in both the US and Canada, but that won't stop border police from banning you for life if you try to bring it into the country. Shortly...
  4. B

    High times isomerizer process

    I cant find a working method of isomerizing CBD to THC using sulfuric acid for The solvent. Ive seen it discussed in other forums but what is the exact recipe? How many minutes do you reflux the cbd in ethanol and how much H2SO4 is used? Are there any other tricks for removing sodium...
  5. C

    The 420 CBD Rosin Press Challenge

    Many of the rosin press manufacturers already demo their products at marijuana oriented, marketing events and grower’s day functions throughout the United States in pot legal territories. It is most likely that the majority of press owners use their machine for extracting full spectrum rosin...
  6. A

    Cbd and anti-depressants

    Hi everyone! I'm on mirtazapine 15 mg at night time for insomnia and recently i've started to vaoe cbd flowers and cbd oil 10%. In the first week of cbd oil use i've noticed that my body is more anxious, i had bad panic attacks when i'm driving or when i'm working out. Now i don't take cbd or...
  7. 2

    Vaping CBD e juice?

    So right now i'm using a voopoo drag mod and i'm using cbd e juice i'm currently running it at 45 watts and 220 degrees Fahrenheit is this a good or am i wasting my cbd? newbie if anyone has any recommendation those would be appreciated. My mod https://gyazo.com/277d871fc2e77d6ad11f7683d4575e99
  8. L

    is putting cbd isolate in a vaporizer good to go?

    I have cbd isolate and a yocan evolve plus for shatter, but i was just wondering if cbd isolate would work in this as well
  9. T

    Terpenes and vape tanks

    I am new to trying terpenes with my cbd isolate. My cbd oil (pg/vg) works great in my Baby Beast, no problems. I purchased harlequin from Terpene Botanicals and about a week later, my rubbers have expanded and the tank is leaking. Someone else in a group I’m on also had the same problem but with...
  10. M

    Mixing my own cbd-mct ejuice

    I recently started getting more into vaping in an effort to cut down on smoking so much bud. I’m trying to just stick with cbd-only products for a bit, of nothing else for a tolerance break, but also hope to see some improvements in my motivation. Anyway, I’ve been getting my cbd from...
  11. G

    Chest and lung congestion

    Hello I am new here and I had a quick question about congestion in the chest or lungs. I just started using cannabis about a month ago so I'm still learning and experimenting! But I had a question about chest and lung congestion when vaping. I have been using a cartridge vaporizer throughout my...
  12. FUnhouse

    Illinois Medical Cannabis

    Hey FC I am looking for anyone who has any recent experience with the MM system in Illinois . I may be moving there from California soon and need to know realistically what to expect . I have a damaged nerve in my neck that causes many problem and much pain and use MM to keep it livable . I...
  13. Vapoleon

    Nearly 0% THC Sativa

    Hello everybody! Any of You has or had any experience with legal cannabis sativa, i mean, the "industrial" THC free, but rich in CBD and rich in all the other components? I'm very curious about this one: https://www.kanapinis.eu/product/selected-hemp-buds-rich-cbd I'd be very happy for any...
  14. Summer

    Online CBD Webcast 8/12/17

    Just rec'd. this email & am posting should anyone be interested. (To the mods: I'm posting here as opposed to under Medical Discussion because it wouldn't get any visibility on the MD thread as the thread doesn't get any traffic. I thought if any members are interested maybe they will...
  15. HellsWindStaff


    https://www.phytodabs.com/ Does anyone have any experience with these? Thinking of picking some up, the terp infusion intrigues me cause I can't often get the terpiest concentrates around my parts. I think a dollop of one of these with my standard concentrate can probably send me to the moon...
  16. EverythingsHazy

    CBD Vaporizing

    Hey (Combustion) Fuckers, So I've been looking into CBD to vaporize for health purposes, and was just wondering what experiences you guys have had with vaping THC-free CBD. Also, what is your favorite online CBD vendor (that ships to all 50 states).
  17. F

    What's the healthiest way to vape a CBD extract?

    Total newbie here (hi!). I spent many hours trying to find the answer to this question, but haven't been able to. My goal is to vape CBD.... but I imagine any extract has the same question. I was able to connect with an European manufacturer of CBD who pointed me in the direction of a US...

    100% pure CBD products?

    Does anyone know of a similar, legal 99-100% pure, stable form (flake, wax, shatter), of CBD that doesn't cost $155 per gram ? I want to buy this product, as lab tests show it literally is pure CBD, but want to pay less than $40/g...
  19. FR0ST

    Guide: How to Decarboxylate 1:1 CBD:THC Cannabis

    The Goal To decarboxylate 1:1 CBD/THC cannabis to produce maximum THC & CBD potency, whilst minimizing the production of CBN. Background I've been doing some pretty extensive research on the best possible process to turn 1:1 CBD/THC cannabis into an active tincture. I found that solid...
  20. FR0ST

    CBD Concentrate and Asthma

    My question -- Should vaporized CBD dabs give me asthma (Haze V3 at 390F, finishing at 415F)? Pretty bad asthma at that, I had it linger all night, and the day afterwards. Needing to use my inhaler multiple times in the night. (Normally I only need to use my inhaler before heavy exercise. And...
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