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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. VanCough

    VanCough Environmentalist

    Hi @kellya86,

    I have a Mighty and an arizer air.

    Hoping to purchase a HGL as soon as possible also :)

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  2. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Iv heard only good things about the hgl, I don't think you will be dissapointed with your purchase...

    I started out just over a year ago with an arizer eq, and a flowermate...
    The flowermate didnt last long before I realised there were far superior portables out there for more money...

    The eq kept me hapoy for a whole year before I treated myself to an evo.. and thats where I'm at now....

    For portable I use a vapcap and a solo..

    You already have an air so you know how good arizer portables are...

    If you have money to spend, an evo and a vapcap are a good team...

    Where in the country are you located?
    Whats the quality of herb available to you?

    Iv not had any success vaping uk street weed that I get in Hertfordshire...
    Nothing Is ever cured...
    I found that producing your own is a good way to go to ensure high quality for vaping...
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  3. VanCough

    VanCough Environmentalist

    Located in the SW (Gloucestershire and Devon) and have only known street weed, apart from when visiting Amsterdam, so can't complain too much.

    Wish it was legal in this country and I'd forever be growing my own supply. Hopefully one day sooner rather than later it will be!

    Is there a section on FC specifically for the UK members?
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  4. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    No we are all one big, happy, multi national, vaping family....

    There a a couple of individual threads like the cannabis news uk thread, or the fc uk meet thread...

    But they are not very active...
    I try to post news in our thread, but our media is so controlled and full of blatant lies, (cannabis is deadly), that there is rarely anything good to post...

    Our american friends are way ahead of the game compared to us in the UK...
    Dry herb vaping is still largely unknown by most here...
    And like I mentioned, the UK weed was ok for setting light to, but doesnt vape well...

    Obviously there are exceptions...
    But i haven't found them in my 17 years of cannabis use...

    While our cannabis is mainly produced by profit driven crimnals, it will take a while to ever reach vaping standards in my opinion...

    And that's why I think it will 10 years before vaping s popular in the UK.

    Maybe one day there will be enough uk fc members to start a political party and sort this shit out...
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  5. VanCough

    VanCough Environmentalist

    That's all very true, but I have read recently that senior MPs have been petitioning for legalisation; which can never be a bad thing in my opinion, even if it doesn't result in change it brings it into the conversation and that's how something becomes relevant.

    I agree it's no where near the standard of quality I experienced in Amsterdam (the only place I can compare it against) but I still get high when vaping so can't complain too much! Perhaps you've been unfortunate with your supplier? As a student it's easy enough to find a new supplier if yours starts selling stepped on shit so perhaps that competitiveness keeps the quality controlled at acceptable standards... Also, can always add keif to herb to make it better to vape!
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  6. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Once you have a microscope, uv light, and ocd, it's game over....
    I like my flowers to be grown and stored in almost lab clean conditions...

    I cant deal with fluff, dogs hairs or worse (pubic) on my herbs... even in tiny amounts...
    Like finding a hair in your meal, it kind of ruins the rest for me..
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  7. VanCough

    VanCough Environmentalist

    Your supplier sold you pubic cannabis... wtf?

    Sorry to hear, glad you're growing your own better quality stuff now. Feel free to send me a sample in a letter ;):lol:
  8. Irish vaper

    Irish vaper New Member

    Hey FC!

    I've been lurking long enough, thought it was bout time finally said hello!

    I'm from Ireland, bin getting stoned for 17 years and on Dec 20th 2016 I fucked combustion! :rockon::D:D:rockon::leaf:
  9. Piff Richard

    Piff Richard New Member

    Peace Peoples! Kudos to all the staff, members and visitors for creating a great place to discuss vape life

    My name is Piff Richard, Mancunian born and bred.

    I've been a 420 dude for over 20 years. Decided to Fuck Combustion nearly 3 years ago.

    This site has helped me expand my vape horizon. I'm not a social person online or in real life. After a few months I've decided to lurk less, build more.

    So Hello, Fuck Combustion and Viva Vape Life!!

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