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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. MyCollife

    MyCollife Well-Known Member

    I joined FC to learn as much about vapes and vaping as possible. I was never much of a user of cannabis. By my late 40's I'd only tried it a handful of times mainly due to job related concerns.

    I'm a medical user on the East Coast and I find vaporizing cannabis to be excellent for my neuropathic pain. I am a cancer survivor who has had 6 major surgeries and numerous treatments over 20+ years - each one leaving me with some degree of disability. I use assistive devices for mobility related issues.

    I own a Mighty and a Volcano and plan on checking out the Source Orb 4 (the kit with multiple attachments) when I get a chance. If I like concentrates I'll spring for a desktop E-Nail setup.

    High CBD strains are easily available in my area and I take advantage of them. A 3 parts "CBD only" strain and 1 part THC strain mix seems to help.

    I'd like to try FECO/RSO (permitted here) but it's expensive and I'd have to find someone willing to make it. One person already offered but I don't know him all that well. I suppose I could try on my own.
  2. novastar10

    novastar10 New Member

    What's Up everybody ? My Name is Anna ,
    I live in Wisconsin and I just bought My 1st boost erig . Is Awesome . Drdabber

    Its not easy where I live to get dab . So Many people are so dishonest . But when I do get it I enjoy the Conscience upgrading that comes with it .

    Let me just say I hope to make good friends on here . It would be nice to meet others from My homes state of Wisconsin . Governor walker just legalized the THC Oil here for medical purposes a Year or two ago and WE are excited , Soon very soon it should all be legal.
  3. KLo

    KLo No Ember

    Hi Everyone, lifer here ..

    Just joined up last week. Believer in the plant for over half my age. Former hardcore smoker. Vaporeur since '08 and medical patient (c. '06)

    FC has been a constant in my vaping experience for a couple years. It's an invaluable resource. Lots of great heads in this forum that have shed light to the vaping culture, self included

    Keep on keepin' on :peace: Looking forward to further engagements and enlightenments

    CURRENT VAPES: ESV, DaVinci Ascent + Ed's T-n-T MP, FF2 (on the mail truck)

    PAST VAPES: Vapor Genie, MFLB, Vapman Element, Cera (herb + oil carts), Arizer Air w/ PVShorty + Pinnacle WT

    ROMANCING: Convection, Induction, On-demand
  4. BE_Vapologist

    BE_Vapologist New Member

    Hi everybody,

    great to join this forum after hearing so many good things about it.

    Belgian, grower, used to be a smoker & now heavy vape user

    I will try to do my part: dropping a comment and a review here and there

    CURRENT VAPES: Arizer Air (with Gongadapter), Pax 2, Summit + & Volcano

    PAST VAPES: Arizer Extreme Q, Arizer Solo & Crafty

    WISHLIST VAPES: Haze V3, Mighty & Minivap

    Take care and have a good day!
  5. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Hey Hey Hey (as Lisbeth Salander said)
    Brand new here. Never smoked tobacco and never been much of a marijuana user, but decided to try it for pain relief and sleep. I have spondylosis (spinal issues) and fibromyalgia. My dr keeps talking about oxycodone and/or norco, but I hate codeine. I've been using a pipe, but I have two vaporizers in the mail on their way to me. A Flowermate and and Ijoy Asolo mod from a guy in another forum.
    My husband says I should just get a bong, though. I don't know.
    I am married with 3 grown kids. My husband is from Australia and he's very happy about living somewhere that weed is legal (Oregon) even though he doesn't smoke very often anymore.
    Anyway, glad to be here. Not too sure what else to say.

    Modnote: Back to back posts merged

    Wow, this is a really friendly forum!!
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  6. cobra505

    cobra505 Defined

    Hey Wayne here from the great state of Taxachusetts. Really hoping they will pass the Rec bill on question 4 this November. Go question 4. Anyways, been smoking now for over 35 years, mostly joints. Been totally out of touch with the progress of things can you say wow. I feel like fucking Rip Van Winkle. I Purchased my first vape a Dr Dab Ghost, doing shatter with it, love it, going to be looking for a herb one in the future, looking forward in getting all the wealth of information provided, cobra505!
  7. nickdanger

    nickdanger Collector of Functional Art

    Fly-over Country
    I’ve been lurking/learning from FC and Vaporents since a few months ago when I began my search for a vaporizer. Coming from the prehistoric “stone age” (the 60s and 70s), the technology is amazing and I’m loving my vaping experience as opposed to smoking.

    I ended up taking a 35 year unintentional t-break, mainly due to moving and losing all my contacts, and then raising a family. I live in an illegal state, but due to the proximity of a legal state, I decided to jump back in with a road trip. The product is so much better now, and I think I’m enjoying it much more than I used to. I decided I have a lot of lost time to make up for though!

    I currently own the Arizer Air, Focusvape, and am anxiously awaiting my Vapcap. So I look forward to continue reading and learning from the vast amount of information on the forum.
  8. Morty

    Morty Well-Zoned Member

    Hello to all you fellow FC'ers. Been lurking arond here for the past several months (sounds so stalkerish lol), and wanted to give a big thank you to you guys and gals for all the wonderful information I have received here in that time. You can tell there are alot of people here that love what they do and have a passion to help newbies like myself sort out any questions they may have as they enter the vapor world.

    I'm currently on a self imposed t-break for a better job opportunity, and also to give vaping a fair shake by not combusting. In the next few days I will purchasing a Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer, and in the next few weeks I will be purchasing a OG Vapcap and a D020 bubbler to compliment that. This way when my t-break is over I will be able to jump right into vaping without waiting on anything.:clap:

    I would also like to mention how cool it is that for people like myself who may be going through financial difficulties right now, that there are still quality options available to us, like the aforementioned products above.

    Thank you to everyone for all the informative, hilarious, and touching posts I have witnessed here. Nothing but the very best life has to offer to you and yours. Thanks for letting me be apart of your community. Cheers! :cheers:
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  9. LysergicHysteric

    LysergicHysteric Vape Tester

    New JerZ
    Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from Reddit, but I've been lurking here on FC for awhile. There's always a lot of good discussion and information being shared and I finally feel compelled to start contributing to this collective here:rockon:

    Hope to make some new friends here, and share some of my experiences :)
  10. ShiningRam

    ShiningRam Member

    Hope everyone is well!

    I'm a former toker, previously owned an Arizer Solo. After taking ~18 months to organize my mind and, to some extent, my life, I'm back and feeling better than ever.

    Unfortunately, I got rid of my Solo when I took that ~18 month break, however I have invested in a Magic Flight Launch Box (Monocle Edition) which, despite the fondness I had for my Solo, is by-far the best piece I've ever owned. Primarily, it's unbelievably efficient -- I've owned it for ~4 months and am *absolutely* in love.

    I tend to enjoy toking prior to sporting events, after accomplishing something of meaning (school-related work, exercise, et al.), while spending time with my cat, etc. Not so much during large social gatherings.

    At any rate, I can't think of anything else particularly relevant, heh. I'm sure more will come to mind. I look forward to getting to know you all and interacting with this very cool community.
  11. TboneToker

    TboneToker Medical Enthusiast

    Feel free to pm me for a link to my soundcloud FC I would love feedback of any kind!
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  12. MartyBigPlume

    MartyBigPlume New Member

    Greetings advanced ones!

    I'm a Canadian living in a tourist trap, but I know the ways out. I enjoy building elaborate Halloween/Comic Expo costumes, igloos, and discreet spectacles with a touch of cheese and gravitas.

    Until March 2015 I combusted, and for many years. For most of the time I was using home-made waterpipe devices (some multi-chamber and even foot-pump operated), and also some small pipes.

    My first vape was the Grenco Science G Pen Pro/Titan 1 (not trying to start an argument, just the truth-hadn't seen this forum yet) which died of bad battery in 6 months. I could have paid $20+postage to replace the battery but chose to toss it; I hadn't been cleaning it properly etc., so started over with another unit.

    Next was a Titan II clone for Oct '15 (forget the branding), and having learned my lessons with the Titan I clone it is still running well though the battery is aging.

    To get a replacement in before my Titan II's battery fails I've just received a Flowermate Aura via www Fasttech dot com; I don't see this unit discussed here? I'm hopeful to make full use of the dry tanks for reduced cleaning & even ordered a grinder & more tanks from puffitup dot com, though initial trials of the dry tank at max temp haven't been good and I may have ordered the extra items in haste. Also thinking fasttech may be selling knock-offs...was hoping the savings was the offset for the 3 week shipping delay.

    See you about!
  13. ishatteredmyself

    ishatteredmyself New Member

    Greets from Toronto Canada everyone.
  14. Morty

    Morty Well-Zoned Member

    @ishatteredmyself :rofl: What a name. Love it!! Sounds like it's time to go on a dab break & switch back to flowers :lol:. Vape on fellow FC'er from the north! :rockon:Winter is coming. :uhoh:
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
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  15. GrandWazoo

    GrandWazoo Active Member

    Hi everybody
    I like your site very much , appreciate what you are all doing in the name of the vape-knowledge.
    I have smoked for over thirty years but since I discovered vape , and it's one year now , I didn't touch cigarettes , paper , filter , lighter , anything no more. I feel much better healthy, I ride Mountain bike and my breath capacity increased a lot. I'm a lot on the go , so I like portable : my first vape has been a Da Vinci, it still works and I love it. Then I got a grasshopper SS and , when it works , I do really think it's the best in the world . You can go everywhere with your Grasshopper and nobody cares about this e-cigarette like vape , even when a person asked to see it , I let him touch it with zero problems. Very fast heat , great taste , fast clean. Had some issues , actually I got the third one , two where defective and this third probably got charger problems. The old Da Vinci saved me when I did send back the unity for two times , but I love GH so much that I wait for the change. GH labs have been always nice with me , I understand they are a laboratory not an industry, and the unit is pure art.
  16. OldNewbie

    OldNewbie Well-Known Member

    I made the assumption I was older than most when I choose my name. After reading some here and in another thread flashing on the past, I am not the oldest, even though I remember the '70s “weed” scene. My how different things were then.

    There was no internet to swap information. There were friends who swapped stories (There is no greater expert to a person who has smoked once than the person who has smoked twice.) and The Anarchist Cookbook, that the dankless brought to mom's kitchen to follow the instructions on how to get high off of banana peels. I love the care so many here take to be safe—including on what is put in one's body. In the day, I've smoked stuff with rat droppings in it in a “pipe” make of tinfoil wrapped around a pencil to make a tube that you remove and bend. That could not have been good.

    But, after a misspent youth, I became upright, reverent, thrifty and brave and did not partake for decades. Little drinking, no smoking, no nothing except for caffeine and a dedication to fitness. Later in life, my wife became sick with breast cancer and I began to study a bit on this medical marijuana. In preparation for chemo, we got a set up to vape it. It was an old box vape with a whip. The heat dial was unmarked and I believe the connection was glass on metal. (Glass heating chamber on whip, metal nipple on box.) She got the “paranoids” and never vaped again. Towards the end, she was prescribed Marinol.

    Got myself a new wife and moved on with my life when I ran into some medical problems. I started by smoking and found I didn't enjoy the lung irritation so tried to vape by purchasing the MFLB. Man, it worked. I was always amazed at how simple the concept was and at how you can get so much control over the toasting once the skill of moderating temperature is learned. Overcame problems and put up my kit.

    Now, years later, the problems return and I got my medical card again. Tried the MFLB and it worked, again. Wanted more and tried the G pen Elite. Bad company, OK vape. You could play with cracking the herb, but the draw was hard, the screen over the oven would get clogged and the mini-usb port was twitchy so I looked for another. Got an Atmos RX pen that supposedly can do herb as well as concentrate. (Through the use of a glass screen between the coils and the herb.) No. You could rip a dab, but that was not my purpose or need. So, I got the FireFly2. It is a wonderful vape that hits so cool that a low temp vaper needs to wait a bit after use to see the effect than use heat at the back of the throat as a guide as to how much vapor was produced. This is a wonderful experience when one has the time. When one needs to grab something fast, I still go to the MFLB. It is easy to get exactly what I want from it, where I still have some hurdles to overcome for the FF2.

    I loved the FF2 with concentrate and liked the experience I got with the pen, so got a Yocan Evolve Plus. Talk about hitting like a heavyweight. I could probably have learned how to use it lighter, but the ripping clouds was not what I seek in general. I gave it to a friend who just got his card as he is coming from combustion and this will prove that vaping can get the job done just as well. To replace the Yocan, I got a mod and a Saionara. I love the combination. It is a perfect fit for me. You can hit it as hard as you want and it performs. Big clouds or low heat microdose, you can do it with a mod and a Sai.

    Finally, I choose fuckcombustion to hang out as the people here seem so reasonable and intelligent as compared to many other places with similar themes. Sure, we'll have differences. (For instance, it seems I am the turd in the punchbowl conservative here.) But, I haven't been called a -phobe of some sort as yet and disagreements have been factual rather than personal, so I suspect the differences will be balanced by our similarities. Besides, some of the threads here are amazing. The knowledge, and challenges to that knowledge, thrown out for free are exponentially better than the resources of any previous generation of users. (I'm still practicing calculations from the Divine Tribe atty thread.) Thank you all for what you do here.
  17. Gigsabits53

    Gigsabits53 Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody,
    From the midwest here (non-legal state) and just recently picked up vaping. I was a smoker in my younger years but I sort of stopped in my mid 20's, marriage, kids, work, life etc. pretty much ruled out weed for me. Anyway I suffer from depression and anxiety and I really enjoy the clear high I get from vaping. I am a big fan of the convection vapes and really enjoy low temps for effects. One of the things that has really surprised me is how much I enjoy tasting the different strains. Almost as enjoyable as the medicinal benefits.

    Happy vaping everyone!

    Also, been lurking here for a few months and I have learned so much in here. Seems to be a great community for discussion.
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  18. somdcomputerguy

    somdcomputerguy Member

    Rupert, WV
    Hello. I'm 48 and get caffeine and nicotine daily. Some days the Sweet Leaf does not visit, but She is always welcome and heartily greeted!! I've been getting a nicotine fix by vaping and not smoking cigarettes for almost 2 years and 2 weeks. I vaped CBD juice for a while ($$$...) and my back and knees felt better. I've dabbed a bit of 'high octane' wax, and also vaped what was described to me (probably somewhat correctly) as 'hash oil'. Now when I consume leaf that I have obtained myself, 99% of the time I burn it, but I have a ceramic herbal atomizer that I can put on my mod. I am interested in extracting THC and converting that to ejuice, but I have several questions that when I answer, lead to several more.. It's mainly a limited budget and 4 kids that keep me away from that project.
  19. Mailinpox

    Mailinpox New Member

    Long time lurker here that finally decided to register! I must say that I thoroughly enjoy the quality posts here and have learnt a great deal since buying my first vaporizer 6 years ago, the V-Tower extreme. Since then there seems to have been an explosion of vaporizers and new products that are more tantalizing by the day ;)

    About myself... I am a long time cannabis user and a new MMJ patient as I finally decided to bite the bullet and become legal and start treating my anxiety with plants vs pills. Having a stable supply of quality cannabis (Tweed) of known composition means I can control my anxiety without worrying that the next strain from my guy will be a high anxiety sativa or something. So far so good!

    I am in Canada, working as a chemist in oil seed research(canola mainly) ... It's not my favourite area of chemistry but it is what it is. I am a very outdoorsy person, Very outgoing but not terribly social. If that makes sense.

    I have a large obese black cat named spookie. He fully condones my vaping btw.

    I look forward to learning lots here and of course helping others however I can!

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
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  20. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I was the red-headed stepchild my whole life, until I became the red-headed step parent. Either way, there is no "family" that exists for me.

    No acceptance. No love. No understanding.

    I keep trying to find boxes to put myself in, so that others could understand, accept, tolerate, feel sympathy for, some form of family-ness. Nope.

    Asperger's, maybe. Abuse "survivor", perhaps. Not sure if I've actually survived.

    Parents ran a puppy mill when I was little. My "worth" in the household was substantially LESS than the show poodles they raised. [full disclosure. they bought me. I was sold at birth. birth mother had too many kids and no husbands]

    I was denied medical treatment routinely. I did not have actual dental care until I grew up and left home.
    I was threatened with expulsion frequently.

    At 15, I was pregnant and thrown to my abusive, older "husband". Told that I'd made my bed, I had to lie in it. I had two children, and "husband" made sure that they and I knew that I was well below them in value.

    Divorced, fell for current hubby. Had kids at home. Suddenly, I'm stepmom.
    And.... I'm far down the value table.

    Kids grown, gone, trying to reestablish a healthy relationship with hubby... he's not healthy.
    He's depressed, unemployed, injured, and has a FUCKING ANGER ISSUE.

    I'm so tired of being blamed for being me.

    I'm so tired of wearing masks all the time so that people will like me.

    Why won't anyone on this fucking planet like me just the fucking way that I fucking am? Accept me?

    Yeah, I know it's all my own fault. It's the way I talk, and the way my face contorts itself. It's the fact that, if you show me a tiny smidgin of kindness, I'm liable to open up - like it's some kind of safe place or something - and show a little of my pain. Well, yeah, that tends to fuck everything up.

    I have no safe place. I'm carrying GIANT FUCKING SAFETY PINS around for others, and NO ONE has one for me.
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  21. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    It is your fault!
    I blame you for bringing me joy almost daily.
    It's all on you... that never having seen you, I am just delighted to be associated with you.
    Your words speak volumes... in a few thousand posts of advice and participation.
    Thanks for being @Enchantre
  22. vapeOR

    vapeOR Active Member

    I'm glad you feel safe enough here at FC to express some of your pain & frustration. My experience here has been one of acceptance and comraderie. It may not be quite the same as family, and may not extend into your 'real life' but I hope you find these forums a haven to be fully yourself. :love:
  23. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I've been here long enough to know that this really is the only place where I can throw it out there, and won't get trampled.

    Things are better-ish. Hubby is doing great, listened, learned. :)
  24. TeeJay1952

    TeeJay1952 Well-Known Member

    I attempt to teach my grandkids that the world is a cold and uncaring place. Just that. Not that the world is against you.
    Beatles said it best. "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."
  25. nomadicsoul34

    nomadicsoul34 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyrone, like many in here i smoked a lot of weed as a teen , mainly low grade brick weed , some hash with occasional skunk. Then in response to a changing lifestyle i drifted away from it for 20 years. I would still love the smell when i walked past a nice spliff and loved the idea of unwinding in the way you can only when enjoying some nice weed, but in my mind it was heavily associated with being a lazy stoner. As i was during my teens. ( in fact i was just a lazy teen !)
    Then last year after suffering for years with sleep issues , related to years of shift work as a firefighter & perhaps some ptsd I turned sleeping tablets.They worked well ! But i knew that those thing could not be trusted and that it was a slippery slope.
    This is when i started to turn once again to our lovely friend.
    Just a little pinch a few nights a week to ease me towards sleep.

    So long story short, now at 40 years of age with a wife a child and a career , keen athlete and part time student and due in part to the good publicity that Michael Phelps , Nick Diaz and Joe Rogan etc have given to Cannabis Im back taking advantage of this awesome plant this time using a vape instead of bucket bongs and spliffs!
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