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Welcome to Fuck Combustion...Tell us about yourself here!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by DigitalDavinci, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. McNerdius

    McNerdius god of nerds

    the wrong planet
    Warning: long-winded, but mostly interesting.

    yo. i'm 24, and i've been vaping for a couple months now. never smoked. anything. i'm a total nerd. My parents, however, were total potheads. Until the divorce. My mom, and later stepdad, continued hitting the bong daily. My dad, who got custody, turned into an uber-christian.

    I have epilepsy and mild Aspergers. They both affect me in ways that are so subtle to those around me, it has proven impossible for those around me to understand what i go through. Not even my wife of four years really gets it, and i can't blame her.

    All that said, and to make a long story short... I was on the verge of alcoholism. However, booze combined with my meds is a bad thing. And it came to the point which i'd have to consume at least 3 beers to feel any releif.

    I've always thought that between cannabis, tobacco, and alcohol, if ONE were going to be legal, it should be cannabis. I always wished i could enjoy pot rather than beer. I would never smoke anything though. Fuck Combustion, i say.

    Then i saw the volcano on Manswers. (No, i don't normally watch the show... But come on, they were talking about pot, man...)

    I did a LOT of reading over a couple weeks, and... My wife's b-day was coming up, and i knew a few people at work i could get some weed off of. I bought a VaporBrothers. It ROCKS.

    So i gave us the vape for her b-day, lol... I'd estimate we go through about 1/2 oz a month or so on it. She's not used to it yet, she goes straight from giggles, to sleep. I'll hit 2 .1g bowls... and be tooooooooooottally gone.

    One more thing, and i'm done, i promise. I'm saving money. Only about $50/mo, but it's something. Not by swiching from smoking (which i've never done), but by switching from booze, and by cutting my epilepsy meds in half. The fact that i *could* be growing, basically for free... is just astounding. I mean... come ON you DUMB-ASS FARTS telling me i can't grow a plant to control seizures.

    I'm gonna do my 1/5g now :)
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  2. HiC

    HiC Well-Known Member

    Cool. I'll happily take those off yer hands whenever you feel like it. ;) Underground comix and weed go together like, uh, classic literature and cognac?
  3. Chubba

    Chubba Vaporbonger

    Hey guys,

    Been lurking around for a few weeks, read every single thread (even the purple days one :ko:) back to front. I read SOO many vaporizer threads on Shroomery, Growery, Grasscity, Marijuana forums, was literally reading for months. This place is so concise and everything is well presented that it should be the first stop and ONLY stop for vaporizer info on the net.

    I'm from Australia, been smoking (with 50% tobacco :(, despite not being a tobacco smoker) for a good 10 years now daily.

    I ordered a VaporGenie just over a week ago, it should arrive within a day or two. This will be my first time in 10 years that I've consumed straight cannabis, can't wait.

    I'm also just ordered a black DBV (with GG attachment for my bong) and once they're taking new orders I'm ordering a Purple Days asap, I've read enough to make an educated decision and I think I'll be extremely happy with these 2.

    I post a lot (not spam :ninja:), so hopefully I can contribute something to this site while I'm around.

    Cheers guys :peace:
  4. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D

    Great to have you guys here! So many cool folks from around the globe...

    :lol: :D
  5. OldGuy

    OldGuy Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm pleased to see I'm not the oldest FC member (I'm just 57).

    I had my first taste of the herb in 1965 when a packed matchbox was $2 or $3 from a guy in my H.S. math class. Yeah, it actually WAS sold in small matchboxes back then. Things certainly have changed.

    I smoked pretty regularly through high school and most of college, but only occasionally after that. It just didn't work with marriage, jobs, kids, etc. But, I've been single for several years now, and I've been able to consume and appreciate today's quality herb.

    I still regularly consume with the guy who split the cost of that first matchbox with me. It was he who suggested that I look into getting a vaporizer when my coughing from using a bong began to seriously detract from the whole experience. So, after lurking and researching on FC and a couple of other sites, I got a black DBV a couple of months ago. I love it! I was hoping to buy a PD for the bedroom this week, but obviously I'll just have to be patient for my chance to get one of those.
  6. TeddyJackEddy

    TeddyJackEddy Well-Known Member

    Mile High
    Welcome aboard OldGuy. Nice to know I'm not too old to hang around this forum. I'm only a double nickel, so I'm still a "kid" to some here.

    I have DBV as well and it is a great vape. Really gets you where you want to go, FAST. I also have the PD and know that the wait will be worth it.

    I've learned tons hanging around here and reading all the info from people who know a whole lot more about vaping than I. I've smoked for 38 years but only switched to vaping about 2 months ago and the switch has been great. Wonderful high and with the PD, don't go thru near the herb I used to. Enjoy.

    edit: typo
  7. thelfj

    thelfj Well-Known Member


    Im 20. ive pretty much only smoked seriously since i started college, but i had smoked a couple of times in highschool. i started with a small bowl (named Wilber since it had a spider on it and we were making an obscure charlet's web reference).
    that bow was good until my roomate broke it, so i bought a bong (named lance since it looked like a penis with one ball (lance Armstrong))
    a couple of weeks ago i was out of town without my bong so i bought a piece and named it parking lot since that was the first place i smoked it in...
    anyway... as to why i joined this forum... last week me and one of my roomates (the one who didnt break my bowl) went to a friends place to try out his 'cano... and i knew i needed a vape... i knew i wanted a conduction vaporizer around the $200 price range and we wanted to have it by 4/20... i decided on getting the v-tower (not extreme cause im cheap) so i ordered it and it came 2 days later... i fell in love with it and cant really picture myself not vaporizing ever again...
    so thats my life in terms of paraphernalia that i have owned
  8. Xombie

    Xombie Well-Known Member

    I'm Xombie.

    I'm 24, I live in Southern California.

    I enjoy music, art, film, philosophy, politics. I work in the field of behavioral health.

    Here's my story:

    As is true with most of us, I was taught growing up that drugs are bad, as are the people that use them. College was a mind-opening time for me. I learned that much of what I was told about drugs were lies (some well-meaning, some not so much). I met many responsible, intelligent people that happened to have a smoke now and again, which challenged my preconceived notions about pot.

    I undertook the task of educating myself about marijuana so that I could distinguish between the facts and the myths. I experimented with it in college in social settings. I enjoyed the effects far more than alcohol, which left me feeling uncoordinated, ill, and often led to me doing something stupid. Not to mention the ever-so-pleasant hangovers and vomiting. I made sure that one of my main stops on my graduating Eurotrip was Amsterdam. After a magical 4 days in that city, I visited again last summer, this time for a full week. A college acquaintance got me the phone number of someone in the SoCal that could take care of me here. I've been enjoying his product 3 or 4 times weekly since January.

    I don't have to explain to you guys how pot makes you feel... but the best way I can describe it for myself is "enlightened" :) Experiences are more intense, my senses are more vivid. My favorite effect is the way it focuses my thoughts so sharply. My imagination reverts to its childlike power. My memory becomes so intense... I remember details of places I've been as though I was there yesterday, I remember experiences from my past I haven't thought of since they happened. I get to know myself so much better through a simple smoke. How many of us can say that about drinking? :lol:

    I've begun to notice the effects of combustion from my small pipe recently (I can't roll a joint to save my life, haha). The lingering discomfort in my chest the day after, becoming out-of-breath going up the stairs a bit earlier than I used to... I've always been ardently against smoking (cigarettes, that is), I didn't want to become a smoker. I'm fascinated by vaporization and the benefits I can enjoy from it. I've been reading this site for several weeks now and consider myself well-educated about vaporization now. I was ready to purchase a unit for myself when the Purple Days became scarce. I'm convinced that that is the one I want, so I'll be patient until I can get my hands on one. Until then, I'm smoking less frequently, and I hope to be enjoying my own Purple Days soon enough :)

    Nice to meet you all, glad to be part of your community and to share my experiences with you soon!
  9. Hennessy1414

    Hennessy1414 Terrorist

    Real life, Tulsa
    ^^this one caught on quick :D

    Welcome friend to this community we call Fuck Combustion. I hope your stay here is long and informative...seems like your going to contribute tons :brow:

    ;pd;'s kick ass man. the purple days will really change your view on weed..I'm half sure of it ;)

    no bongs hits or anything of the type in the past? only smoked joints/pipes? :uhoh:

  10. Xombie

    Xombie Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy bongs, I smoked out of those exclusively during my Amsterdam trips and got the biggest hits off of them. My current living arrangement makes it difficult to keep one concealed though, and I'd rather not have such an iconic piece of paraphernalia in a position to be discovered. :/ I like vaporizers I've researched, the PD specifically, because it's not so clear what they're for.

    From SpiralArchitect's videos, it seemed like a pretty slow draw on the PD. Is that true? Does it still hit you pretty hard?
  11. Hennessy1414

    Hennessy1414 Terrorist

    Real life, Tulsa
    ohh...its a contender alright :D

    ;pd; is a stealth dream

  12. jtwebnut

    jtwebnut Well-Known Member



  13. dandavapeman

    dandavapeman Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! I'm Dan, 32, from Wales in the UK. I smoked ciggies and weed for 14 years before stopping 2 years ago ( I promised myself I would stop smoking when I had kids). Started vaping with a Vapir One for 6 months, then moved on to a Vapir Oxygen for the following 18 months. For the last month I've been the proud owner of the amazing I Inhale ( that's what brought me to this forum). Seems you have a very friendly and informative forum here with lots of like minded people from all over the planet sharing hints & tips etc. I will try to share my experiences aswell. Like I say, just a hello! Dan;)
  14. UncleHerb

    UncleHerb Well-Known Member

    Well, like a lot of the senior members here, I started smoking herbs in the mid 60's and continue to do so to this day. I'm just finding out about vapes and am attempting to get my hands on a PD. No luck so far! I have yet to try vaping but am looking forward to it. I'm an outdoorsman and like to hunt, but fishing is my lot in life (amongst other callings). I hold, or have held, 8 World Records in fishing and am a writer for magazines as well as the author of a book on fishing. My writing career came after I worked in a fucked up factory for 30 years and retired from that shitty life :lol:. Thanks to Fuckcombustion for providing this site!!!
  15. max

    max Out to lunch

    Welcome guys!

    jtwebnut, good to have another old stoner on board. The Vapo's a good one. I'm a two year user of that model. You should also like the Purple-Days. It immediately retired my Vapolution. And a tip-caps are considered to be 'shouting'. ;)

    Xombie, without the vapor tubes, the PD is a legit aromatherapy diffuser. With the copper cap sitting on top (or beside the unit), someone may ask what it is, but they won't question the diffuser explanation. As for hits, draw depends on how much is loaded, herb consistency/dryness, and preference. Most vapes do better with a slow, easy draw, since too much cold air through the bowl lowers the temp. An 'open mouth draw', where you take in some outside air around the mouthpiece, is always an option for a quicker draw.

    dandavapeman, you may be our first Welsh member. Bet you got a pretty good price on that Inhale. ;)

    UncleHerb, nice to have an author and world record holder on the forum. Glad you found yourself a more enjoyable 2nd career. It's always nice when you can make some $ doing stuff you like to do. Keep your eye on the vapenow site. When they activate the 'buy button', it may go back to 'out of stock' in a matter of minutes.
  16. UncleHerb

    UncleHerb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the welcome Max. Yes, it is nice to finally make a few dollars doing something I enjoy, but I'll sure never get wealthy writing. I'm fine with that though. There's lots of things more important than money to me, like getting my PD! If it doesn't happen fairly soon, I may have to make another choice. I like the idea of a personal use unit. Any suggestions?
  17. max

    max Out to lunch

    The PD's worth the wait Herb. I think you'd really appreciate it. Tom, the PD man is kinda doing the same as you. Coming out of retirement to do something he likes. And he's not getting rich either. ;)

    Vapenow should have stock every week, but they may not last long, especially for the 1st couple of weeks. If you're interested in a nice portable, I'd recommend the iolite. It'll do the job if you have to wait a while for a PD. If you've got more specific criteria, post in the Ask the Vaporists section. Some other vapes complement the PD well too.
  18. jtwebnut

    jtwebnut Well-Known Member

    Also thanks to Max for the welcome...:)
    nice to know that there are many stoners out there and that we are taking that ride in a good way.

    Max is the pd that much better than the vapolution?

    I so into vaping that if the pd is better I would retire my vapolution...since you have tried both your feedback would be cool..

  19. max

    max Out to lunch

    Since you asked (and it's a good question since these two are quite similar in some ways), I'll start a thread in 'Ask the Vaporists'. Don't want to get too much off topic in the intro thread. ;)
  20. digglover

    digglover Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I've been a lurker for a few months now reading a ton of threads!

    And thanks to all of you - I'm a proud PD, Extreme, and VG owner!

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the forum - Hopefully I make relatively intelligent posts :lol:
  21. Durden

    Durden I am Jack's title


    I'm 24, I live and grew up in socal, I graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins! Go Lakers!), and like several other people on this board am a MMJ patient.

    I'm also a long time lurker, I think I found this site in October or November, been reading a lot and this site has been really helpful in making my step back into vaporizing!

    My friends and I had a Volcano for a few years when I was in college, it totally served its purpose and was a solid machine for the time I used it. I wasn't much into the health benefits at this point so I never really made the effort to stick to it. After college I went back to using primarily my RooR with the occasional Hurricane and other fun tools. Since that time Ive owned both a Hotbox (couldn't say no to custom art :lol: ) and used a Vaporbros, which again are solid units that get the job done. Especially attached to my RooR :D. I also believe I have tried a Vaporbuddy from down on venice, which really scares me now after reading (I really hope it was a VG :uhoh: )
    But these units weren't for me in the end, I've watched people almost drop my precious (aka RooR) a few too many times when baked and unable to figure out if they should protect the silicon tubing or my 300$ piece of glass :o .

    I became very interested in the health benefits of quitting smoking and moving to vapor when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (genetic intolerance of gluten aka wheat) during this past year. I had previously been diagnosed for a variety of different mental and physical issues for which significant amounts of medication were required. Over time these medications had a strong negative impact by not only causing more reactions from my body but also overtaxing my organs (some mainstream medications use gluten in them as binders etc.) and eventually I had to quit the medication after I found it nearly impossible to perform the tasks required of me in a work setting (ie. Digital editing). Also to McNerdius I know what it's like when the people around you can't really identify the subtleties of what's going on with you, and I applaud you for stepping away from the drinking in favor of something less harmful.

    I have been relying on MMJ as my primary medication for about a year now and I feel better than ever, and am making more progress toward recovery than the pharmaceutical medications ever allowed. Being able to take medication for my gastrointestinal and nerve issues that completely avoids the digestive track is extremely beneficial in my case. I also believe I am the perfect example of MMJ acting as a neuroprotectant, I have had several concussions as a result of complications from my Celiacs, ( I can explain in detail but its complicated :p) but when I had my brain scans done last year there was 'significantly less damage than expected' in the areas that should have been effected.

    Probably shared too much, but I'm in the middle of saying goodbye to my hotbox (I have an extreme coming in the mail so the hotbox will be moving in with one of my buddies) so I'm sure you can all understand :ko:

    Back to Vapes, as I'm looking to get healthier I don't need my lungs holding me back, so I'm prepared to completely quit smoking. I have ordered the Extreme from DieselVapors based on the recommendations on this site (fast shipping btw! :)) and am patiently ;) awaiting my chance to order a PD, which was my first choice but I waited too long to order cause I was really curious about the different woods he was working on. Along the way I'll probably pick up a MFB (not waiting on wood this time!) and an Iolite. Not to mention the Vriptech wand once they get the GonG setup working and shipped!

    I can't wait to see whats next for vaping!

    Edit: I now have the Extreme, II, MFB, I briefly had an SSV, and now have a VHW wand on the way. Loving every minute of it so far! Pictures coming soon but my camera is missing a cord for now.
  22. Hennessy1414

    Hennessy1414 Terrorist

    Real life, Tulsa

    I'm glad you took time to understand how this whole process works. Most users join up and start asking questions that have already been answered...you on the other hand stepped up and actually showed respect for the library of information that lurks within the three sub forms. :tup:

    Welcome to FC man. I'll enjoy your future postings..I can tell already :cool:

  23. max

    max Out to lunch

    3 winners there. Shows how beneficial lurking can be. :)

    Congrats on getting off those nasty pharma drugs. They can fuck you up, and not in a good way. :/ You're making some good vape choices too. No scripts, no smoke. The only way to go. ;)
  24. hopandstop

    hopandstop Well-Known Member

    Howdy. I'm from SoCal and have been vaporizing for over a year now. Just stumbled across this forum during a search for the PD. Had heard wonderful things and, upon reading the reviews, put in an order. Can't wait for it.

    Actually didn't try smoking until just last summer. I'm 25, and didn't smoke 'til 24. Grew up in a very religious area of the US and though people did it, I was convinced they were headed to Satan.

    So started smoking and loved the effect but hated the taste. So I went and bought a cheap box vaporizer. Didn't mind it but wanted something more efficient. Got a VG and just couldn't get into it. Not knocking it, but just not my cup of tea.

    Alternatively, I bought an Ubie, that little pipe-thing, and love it. Use it when concentrates are in.

    So that's my vaporizing history.

    Looking forward to contribute as much as I can.

  25. ZachintheGreen

    ZachintheGreen Well-Known Member

    By the Bay
    Hello Fuck Combustion forums!

    I'm ZachintheGreen. I'm 21 years old. I stumbled across these forums while doing research on my first vaporizer purchase, the Extreme, and am pretty happy I made my way here. Was able to avoid a potentially bad dealer (vaporoutlet.com), got plenty of information to make my first vaporizer purchase, and went ahead and purchased it from dieselvapors (which I have so far been very satisfied with). My Extreme just shipped Friday/Saturday and I am anxiously awaiting my first vaporizer.

    But about me. I smoked once in high school while visiting friends who lived out of state and didn't start smoking often until college. But it's been an enlightening and just plain fun experience since. I currently live in the Bay Area. I've moved around a bit during my life so who knows for how long or where I'll end up next. I love to learn and enjoy science, philosophy, art, music, nature, expanding my mind, and alternate consciousness. :D

    As I've already said, I'm happy to have found the forums. It's been a great help and insight so far.

    Nice to meet you all.

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